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October 1986
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October 4, 1986
River City Wrestling #255
Billings, Montana
Opening Bout:
Great Gama defeated Moe Malone by submission to the Calcutta clutch at 9:01
-Malone made Gama earn this one. It was tooth and nail in the first 6 minutes, but all Gama in the last 3. But the East Indian star had trouble finishing off Malone because of his size. It was the third time with the Calcutta clutch locked on before Malone could stand the pain no longer and couldn't break the hold.
Great Gama refuses to give just dues to Moe Malone, saying he got lucky. But Gama can barely catch his breath and after a minute doesn't look like he's going to make it through the interview. His sometimes partner Steve Blackman comes out to join him. Blackman says Malone did a decent job and with some more experience might amount to something. However, Blackman says the finish was never in doubt.
Promo: America has a new #1 movie, Paramount Pictures' Crocodile Dundee explodes onto the screen for its second week of release.
He's survived the most hostile and primitive land known to man. Now all he's got to do is make it through a week in New York.
Bout #2
Chris Markoff & Barry Orton defeated Jeff Gillies & Shawn Cummings by pinfall when Orton pinned Gillies after a piledriver at 5:05
-squash match
Ben Bassarab comes to the ring with his RCW TV title. He is not in his usual calm, cool, and shy mood. He is angry at Manny Silva for making this battle too personal, for trying to hurt him last week at the battle royale. Bassarab says they need to finish this once and for all. Next week Bassarab offers to put the title on the line, in a steel cage match.
Promo: Coming up this weekend on This Week in Baseball (TWIB)
-Dave Righetti of the Yankees has 44 saves going into the season ending 3 game series with the Red Sox. Can he pick up 2 saves and set the major league record?
-Baltimore loses to Detroit 6–3, assuring the Orioles of their first last-place finish since moving from St. Louis in 1954.
-Don Mattingly sets a Yankees record with his 232nd hit of the season in a 6–1 win over the Red Sox
Bout #3
Steve Blackman defeated Stoney Burke by pinfall after a roundhouse kick at 3:37
-squash match
North American Women's champion Misty Blue Simmes will be watching the upcoming #1 contender match between Kai and Devine. She says she hopes that Candi wins it but it doesn't matter to her as a champion, she'll be happy to defend against the winner.
Bout #4
LeLani Kai defeated Candi Devine by pinfall after a piledriver at 8:16
-another close competitive match but once again its Kai that stays in the hunt for a women's title shot
Lelani Kai says she will succeed where so many have failed including Sherri Martel and Candi Devine, to wrestle away that North American women's title from Simmes.
Promo: On tonight's Evening News
-Fire aboard USSR nuclear submarine off Bermuda. Poor safety record of Soviet submarines
-Preparations in Iceland for US-USSR summit
-USSR dissident Yuri and Irina Orlov reported leaving for United States tomorrow as part of deal to free Nicholas Daniloff
-Growing controversy over rise in high school health clinics.  Baltimore health department spokesperson John Maupin explains decision not to issue contraceptives in school clinics.
-Walt Disney's various productions and impact on United States culture reviewed; scenes shown. Roy Disney feels creativity ended with father's death. Chairperson Michael Eisner's effort to reanimate company examined
[end of first hour]
Superstar Billy Graham gives props to the Destroyer for his battle royale win last week, but says there can be no finer RCW champion then the Superstar.
Graham then runs down Chris Lyon calling him every cowardly name in the book, yellow, spineless, chicken, then the cowardly Lyon from Wizard of Oz. He challenges Lyon to another match and this time to stay and fight instead of running away or getting himself disqualified.
No sign of Chris Lyon but his friend and partner Kid Gallahad comes out to answer the charges and takes the match against the former WWWF World champion.
Bout #5
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Kid Gallahad by submission to the bearhug at 7:13
-good solid outing for both men. Graham continued to shake off some ring rust, while Gallahad controlled early it was only a matter of time before the veteran struck back using his power advantage.
Superstar Graham stays in the ring and says that cowardly Lyon's friend the scarecrow couldn't get the job done. So next week unless he can produce another friend, say the tinman, its time to put up. Graham challenges Lyon to a lumberjack match.
Today on American Bandstand, in its 30th year on the air, host Dick Clark welcomes New Edition to the show.
Bout #6
RCW Tag Team Title Match
The Longriders defated Dan Kroffat & Brady Boone by pinfall when Wild Bill pinned Boone after a superplex at 7:37
[The Longriders retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
-an awkward match especially the first few minutes. Two fan favorite teams with Kroffat and Boone finally getting their proper title shot. Hogg is isolated for a while and kept in enemy territory but eventually gets free. Boone tries for his moonsault finisher too early and Hogg moves out of the way. Then its only a matter of time before the champions are able to finish the job.
Manny Silva gladly accepts the title shot against Ben Bassarab next week in the steel cage. In fact he seems to be in a jovial mood, all smiles and handshakes for Ron Strong. He offers to bring Strong a souvenir after the title bout next week, one of Bassarab's ears, or maybe a spleen.
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Main Event
RCW Heavyweight title Match
Steve Disalvo (/w Lisa Caress) (champion)
The Destroyer
Disalvo challenges Destroyer to a test of strength which Disalvo wins bringing Destroyer to his knees. The masked man though goes down to his butt and then rolls out of the fingerlocks. Disalvo asks for the test of strength again and this time they bang shoulder to shoulder, and again Destroyer drops to his knees. This time the champ brings up a knee and catches the masked veteran in the face. Disalvo locks on a half-nelson which he works, followed by a top wrist lock. That's a mistake though as Destroyer knows many counters and reverses it, and ends up with a hammerlock on the champ who gets a rope break.
Disalvo uses the ref as a screen and catches Destroyer with a closed fist to the head. He then throws him out of the ring. While Lisa Caress distracts the referee Buddy Lane, Disalvo chokes Destroyer. Back inside the ring its bodyslams, elbowdrops, and a reverse chinlock. Destroyer battles back by attacking the abs of Dislavo trying to knock the wind from him with elbows and shoulderblocks. But when he goes for a double leg takedown the champ has too much game left and drops the challenger with a double axhandle.
The champ uses a full-nelson, and then nails a gutwrench suplex for a 2 count. Disalvo goes for his finisher the running clothesline but the fans of Destroyer know that feeds right into his finisher the flying crucifix. Sure enough the masked man wraps himself around the arm and shoulder of the charging champion like an anaconda. But he can't pull him down and Disalvo drops Destroyer to the mat in a modified Samoan drop.
Disalvo drags Destroyer to the middle of the ring and nails a piledriver. He pins, and gets 1, 2, Kickout!!!
The champ nails a second piledriver, makes the pin, but he doesn't hook a leg, 1, 2, shoulder up!!
Disalvo wastes time arguing with Buddy Lane. He whips Destroyer to the buckle and then takes his eyes off of him to argue with Lane some more. By the time he goes to rush the corner everyone in the building except Disalvo knows that he is playing possum. He charges but Lisa is screaming at him, so he stops short of making the mistake. But his eyes are on Lisa for an explanation and so the Destroyer is able to step out and nail Disalvo with a standing sidekick, followed by a faceslam, and into a Boston crab.
But the champ is too strong for a crab, and he bridges out of it. The two men meet in the middle of the ring and exchange punches. Destroyer gets the better of it, so Disalvo resorts to eyerakes. He punishes the former champion with some hard shots and chokes. Finally Destroyer manages to roll-up the champion for a 2 count, then again for a 2 count, then a thrid roll-up for a 2 count.
Disalvo is sent to the ropes by the champ and nailed with a flying forearm. The challenger covers for 1, 2, Kickout.
Destroyer climbs to the top turnbuckle but with the ref looking at the champ instead Lisa is able to jump on the apron and push Destroyer off the top. Disalvo is on his feet first and goes for the running clothesline, but Destroyer is able to duck under. The champ comes off the far ropes for another try, but seems to think better of falling prey to the crucifix so he takes a powder and ducks under the ropes.
The champ consults with Lisa and gets a bit of a neck massage while Lane tries to restrain Destroyer from leaving the ring. Finally with the Destroyer reaching out of the ring he is coldcocked by a right hand from Disalvo. The champ chokes him over the middle strand for good measure before going back into the ring. The champ presses his advantage with a scoop slam, backbreaker, and another piledriver but only gets a 2 count. The fans are then instrumental in rallying Destroyer out of a full nelson after over a minute in the hold.
The two exchange punches again with the Destroyer winning, and then nailing 4 consecutive dropkicks, followed by 3 armdrags, 2 belly-to-back suplexes, and 1 DDT. He covers and gets 1, 2, Lisa Caress reaches into the ring and pulls Destroyer off her man to break up the count. Buddy Lane has seen it this time and calls for the bell.
The Destroyer defeated Steve Disalvo by disqualification for outside interference at 16:21
[Steve Disalvo retains the RCW Heavyweight Title]
Disalvo and Caress grab theit title belt and leave quickly. Destroyer and Lane are left fuming in the ring.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


October 11, 1986
River City Wrestling #256
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Opening Bout:
Non-title Match
Steve Disalvo (/w Lisa Caress) defeated Irish Pat Barrett after a running clotesline at 3:02
-quick and easy victory for the champion
Things turn nasty when Ron Strong interviews Steve Disalvo and Lisa Caress, calling him a cheat and her a jezebelle. Disalvo goes nose to nose with Strong who refuses to back down saying that Disalvo's title reign is now further tarnished and disgraceful. Disalvo has had enough and pushes Strong against the studio interview wall, which gives way, and crashes to the ground as does Strong. It looks like Disavlo is going to do some further damage to Strong but The Destroyer arrives on the set and begins to brawl with Disalvo. The two fight over into the spectator area, and Caress catches Destroyer with a lowblow from behind. Disavlo then smashes Destroyer's head off the steel guardrail. More RCW officials are on hand now and the battle is broken up.
Promo: Scratch the seven year itch...
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba on December 18th, 1986, River City Wrestling presents the 7th Anniversary Spectacular!!
Bout #2
Moe Malone defeated Johnny K-9 by submission to the full-nelson at 5:35
-a big victory for Malone for a veterna of television like K-9.
Moe Malone says he doesn't care what Great Gama and Steve Blackman say about him but he does care that he didn't beat Gama. So Malone says he will get himself a partner for next week and if Gama and Blackman have any guts they will wrestle in a tag team match.
Promo: Music video set to "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money and featuring Bob Backlund, Destroyer, Ben Bassarab, Phillip Navarre, and the Longriders.
Bout #3
Great Gama defeated Cowboy Gary Long by pinfall after a bridging back suplex at 4:43
-squash match
Great Gama kind of sits on the fence about accepting the challenge of Moe Malone, saying he beat that big oaf and has nothing left to prove. Steve Blackman comes out and says that if Gama wants to manage him anymore then he's going to have to start putting his money where his mouth is. Blackman tells Malone that the'll be there for the match next week.
Bout #4
Eight-Man Tag Match
The Longriders, Brady Boone, and Dan Kroffat defeated Chris Markoff, Barry Orton, Kid Gallahad, and Steve Blackman by pinfall when Boone pinned Orton after a moonsault at 9:30
-a rare 8-man tag match for RCW. Basically it was nothing but trouble for the villians trying to get along and co-operate during this match. Gallahad got mad at Orton and Markoff for tagging off with each other on 3 consecutive tags. Blackman seemed disgusted with the tactics of all 3 of his partners and looked like he lost interest in the match all together. In the end when Boone was pinning Orton, Markoff entered the ring to break the pin but when he waived for the other two to follow they stayed put. This distracted Markoff and by the time he arrived it was too late to break up the pinfall attempt.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
North American Women's Title Match
Misty Blue Simmes defeated Lelani Kai by disqualification for outside interference at 5:53
[Simmes retains the North American Women's Title]
-after a rough start to the match Simmes had things under control. She was perched on the top rope for the superfly when the crowd started to go nuts. She paused to look and watched as a behemoth of a woman entered the ring. Caught like a deer in the headlights Simmes was press slammed off the top rope to the mat. The big woman then came off the ropes and nailed Simmes with a devastating splash. The woman stopped to mock the crowd with a salute before leaving the ring.
Misty Blue Simmes is taken from the ring in a stretcher.
TriStar pictures is proud to release to theatres this weekend "Peggy Sue Got Married" starring Kathleen Turner & Nicholas Cage.
Peggy Sue faints at a Highschool reunion. When she wakes up she finds herself in her own past, just before she finished school.
Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
Bout #6
Lumberjack Match
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Chris Lyon by pinfall after an elbowdrop at 8:51
-Most of the RCW locker room came out as lumberjacks with the villians on one side and fan favorites on the other. Graham controlled early after a top wrist lock, a bodyslam, a reverse chinlock, some chops, another bodyslam, and a pair of elbowdrops but couldnt get the pin. Lyon went with a rake of the eyes to get some momentum. He choked Graham over the second rope, and then while distracting ref Kenny Jay a couple of the villians laid in some punches to the head of Graham until the fan favorites came over and chased them away.
Lyon continued to work on Graham with a Boston crab, a standing surfboard, a splash from the second rope, and a slingshot suplex, but the most he could get was a 2 count. So he went to more blatant cheating including some chokeholds. The villians distracted Kenny Jay, then a couple of the fan favorites tried to complain to Jay but this just gave Lyon more time. Tempers flared and a mini-brawl ensued amongst the lumberjacks.
Back inside Graham was on the comeback trail. He hit some terrific chops, backing Lyon to the ropes and then exploded with a gutwrench suplex. He applied his bearhug finisher and Lyon was just about done. Another mini-brawl broke out though between the lumberjacks and while Jay was distracted Kid Gallahad reached in and tripped up Graham to break the hold. He tried to pull out Lyon as well but Graham grabbed his feet. Gallahad was pulling on one arm of Lyon but it was a tug of war as Graham lay on the mat pulling on both feet of Lyon. A couple of the lumberjacks cinched around Gallahad's waist and tried for extra leverage. But Lyon was in such pain being pulled from different directions that he reached out and hammered the arm of Gallahad to get him to release.
Graham sent Lyon to the buckle with a slingshot, then hit him with another gutwrench suplex. He followed up with an elbowdrop and picked up the pin.
Music Video: A review of the Ben Bassarab TV title run and his current feud with Manny Silva set to "Blackout" by the Scorpions.
Main Event
RCW Television Title Match
Ben Bassarab (champion)  v  Manny Silva
Bassarab actually attacked Silva before the bell could even sound. Silva though was ready and the two began to battle. Silva still had on his silver satin warm-up jacket while Bassarab was wearing his title belt around his waist.
Silva pumeled the champ with fists, and a big smile on his face, and then smashed Bassarab's head off the steel cage. He bodyslammed Bassarab on the mat and then slammed him off the cage wall. Silva then scooped him up and nailed a running powerslam. The challenger removed the title belt and was going to hit Bassarab with it, but referee Buddy Lane grabbed one end and struggled long enough with Silva until the champ could rear up with his foot and blast Silva right in the crotch. Bassarab then tried to go for the title belt but Lane quickly grabbed it and removed it from the cage.
However, while he had his back turned Bassarab began to stomp the stuffing out of Silva and then pulled up on the top rope while giving him a boot choke. Bassarab pounded away at Silva, and then nailed a German suplex for a 2 count. The young Albertan went to work with elbows to the ribs, a hammerlock, short arm scissors, and then several armbreakers. But Silva turned up the intensity once again with punches, kicks, and then worked over Bassarab in the corner with chokeholds. He also began to loosen a turnbuckle cover.
Bassarab caught Silva with an elbow to the gut, then went to work with dropkicks. The champ climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit a bodyblock but Silva rolled through and got 1, 2, kickout by the champ. Silva took control and pressed with a piledriver before running Bassarab's head across the steel cage.
Bassarab was now bleeding profusely.
In the corner Silva worked chokes again and even bit the bloodied forehead of Bassarab. He also took the opportunity to continue working on the turnbuckle cover. This time he had it completely removed and damaged so that despite his best efforts the best Buddy Lane could do was to simply place the cover sitting on top of the buckle.
Silva worked a full nelson, slammed Bassarab to the mat. Laid in several kicks to the back, and then hit a second piledriver. He went for the pin but only got a 2 count. He tried for his wheelbarrow suplex finisher but Bassarab countered with a roll-up for a 1 count. Silva recovered with a clothesline just about taking the head off of Bassarab. He tossed the champion to the corner, knocking the lose turnbuckle cover to the mat. He then tried to ram Bassarab's head off of the exposed steel but Lane got his body in the way preventing Silva from doing the deed.
Silva gave up and pulled Bassarab to the middle of the ring. Lane allowed himself to be distracted by Silva trying to show him how to put the turnbuckle cover back on. Silva walked away but Lane stayed trying to reattach the cover. Silva used his distraction to reach into his tights and pull out a roll of coins. He took a big swing at Bassarab but the champ ducked, spun the challenger, punched him, then took him over with a belly to back suplex. Lane saw the suplex, saw Silva bounce off the mat, and saw the coins scatter from his fist.
Bassarab whipped Silva to the ropes, nailed him with a flying dropkick, tossed him off the ropes again, and nailed him with a crossbody block finisher. Silva though maanged to kick out. So the champ pounded Silva's head off the cage wall, then raked it across the cage until Silva was busted wide open. Bassarab then climbed half-way up the steel cage and flew off with a flying cross bodyblock. Bassarab was wearing a crimson mask as he hooked a leg and got the 1, 2, 3 !!
Ben Bassarab defeated Manny Silva by pinfall after a flying crossbody block at 14:04
[Ben Bassarab retains the RCW Television title]
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


October 18, 1986
River City Wrestling #257
Fargo, North Dakota
Opening Bout:
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bill Cody by submission to the bearhug at 4:09
-squash match
Superstar Billy Graham is being interviewed by Ron Strong. He reflects on beating Chris Lyon last week, and then puts his hat in the ring to be the #1 contender for Steve Disalvo's title. He mentions being one of two former world champions in RCW and would like to tangle with Bob Backlund once again when he is back from injuries.
As Graham poses for the crowd, suddenly Hoss Funk (Dory Funk Jr.) comes running in from the back. We had no idea he was even in RCW? Funk hammers at Graham from behind beating him down. He puts his face on the bottom buckle and stomps it a couple of times before RCW officials come in to break it up.
Promo: On tonight's Evening News
-American Eugene Hasenfus, survivor in crash of alleged CIA plane ferrying supplies to Nicaraguan Contras, recalled claiming he worked for CIA operative Max Gomez who is linked to Vice President George Bush. Bush's son, John E. "Jeb" Bush, said admittedly involved in private efforts to aid Contras.
-Ramon Conte Hernandez, last remaining Bay of Pigs prisoner jailed in Havana, reported arriving in Miami, Florida, after negotiations by Senator Edward Kennedy for his release.
-Soviet television footage of partial troop withdrawal from Afghanistan shown. USSR 's media blitz over withdrawal said aimed at pressuring United States and Pakistan to halt aid to guerrillas.
-Opening of World Series tonight between New York Mets and Boston Red Sox noted; Tom Seaver's and Ron Darling's history with both teams noted.
Bout #2
Non-title match
The Longriders defeated Johnny K-9 & Shawn Summers by pinfall when Scott Hogg pinned Summers after a spinebuster slam at 5:40
-squash match
Update on Misty Blue Simmes. We review last week's footage of her being attacked by a behemoth. We are told that the newcomer is from Russia without love, known as Commrade Orca.
Simmes is said to have stayed the night for observation due to breathing difficulties brought on by bruised ribs. She was released early the next day and has been resting comfortably since.
Commrade Orca is interviewed. Problem is she doesn't speak any English. Her interview in Russia goes right over the head of Ron Strong but given the names being tossed out like Misty and the derogatory tone of her voice when speaking about North Americans, its enough to illicit a nice round of jeers.
Bout #3
Lelani Kai & Sherri Martel defeated Candi Devine & Tanya Tataryn by pinfall when Kai pinned Tataryn after a piledriver at 6:27
-Tataryn was the weak link in this match
Lelani Kai and Sherri Martel try to co-exist behind the mic but they both try and best each other with their accomplishments in the AWA & WWF. Both want to position themselves as the #1 contender for the women's title. But when Ron Strong changes the subject to which lady would like to wrestler Commrade Orca suddenly neither has anything to say.
Bout #4
Commrade Orca defeated Tamara Yallits by pinfall after a big splash at 3:34
-squash match - literally. Orca isn't very fast but she doesn't have to be. At around 5'10 and 300 pounds she is a monster in the ladies game. She nails Yallits to the mats with some big hamhock like blows. Then she finishes her with a bodyslam, elbowdrop, belly to belly suplex, and then the splash finisher. Yallits has to be helped from the ring.
Coming to theatres this weekend, Tom Cruise and Paul Newman in a Martin Scorsese film, "Color of Money".
Eddie "Fast Eddy" Felson, a former pool player forced into retirement by gangsters (as seen in "The Hustler",) finds himself, self-respect, and finally, redemption when he enters a relationship with young pool player Tom Cruise very similar to his own early career. As they travel together, Fast Eddy realizes how much he had lost, and can see the inevitable finale of their relationship as history begins to repeat itself.
"The hustler isn't what he used to be, but he has the next best thing: a kid who is"
[end of first hour]
Tribute video to The Destroyer set to "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue plays for two mintues before morphing into a video for Steve Disalvo set to "Public Enemy #1" also by Motley Crue. Those two men tangle in our main event tonight, in their rematch from two weeks ago for the RCW Heavyweight title.
Bout #5
Challenge Tag Team Match
Moe Malone & Dan Kroffat defeated Great Gama & Steve Blackman by pinfall when Kroffat pinned Blackman after a superkick at 7:27
-after some initial success Malone found himself in trouble for a good stretch of this match. But because of his size he was able to power out of several submission and pinfall attempts. Finally he made the tag and then he and Kroffat took turns controlling their opponents. Malone cleared Gama from the ring which left a dazed Blackman to fall victim to Kroffat's eductated feet.
Dan Kroffat makes it clear that this was a one-time shot, that if he continues to wrestle as a tag team it will be with his partner Brady Boone. Moe Malone thanks Kroffat for helping him out and warns Gama and Blackman to stay out of his business from now on.
The WWF returns to the Winnipeg Arena on November 1st, with the biggest main event in wrestling today. WWF champion Hulk Hogan will defend his title against the turncoat "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. Also scheduled to appear include Tito Santana, the Killer Bees, Hillbilly Jim, Kamala, Greg Valentine, and Brutus Beefcake.
Bout #6
#1 Contenders Tag Team Match
Chris Markoff & Barry Orton defeated Kid Gallahad & Chris Lyon by pinfall when Orton pinned Lyon after a bulldog from the 2nd rope at 8:56
-the only thing that made this match with four rulebreakers beating the tar out of each other even better for the fans was that it was officiated over by Jurgen Hermann. It was filled with double teams, four man brawls, and other cheating. Twice during the match the four men assembled inside the ring to negotiate a peace, each time it ended with handshakes and jeers from the crowd, and each time it was broken first chance by one of the participants. The end came when Markoff was able to jab his thumb into the throat of Gallahad and then send him out of the ring. They then double teamed Lyon, with Orton coming off the seond buckle to finish him off.
Tonight on Saturday Night Live the guest host will be Malcolm Jamal Warner from the hit "The Cosby Show", with special musical guests Run D.M.C with their hit "Walk This Way".
"Hotel" now in its 4th hit season returns with a new episode Wendesday night on ABC. In "Queen's Gambit" Continuing his efforts to take over the hotel, Charles Cabot evicts Peter from the hotel penthouse and searches the accounting records for evidence of wasteful spending. Charles's sister Jessica and family patriarch Uncle Jake align with Peter, forcing Charles to back down temporarily.
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Steve Disalvo (/w Lisa Caress) and The Destroyer battled to a double countout at 7:35
[Steve Disalvo retained his RCW Heavyweight title]
-This match had a far different feeling then their meeting two weeks ago. It started right after the bell with a brawl. There was no feeling out process, and very little strategy. Destroyer seemed willing to fight fire with fire and Disalvo held nothing back, flirting with disqualfication the entire match. They split their time evenly between inside the ring and outside. There never was a feeling that this match would have a legitimate finish and finally Buddy Lane just counted out the two men.
Disalvo and Destroyer continued to brawl after the match. Despite Lisa Caress jumping on Destroyer's back and biting him, the masked man would only pull her off and refused to retaliate. This distraction was enough for the champion to nail Destroyer with a running clothesline. He then pulled the masked man onto the announce table and delivered a punishing piledriver which send both men through the table.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
We are pre-empted next week for Halloween programming but will return the week following.
See ya in two weeks!!