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February 1986
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8th Anniversary Spectacular

February 8, 1986
River City Wrestling #224
Calgary, Alberta
Opening Bout:
Chris Lyon & Kid Gallahad defeated Ron Ritchie & Robbie Royce by pinfall when Lyon pinned Royce after a slingshot suplex at 7:20
-lots of instant chemistry between Lyon and Gallahad, both men seem a little bit twisted.
Lyon & Gallahad are interviewed. They seemed very impressed by themselves and each other as partners.
The Destroyer comes out and breaks up the mutual admiration meeting. He is pissed off about the post-match antics of Lyon and Bassarab two weeks ago. He says even though he won the match, by disqualification, and therefore does not have to grant another title shot, he is going to anyway, just to get them back in the ring. He tells Lyon that tonight it will be Bassarab's title shot, and next week it will be Lyon's.
Bout #2
Brian Jewel defeated Monty Black by pinfall with an inside cradle at 3:21
-squash match designed to get Jewel back on the winning track
Dr D David Schultz and Bob Backlund come to the ring still mad at the unsatisfactory outcome to last week's tag match with the Longriders. Marty Goldstein is brought out and while Schultz and Backlund may want a rematch the problem is the card is already full tonight. However, the Kiniski Brothers come out and offer a suggestion. They have a tag team match scheduled tonight against Angel of Death and Mike Sharpe. They offer to make it an 8-man tag match. Schultz and Backlund are grateful for the chance to step back into the ring with the Longriders and accept.
Bout #3
Rufus R Railroad Jones defeated Bruce Moffat by pinfall after a headbutt at 5:11
-successful return to RCW by the always entertaining Jones. No one would ever confuse him with Lou Thesz but the people seem to love him anyway.
Again Rufus R Jones gives an interview that without the use of a translator loses the majority of the meaning.
Highlights of the more "local" wrestlers like The Destroyer, the Kiniski Brothers, Ron ritchie, Robbie Royce, Tawney England, Ben Bassarab, Chris Lyon, Iron Mike Sharpe, and Brian Jewel are shown in a video to the beautiful song "Life In A Northern Town" by The Dream Academy.
Bout #4
Phillip Navarre and the Croatian Giant battled to a double countout at 7:23
-Navarre controlled most of the match but the Giant gave it all he had to stay alive. In the end he probably realized that his best chance at success was a wild brawl, and so he took the match to the floor below where both men were counted out.
The Fabulous Ones are standing outside the biker bar, as we show the rest of the footage started two weeks ago. They punch their palms, give each other a high-five and one of their legs knocks one of the Harley's on the curb. It sets off the expected chain reaction of bikes toppling over. The Fabs just look at each other and grin. They walk across the curb and enter the bar.
We get a close-up shot of the bar sign "The Blue Oyster". As the Fabs walk in and are greeted by noisy heavy metal music, smoke, and darkness they stand there and get their bearings. Suddenly the music stops, the general din of the bar comes to a hault and the Fabs (dressed in their usual spandex and sequins) are suddenly the center of attention. Looking at them are about 30 bikers dressed in leather and jean, many sporting leather motorcycle hats and dangly earrings.
"You boys lost or sumpin?" one calls from a pooltable.
"Hey Steve" whispers Stan, "where are all the women?".
"There aren't none" whispers back Steve.
"What kind of biker bar has no women?" whispers back Stan.
"Damn" they both say at the same time.
"What you pretty boys lookin' fer?" asks another biker.
"We're here looking for a mean pair of hombreys calling themselves the Longriders" shouts out Steve.
A biker replies, "you lookin' fer Wild Bill and Scott the Hogg?"
"Them be the ones, yes" shouts back Stan. "And we're fixin to kick their tails and the tails of anyone who tries to git in our way."
The bar is suddenly filled with laughter.
"You got us all wrong boys, this ain't no place for fightin. We're lovers not fighters. As fer the Irwin Brothers you just missed them. They headed downtown to shop for new drapes."
"oh..okay then.." says Steve as the Fabs begin to back toward the door.
They stop when they bump into a rather large biker fellow blocking the door.
"Where you boys think your going? No one leaves this bar until they dance."
Suddenly a strobe light comes on, and the music is cranked. "In the Navy" by the Villiage People.
"Hey Stan...this ws a very dumb idea"
[end of first hour]
Gene Kiniski comes to the ring. He makes an announcement on behalf of the six man Hall of Fame committee (himself, chairman of the committee Matt Brock, Jack McAdam, Stan Mullen, George Gadasky, and Bulldog Bob Brown).
The field once agan has been narrowed to two men as possible inductees this year, at the March 15th Hall of Fame & St. Patrick's Day Bash. Those two contenders are commissioner Marty Goldstein and 3x former Heavyweight champion Chris Lyon. The committee will discuss both candidates over the next couple of week and make a decision on which one, or possibly neither will be added to the Hall of Fame.
Bout #5
Candian Women's Championship Title Match
Tawney England and LeLani Kai battled to a double countout at 5:25
[Tawney England retains the Canadian Women's Championship]
-unlike in the previous match this one ended inside the ring. Kai is a higher quality opponent then England is used to and she had a hard time keeping the very aggressive Kai at bay. A title change seemed imminent until the two collided hard with dual crossbody blocks coming off a criss cross. Referee Wyatt Hall could see that both ladies were hurt bad so his 10 count was a bit on the quick side, and immediately medical help arrived on the scene.
After a set of television commercials we return to see that both ladies have been placed on spinal boards as a precaution and are being sent to the hospital for tests.
Bout #6
RCW TV Title Match
The Destroyer defeated Ben Bassarab by disqualification for outside interference at 6:30
[The Destroyer retained the RCW Television Title]
-Bassarab started the match strongly going after the champ at the opening bell. He poured on the offense including dropkicks, snap suplexes, and a missile dropkick but was unable to get a 3 count. Next he went to working a sleeperhold, and once broken managed to apply it again. Destroyer broke the hold by bashing Bassarab backward into the turnbuckles. He then took over with a pair of gutwrench suplexes, a reverse chinlock, and an abdominal stretch. Bassarab though refused to submit.
From the back came Chris Lyon who entered the ring and attacked the Destroyer from behind.
At first Bassarab was mad at Lyon for getting him disqualified, but he quickly overcame that and joined with Lyon in laying the boots to the Destroyer. They then dragged Destroyer over to the ringpost and slid out of the ring. With the champ lying on his back Lyon held his arm around the ringpost and ordered Bassarab to grab the title belt, which he quickly did. Lyon told Bassarab to use the title belt and hit Destroyer on the wrist/forearm are to break it. Bassarab hit it once and the champ screamed in pain. By now some extra RCW officials were on the scene but they were held off by Bassarab swinging the title belt. Lyon told Bassarab to hit the arn again...but this time the Edmonton native hesitated. He turned to the crowd who were booing, and then just stood there unsure what to do. Lyon released the arm of the champ and tried to grab the title belt away from Bassarab. As if released from a trance Bassarab suddenly came to life and resisted, with the two men in a tug of war. Finally Bassarab just suddenly let go of the belt and Lyon flew backward. When he got up Bassarab nailed him with a flying dropkick. RCW officials jumped in at this point and broke off any further attacks.
Promo: On Tonights Evening News
-Possibility NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) analysts were aware of possible disaster with solid rocket booster seals long before recent Challenger disaster reported indicated by internal space agency memoranda
-Apparent circumstances of freight- passenger train collision in Alberta, Canada
-(Manila, Philippines) Walkout by government computer workers claiming fraud in tally of recent president election discussed. Senator John Kerry is concerned over allegations. Similar claims of fraud and irregularities lodged by other independent monitors outlined
-Success of movie of Alice Walker's book "The Color Purple" noted. Controversy over movie's depiction of black men examined; Alex Haley's "Roots" recalled.
Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Match
The Longriders, Angel of Death, & Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Dr. D David Schultz, Bob Backlund, Nick & Kelly Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) by pinfall when Scott Irwin pinned Bob Backlund after a powerbomb at 11:39
-Schultz and Backlund were very strong in this match overpowering any of their opponents they were in the ring with. Iron Mike Sharpe was in trouble for a good stretch of the match. Unable to finish their opponents off a strange dynamic seemed to emerge that saw David Schultz and Nick Kiniski take over the match with quick tags, working double teams on the 5 counts. This drew protests from their own partners Kelly Kiniski and Bob Backlund but they fell on deaf ears. Finally, Bob Backlund got a tag in from Schultz to break a chain of about 8 consecutive tags from Schultz-Nick, and went to work on Sharpe. Once both Schultz and Nick were on the apron Kelly started to give them noise about their tactics, a quarrel that also brought in Lisa Caress and distracted Bob Backlund. Sharpe managed to nail Backlund with a lowblow unseed by the distracted Buddy Lane and he tagged out to Scott Irwin. Scott whipped Backlund to the ropes and nailed him with a side suplex. He then followed up with a kneedrop from the second rope. Backlund managed to fight back but when he went for a tag all 3 of his partners were arguing on the floor. Once again Buddy Lane was distracted. Irwin whipped Backlund off the ropes, catching him for a belly-to-belly suplex. Both Angel of Death and Bill Irwin had now climbed to the top turnbuckles and nailed Backlund with successive flying elbowdrops. Irwin then powerbombed the former champion for good measure and picked up the win.
Dr. D returned to the ring distraught over having left his friend to the wolves. Outside Nick and Kelly seemed to calm down, and left along with Lisa Caress. Schultz was kneeling beside his fallen friend as the show comes to a close.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


February 15, 1986
River City Wrestling #225
Billings, Montana
Opening Bout:
Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Robbie Royce by pinfall after a forearm smash at 6:11
-Royce hung in there until Sharpe hit him with that forearm brace.
The Destroyer comes out in blue jeans, white sneakers, a black "GTR" t-shirt and of course his black and white mask. He is also wearing his RCW Television Title around his waist.
He thanks Ben Bassarab for not making the damage any worse then it already was in his and Lyon's cowardly attack. He says he will only beat on Bassarab and not try and mame him like he is going to do with Chris Lyon.
Destroyer shows that his hand, wrist and forearm are all in a hard cast. He says that it is possible that he will be able to defend his title before the 30 day mandatory defense rule sets in, but that its possible he will have to disobey doctor advice to do that. He says the break was not a clean break and that there are some broken pieces of bone floating around in his arm. He promises to keep his fans posted and thanks them for all the get well wishes and postcards he has received.
We get a graphic of the post office box number and address for the Destroyer fan club who will forward any fans letters to the champion.
We also get a graphic of the post office box number and address for River City Wrestling, and announcer Ron Strong urges fans to write in and ask that Chris Lyon be suspended for at least as long as the Destroyer will have to be out of action.
Coming to theatres this President's Day Long Weekend, the full throttle action film "Delta Force" starring Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin.
When a 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists, an elite team of commandoes led by Major McCoy (Norris) and by Colonel Alexander (Marvin) are called into service to try and retake the plane before the terrorists kill all the hostages.
The Delta Force...They don't negotiate with terrorists... they blow them away!
Angel of Death comes out to the ring. He says he was scheduled to wrestle some 98 pound weakling but he just saved the kid some embarrasment by kicking the crap out of him in the dressing room. Now he's looking for a new opponent and if anyone in the back has the guts come out and fight him.
It takes about 20 seconds and then the fans cheer as the Lumberjack, Jos LeDuc makes his premiere in River City Wrestling coming to the ring to accept the challenge.
Bout #2
Jos LeDuc defeated Angel of Death after a kneedrop from the second rope at 4:58
- a short but violent match, just a pier 7 brawl. LeDuc got busted open on a routine looking headsmash into the announce table but would get his revenge with a piledriver followed by the kneedrop for the win.
Jos LeDuc gives a snarly interview, in his thick French accent, where he puts all the rulebreakers on notice that the Lumberjack is here. He says he shut up that loud mouth Angel and he'll shut up anyone else who is dumb enough to step into the ring with him.
Bout #3
Phillip Navarre defeated Croatian Giant by submission with a sleeperhold at 7:02
-Navarre gets the clean win after the Giant managed to battle to a double countout with him last week. Navarre controlled most of the match but had trouble getting the Giant up for the Coup de Grace so had to use the sleeper instead.
Phillip Navarre is interviewed by Ron Strong. Again the Frenchman says he has come from Europe to lend a hand of friendship to the American and Canadian wrestlers who are trying to stop the spread of evil through River City. He pledges himself to that cause and to the fans who he serves.
Suddenly some eerie sounding Oriental music fills the arena and the interview is interrupted by Professor Toru Tanaka, making his premiere in RCW.
Ron Strong demands to know what Tanaka is doing here in RCW, as he has been retired from the wrestling ring for over 5 years, having headed to Hollywood and appearing in "An Eye For An Eye" with Chuck Norris, Revenge of the Ninja, Missing in Action 2, Volunteers, and many other movies and TV shows.
Tanaka just stands there grinning and smiling.
Navarre steps forward and tells Tanaka that this is his interview time, so leave.
Tanaka just stands there and grins, lifts a finger up and says "Japan number one". Navarre is getting a bit more unglued by the moment and again orders Tanaka to leave but Tanaka just does the "Japan number one" again.
Navarre just throws up his hands and walks away...or at least tries to.
Tanaka reaches out and grabs him by the shoulder, spinning him around.
"Japan number one".
Navarre pushes Tanaka, who pushes back, and adds "Japan number one".
Pissed off Navarre pulls back and nails Tanaka with a hard right to the jaw. Tanaka just shakes it off, smiles, and then chops the chest of Navarre knocking him backward.
Now some RCW officials arrive on the scene to get between the two men and convince Navarre to just walk away.
"Japan number one"
Highlights of the induction ceremony of The Destroyer, the first and only member in the River City Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Will Chris Lyon or Marty Goldstein be inducted this March 15th?
We get an update from last weeks collision between Tawney England and LeLani Kai where both women were counted out and removed on stretchers. England checked out fine and was released from hospital that night. Kai however suffered a concussion was kept over night, released, but still not cleared for action by the athletic commission. Therefore, that rematch will have to wait and in the meantime we have Misty Blue Simmes as the challenger for the Women's title next.
Bout #4
Canadian Women's Championship Match
Tawney England (champion)  v  Misty Blue Simmes
The match begins with a handshake but after a few hook-ups the women get a bit testy and it ends up in a trade of face slaps. Simmes hits England with a hiptoss and then uses her legs to put an armbar on England. She works the armbar, and finally breaks it by kicking England in the side of the head. She tries for a piledriver but England counters with a backbody drop, which Simmes counters with a sunset flip into a pin, for a near fall.
England takes over with a lariat, some boots, and then a legdrop. She climbs to the second rope and then splashes down on Simmes, covers, 1, 2, Simmes rolls her over, hooks a leg, 1, 2, England reverses, 1, 2, Simmes grabs the ropes. The women get up and England takes Simmes down with a doubleleg. She tries for a quick figure-four but Simmes boots her off and then catches her bouncing off the ropes with a monkeyflip. Simmes nails a couple running clotheslines, and then goes for a crucifix but England counters with a samoan drop, and gets another 2 count. Simmes goes rolling out of the ring and when she tries to get back in the champ drives her with a knee. Simmes tries a second time, and this time holds back, grabs England's leg and pulls her out of the ring. The two women get into a face slapping, hair pulling catfight outside the ring. Finally they both roll back into the ring, and England nails Simmes with a bodyslam, and then rakes the bottom of her boots across the head of Simmes. She then stands on Simmes hair and pulls up on her arms until referee Kenny Jay makes her break.
England continues to attack with a hanging vertical suplex, a guillotine legdrop, and then a slingshot to the buckle, she covers and gets 2. She comes off the ropes but Simmes takes her down with a drop toehold before putting her in a bow and arrow submission. England manages to roll out of it, but then Simmes nails her with a slingshot suplex, covers, 1, 2, kickout.
Simmes climbs to the top setting up for her version of the Superfly, but England recovers and goes after her. They battle on the buckles, with Simmes on the top high ground, and England on the second buckle. Finally Simmes leaps over England with a sunset flip, pulling the champ off the buckle and landing hard. Simmes makes the pin and gets 1, 2, 3!! New Champion!!
Misty Blue Simmes defeated Tawney England by pinfall after a sunset flip off the top rope at 9:31
[Misty Blue Simmes wins the Canadian Women's Championship]
After the belt is presented to Misty Blue Simmes, the former champion Tawney England comes over to offer a handshake. The two competitors shake hands and then share a quick hug before leaving the ring.
Promo; March 15th, 1986 RCW presents the annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and St. Patrick's Day Bash.
Promo; On tonight's Evening News
- President commission investigating explosion of space shuttle Challenger said examining possible breakdown in NASA's decision-making process
-President Reagan's about-face on outcome of Philippines pres. election; Parliament's formal declaration that Ferdinand Marcos won election over Corazon Aquino
-Letters written by USSR dissident Andrei Sakharov and smuggled to West outlined
-Lack of findings in investigation of cyanide contamination of Tylenol capsules in New York reported
[end of first hour]
Marty Goldstein comes out to the ring. He says he has interviewed all those involved in last week's incident where Chris Lyon and Ben Bassarab intentionally broke the arm and wrist of The Destroyer, and has examined the videotape.
It is his finding that both Lyon and Bassarab will be fined an undisclosed amount of money. In addition Chris Lyon will be suspended for one month, and will be removed from consideration for a shot at the Television title.
Bout #5
The Longriders defeated the Kiniski Brothers by pinfall when Wild Bill pinned Kevin after a superplex at 7:46
-the 'riders were in a foul mode and didn't even try and hide their cheating from referee Wyatt Hall. They walked the fine line of disqualification the entire match, and at one point Scott Hogg Irwin even pushed Lisa Caress to the ground causing a four man brawl.
The Longriders pushed Ron Strong out of the way and took his mic for the interview. They said the Fabulous Ones crossed a line with their little Blue Oyster skit. Wild Bill drops the mic, so angry he can't even continue. Scott Hogg picks up the mic and starts to talk about how all their biker friends are hacking on them now about the skit. He too drops the mic unable to continue. He turns his head and it looks like he might even be wiping a tear away. Wild Bill sees this and gets mad, shoving Scott. Their pent up frustration suddenly lets loose on each other as they stand toe to toe and slug it out, the fans on their feet cheering this unexpected turn. Then they stop, walk out of the ring and over the guardrail into the crowd. They start to push and shove with security, and its mayhem. Eventually the Longriders pull a couple of fans out and over the guardrail and start to beat the crap out of then on the floor.
This continues until the Kiniski brothers come out and chase them away.
Bout #6
Ben Bassarab  v  Kid Gallahad
The fans give Bassarab a mixed reaction but jeer Gallahad. The announcers point out how much these two men resemble each other in style and body.
That message is driven home as the match progresses and both men use many of the same moves, including a German suplex, a snap suplex, dropkicks, and high back bodydrops. Gallahad tries to end the match with his dropkick from the top but Bassarab moves out of the way, and then applies the figure-four.
That makes him prone when Chris Lyon rolls into the ring with a steel chair and ~waffles~ Bassarab across the face.
Ben Bassarab defeated Kid Gallahad by disqualification after outside interference at 7:57
As Bassarab covers up Lyon smacks him a couple more times in the back with the chair, as Gallahad adds in some kicks to the legs. The Destroyer hits the ring, cast and all, and starts to fight back. But its two on one and he's not fairing well until Phillip Navarre hits the ring to make the save.
Bassarab is turned over and his face is a bloody mess.
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Dr. D David Schultz (champion)
Bob Backlund
Once again the two men start the match with a handshake, but Dr D looks like he's chewing on a lemon when they do so.
Collar elbow, and Backlund takes Schultz down with a hiptoss. Backlund controls the first four minutes of this match frustrating the champ with an excellent ground game including some submission leg and arm locks.
Finally they get into a criss cross and Schultz takes the advantage with a big clothesline. He then puts Backlund into a reverse chinlock only to have Backlund show his strength and straighten up with Schultz on his back, and then fall backward slamming the champ into the mat for a 2 count.
Backlund worked his ground game again until Schultz shoved him out of the ring. As Backlund climbed back into the ring Schultz grabbed him by the back of the neck and lowered an elbow between the shoulder blades. He followed up with a knee lift, and then a double arm suplex. Schultz sends the challenger to the ropes and then nails him with a hip-toss powerslam for a 2 count.
Schultz works a front chancery and then turns it into a front face lock drop for another 2 count. He tosses Backlund to the buckle and then follows in, charging with a shoulder to the gut. He then proceeds to hit him with the shoulder 3 more times despite the count being applied by Buddy Lane. This angers Backlund on the break so he lashes out and nails Schultz with a forearm to the chin. Schultz begins to throw punches and Backlund responds with forearm shots.
Schultz punished Backlund with a tlit-a-whirl backbreaker, and then stomped at the challenger's back. He worked him over in the corner with forearms to the back, and then brought him out with a belly-to-back suplex for a 2 count.
Schultz tried for another suplex but Backlund blocked it and then nailed a suplex in return. Both men staggered to their feet and Backlund almost got Schultz into a crossface chickenwing but the champ managed to grab the ropes.
Schultz then left the ring for a breather. Backlund was hot and hollered at Schultz to get back in the ring, but when the champ tried he backed out right away saying Backlund was not in a neutral corner. After a good minute of stalling the champ finally got back into the ring and connected first with a kick to the gut of Backlund. He followed with a waistlock suplex, and then a piledriver.  A very casual pin resulted in frustration as Backlund was able to kick out.
Schultz then went for his corkscrew neckbreaker finisher but Backlund countered with a wrist lock. Schultz twisted out and tried to clothesline Backlund, but the challenger was too fast and took Schultz down with a shoulderblock. They then did another criss cross which had Schultz go for another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Backlund used the spin to get out, land beside Schultz and take him down with a reverse legsweep. Backlund grabbed Schultz legs and flipped over into a bridge, for 1, 2, kickout. Schultz lashed out with a punch as he got to his feet but Backlund ducked it and nailed the champ with his atomic drop finisher, he covered and got the 1, 2, 3!!! New Champion!!
Bob Backlund defeated David Schultz by pinfall after an atomic drop at 13:18
[Bob Backlund Wins the RCW Heavyweight Championship]
Backlund is on his knees, partly in elation and partly to recover, as the fans give him a standing ovation. Referee Buddy Lane goes to get the belt for Backlund but on his way across the ring he's intercepted by Dr. D who grabs the belt out of the hands of Lane. This brings Backlund to his feet. The new champ asks for the belt, almost begging Schultz to end this thing peacefully. After some tense moments finally Schultz tosses the belt to Backlund. The new champ lifts the belt over his head and the fans cheer. He turns around to face the other side of the arena and Schultz who was climbing through the ropes, stops and turns, staring at the back of the champ. He climbs back into the ring and stands in the opposite corner, watching. Backlund is cheered by all 4 sides of the arena in turn. Buddy Lane raises Backlund's arm in the air to more cheers. Schultz walks up and raises Backlund's arm in the air, also drawing cheers. Then Backlund lifts Schultz' arm in the air and he too gets cheers, although not as loud as Backlund's and with a smattering of jeers mixed in. He seems to take offense to the jeers and starts to point at fans in the crowd who were jeering him. Backlund tries to calm him down and to raise his arm again but Schultz shakes him off. As Schultz is climbing out of the ring Backlund sits on the middle ring rope and holds them open for the former champion. Schultz goes through to the apron, and then does what we have long expected him to do, turns on Backlund. He lashes out with a boot, and then drags Backlund off the ring apron to the floor. He kicks away at him, rips the title from his waist and tosses it aside. Schultz pulls a mat back, exposing concrete floor. Buddy Lane tries to stop him but Schultz gives him a shove. Dr D lifts Backlund into the air and gives him a piledriver on the exposed concrete. Backlund is busted open.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


February 22, 1986
River City Wrestling #226
Fargo, North Dakota
Opening Bout:
Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Ron Ritchie after a standing sidekick at 3:11
-squash match
Prof. Tanaka remains in the ring for a martial arts exhibition. He has a couple of helpers come out and set up some boards while he chalks his hands, and puts on a Rising Sun headband. As he prepares himself Ron Strong tries to get in a word with Tanaka, asking him about the stunt. Tanaka just looks at him and growls...before barking out "Japan number one."
Tanaka proceeds to break the boards with his fist, and then the helpers hold up some boards he breaks with his feet, hands, and head. He bows to the crowd who boo him.
Phillip Navarre comes out to a good reaction from the crowd. He says to Tanaka that he is right, Japan is number one...at making crappy little cars. This upsets Tanaka to which Navarre says...your English just seemed to improve!
Navarre says he has a test of strength for him and Tanaka to compete in next week. Tanaka just smiles knowing he has a huge strength advantage. Navarre though says this is not just a test of strength, it is a test of inner will, stamina, and competitive spirit. He asks Tanaka if he accepts the challenge for next week. The big martial arts expert just bows to Navarre, nods yes, and then says "Japan number one, Tanaka number one, hoy"
Bout #2
Nick & Kelly Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) defeated Red Demon & Matt Pawlson by pinfall when Kelly pinned Pawlson while applying the figure-four at 5:44
-squash match
The Kiniski Brothers are interviewed. They say they are not done with the Longriders yet, and if there is anything left of them after the Fabs are done with them, they will be there to break them into smaller pieces.
Promo; Set to "Living In America" by James Brown
A video of Phillip Navarre's new digs in Minneapolis, a penthouse over looking the city but still filled with his medieval style furnishings. Also footage of Navarre's early wins in RCW, of meeting the fans and signing autographs before the show, and of buying lunch at a hotdog stand in the cold mid-west winter.
Bout #3
Croatian Giant defeated Black Mephisto by pinfall after a powerbomb at 4:01
-another squash match
Promo; March 15th, Hall of Fame induction and St. Patrick's Day Bash
Promo; "Throwdown" the ultimate wrestling strategy game available via RCW's P.O. box. Become your favorite RCW wrestler, or created your own and lead him to the Heavyweight championship.
Bout #4
Tawney England & Misty Blue Simmes defeated LeLani Kai & Corrie England by pinfall when Simmes pinned Corrie after the Superfly at 8:44
-fast paced match with lots of attempted pinfalls broken up by tag partners. Kai was cleared to wrestle this week by doctors after her concussion and she seemed to spend her wrath more on Tawney who she was injured wrestling, then for Simmes who is the new Women's champion. Tawney and Kai were fighting outside the ring while inside Simmes outfoxed Corrie, nailed her with a DDT and then hit the superfly from the top rope for the win.
Tawney England and Misty Blue Simmes remain in the ring after their victory. England says she will get a rematch against Simmes soon and intends to take back her title but that she considers Simmes a friend and allie. Simmes thanks the fans for their support of her, even though she beat a local girl in Tawney for the title. Simmes says she will defend her title next week against Corrie, while the following week Tawney will have a rematch against Kai. The winners of those two bouts will meet the following week at the St. Patrick's Day Bash for the ladies title.
Featured videos tonight on "Good Rockin' Tonite" will be "When the Going Gets tough. the Tough Get Going" Billy Ocean, "Sanctify Yourself" Simple Minds, "Somebody Somewhere" Platinum Blonde, "Dont Forget Me (When I'm Gone)" Glass Tiger, and "Feel it Again" Honeymoon Suite.
[end of first hour]
Commissioner Marty Goldstein comes to the ring with referee Wyatt Hall. He announces that Kid Gallahad will be meeting Ben Bassarab again, next. This time though building security is making sure that Chris Lyon is not here tonight to interfere.
Bout #5
Ben Bassarab defeated Kid Gallahad with a roll-up at 7:22
-another fast paced, high octane match between these two similar competitors. German suplexes, snap suplexes, and dropkicks abounded. The action also went out of the ring where Gallahad grabbed the advantage as the more aggressive of the two men. Back inside Gallahad hit his Gallahad Lance (top rope dropkick) but didn't get all of it, and Bassarab managed to kick out on the subsequent pin attempt. Gallahad then got too cocky and tried to finish Bassarab off with his own finisher the flying crossbody block but Bassarab rolled through the move to get on top, hook a leg and get the win.
Ben Bassarab says he wants Marty Goldstein to lift the suspension of Chris Lyon so the two can meet next week. Bassarab says he doesn't want that chicken Lyon to run so he suggests attaching them both with a chain, make the match a chain match. Marty Goldstein comes out and nixes the idea. He says suspensions have to stand, they are not just for the wrestler involved but also for the abused officials and the integrity of the promotion in the eyes of the fans.
This brings out the Destroyer. He plays up his friendship with Goldstein before saying he should lift the suspension. Destroyer says that he himself will be the referee for the chain match, so no RCW official need be in harms way. Finally the Destroyer turns to the crowd and asks their opinion if the suspension should be lifted, which draws a very loud response. Goldstein relents saying the suspension is lifted only if Chris Lyon shows up next week for the chain match.
Bout #6
Jos LeDuc & Rufus R Jones battled Angel of Death & Iron Mike Sharpe to a double countout at 5:46
-referee Kenny Jay never really had a handle on this match featuring four guys who are best known as brawlers. It ended with all 4 men brawling around the announce table.
Contract Signing:
Marty Goldstein comes out with Bob Backlund. Goldstein says after what happened last week with Backlund winning the title from Schultz only to be attacked after the match, well a rematch is obviously needed.
Goldstein says he does not want this feud to drag out any longer then it has to. He says the two men will have their rematch on March 15th at the Hall of Fame & St. Patricks Day Bash, for the Heavyweight title, inside a steel cage!! In the meantime each will have a warm-up match next week, and then the following week they will meet each other as part of a tag team match.
Goldstein has a contract which he hands to Backlund, who signs it and returns it.
Goldstein then calls out the former champion Dr. D David Schultz who is jeered by the crowd.
Backlund and Schultz just glare at each other.
Goldstein hands the contract to Schultz to sign, but before he does he says he has something to say. All week everywhere he goes, little children and ladies are coming up to him and calling him a no good snake in the grass for turning on his best friend. Schultz says though the men don't say nothing to him because they know Dr D would shut their pie hole real quick. Well Dr D says, those kids and ladies are right, I am a no good snake in the grass. But the funny thing is, Schultz looks somber, that I never planned or intended on attacking you. Win or lose, I was proud to be your friend, and proud of the progress I made in becoming a better person. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to pick up my niece at school and there I saw a poster that said "you can be a better person today, then you were yesterday." That poster made me happy, that was how I was living my life. But you know what Backlund? The fans, they couldn't care less. They had one hero, one man to cheer, you, and they didn't need me, didn't trust me, and didn't like me. Me and you Backlund, its like the civil war all over again. It's you, the all american boy next door, clean living, established, blue blood northerner, against me, the southern boy looked down on in disdain, treated like white trash. It's the north against the south all over again. But underneath it, I want all the fans to know they were wrong. I did value the way I was changing, and my new friendship, but they made me see the error of my ways, that a leopard can not change his spots. But underneath it Dr D does have a heart and soul mister Bob Backlund.
Backlund has heard enough and takes the mic from Schultz. I'm not sure whether you have a heart or not Schultz, but maybe we'll find out on March 15th. As for a soul, well as far as I'm concerned you made the deal with the devil last week, and sold your soul and our friendship down the river for another shot at this gold. You can blame the fans all you want Dr D, but they aren't the ones who turned on their friend, they're not the ones who couldn't take the heat, and they're not the ones who I'm going to smash open on the steel cage on March 15th.
Schultz just stares at Backlund and signs the contract, handing it back to Goldstein.
Schultz speaks again. Bob I just want you to know how sorry I am it turned out this way.
Schultz turns and walks away.
Main Event
RCW Tag Team Title Match
Fabulous Ones (champions)  v  Longriders
The match started with a four man brawl in the middle of the ring. The Longriders grabbed the advantage but when they tried to whip the Fabs into each other they managed to avoid a collission by hooking arms and doing a little dance. They then went back after the 'riders with dropkicks.
Lane started off against Wild Bill and then tagged in to Keirn. Wild Bill got a tag out and Scott Hogg also tangled with each Fab. The Longriders could not seem to take an advantage.
That changed when Scott was able to chop Stan instead of a clean break, and then scoop him up for a bodyslam. Scott came off the second turnbuckle landing right on the back of Lane. The 'riders cut off the ring and worked on Lane for a bit, until he was able to fight out and tag in Keirn.
Keirn and Wild Bill had a nice exchange that went in and out of the ring. Lane then tagged in and caught Wild Bill with a sky high back bodydrop. He set him up for a superkick finisher but Scott Hogg avoided it by reaching in and tripping up his own partner and dragging him to the corner for a tag.
Keirn tagged in fresh but was met by a Scott Hogg clothesline. Keirn played Ricky Morton for a couple minutes until some cheating made Stan Lane lose his temper and another four man brawl errupted.
Lane went to superkick Wild Bill, but the 'rider ducked and Lane's foot caught his partner Steve Keirn in the back of the head. Scott Hogg nailed Lane with a flying clothesline and tossed him out of the ring. In the meantime Wild Bill took Keirn to the top and brought him down with a superplex and picked up the win.
Longriders defeated Fabulous Ones by pinfall when Wild Bill pinned Steve Kerin after a superplex at 11:12
[The Longriders won the RCW Tag Team Titles]
The Longriders celebrate their title victory as the fans jeer and the Fabs look on in total disbelief.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!