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September 1985
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September 7, 1985
River City Wrestling #206
Regina, SK
Opening Bout:
TV Title Match
IronMan Match (30 minutes)
Ben Bassarab defeated Brad Armstrong 2 falls to 1
[Bassarab retains the RCW Television Title]
-as could be expected it took a long time for the first fall to be scored. Armstrong had the champ back on his heels for a few minutes before he finally hit a Russian legsweep and hooked the leg to take a 1-0 lead at 22:42.
With Armstrong still putting pressure on Bassarab it looked like a title change may occur. However Bassarab managed to catch Armstrong telegraphing a backbody drop with a high knee to the face and then nailed him with his flying crossbody block finisher. Armstrong though managed to kick out and it forced the champ to go to the top for a risky superplex. He nailed it though and evened the match at 1-1 at 25:54.
Armstrong fought back and put Bassarab in the figure-four but the champ used the ropes to turn the FF over, reversing the pressure. Immediately after the break the champ put Armstrong back in the figure-four and as time wound down Brad refused to submit. However, in too much pain to concentrate finally Brad's shoulders were down while in the hold and referee Wyatt Hall counted the 1-2-3 at 29:10.
Wahoo McDaniel is interviewed about his actions the last couple of weeks. He says he owes Larry Hennig nothing, and that his former friend left him high and dry. He claims Hennig is running around telling everyone that it was Wahoo's fault they didn't win the tag titles, and telling others that he was nothing more then a "drunk Indian".
Larry Hennig comes out to protest this and it leads to some pushing and shoving. Hennig says this is not the time or place. He challenges Wahoo to a match next week to settle their differences. Wahoo of course accepts.
[end of first hour]
Bout #2
Yoshiaki Yatsu & King Tonga (/w Mr. Ho) defeated Man Mountain Mike & Tod Hestrerey by pinfall when Tonga pinned Hestrerey after a powerslam at 9:47
The Fabulous Ones are interviewed. They're the top challengers and want their title shot next week against Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer.
Bout #3
Kelly & Nick Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) defeated T-Bone Brown & Chris Basset by pinfall when Kelly pinned Basset after an overhead suplex at 6:30
-This was the premiere of the Kiniski brothers. Kelly is the more serious wrestler, bland in appearance and mannerisms but technically sound. Nick has a bit more flair and is somewhat undisciplined but also is technically sound having just competed for the Canadian Olympic Team in 1984. This is Nick's first year as a pro wrestler. They are of course the sons of all-time great Gene Kiniski. Their valet is the young and lovely blonde, Lisa Caress which seems to be more of Nick's idea then Kelly's.
The Kiniskis are interviewed and while Kevin tries to answer the questions seriously about why they have come to RCW, Nick doesn't pay much attention, acting the playboy and flirting openly with Lisa Caress.
Promo; On Tonight's Evening News
-British Airways reported withdrawing Pratt and Whitney engines similar to that in yesterday's Milwaukee, WI, crash and in last month's Manchester, England, disaster
-Boeing reported admitting faulty repairs in 1978 of Japan Air Lines plane which crashed near Tokyo, Japan
-President Reagan's warning of retaliation to United States trading partners for their unfair trade practices, especially Japan
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Jerry Blackwell and Bob Backlund battled to a double countout at 10:00
[Blackwell retains the RCW Heavyweight Title]
-even match-up with Backlund controlling early but Blackwell making a comeback and then taking the match outside the ring, from where they refused to return. Referee George Gadasky had no choice but to throw out the match.
Blackwell had Backlund laid out on the ring apron and was continuing to punish him.
Dr. D David Schultz got a huge pop from the crowd when he ran out from the dressing room to make the save. He and Blackwell traded punches and kicks and eventually Blackwell left to get away from Schultz.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
We are pre-empted next week for special broadcasting but we will be back in two weeks for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See you then!!


September 21, 1985
River City Wrestling #207
Edmonton, AB
Opening Bout:
Croatian Giant defeated Chris Basset by submission with the hangman at 6:32
-premiere for the Giant getting his first break after having worked the smaller feds for a while.
Bout #2:
Brad Rheinghans defeated Norman Dahmer by pinfall after an Olympic slam at 4:01
-squash match
Bout #3
Nick & Kevin Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) defeated Rick Patterson & Red Demon by submission when Kevin made Demon submit to the figure-four leglock at 7:35
-Patterson is a veteran who can handle himself, and he got the better of Nick quite a bit in this match, but the Demon was the weak link.
Bob Backlund is interviewed and its announced that he will be getting a title shot against Blackwell next week.
He's interrupted by David Schultz. Dr. D tells Backlund that he hopes he beats Fatwell for the title next week but that doesn't mean Dr.D will stop coming for the title. In the meantime though Schultz says he wants a piece of Blackwell tonight and if he doesn't get it in the ring he will hunt him down in the back and beat him there.
Marty Goldstein comes out and tells Schultz that he doesn't respond well to threats. However, he thinks a match is warranted tonight, and its a match that the fans have been telling him they want to see. So tonight's main event will feature Jerry Blackwell (Goldstein almost says Fatwell but corrects himself) against David Schultz, but in a non-title match.
Backlund offers Schultz good luck and offers a handshake, but Schultz just stares at his hand and says "I don't know where that hands been. It might have been wiping your arse, or something worse." But good luck to you too next week.
Bout #4
#1 Contenders Match for the TV Title
Tod Hestrerey defeated Chris Lyon by pinfall after a slingshot suplex at 10:47
-this was a rematch of sorts when Hestrerey lost his temper and uncharacteristically hit Lyon with a steel chair. He seemed out of sorts that match but managed to control his temper this time out against Lyon. It was an even match and Lyon bled, which seemed to make Tod quite happy. The fact that Hestrerey went out of his way to win the match with Lyon's own hold speaks volumes for the fact that he is still treating Lyon with much anger and contempt.
However, Hestrerey is a mute and refuses to make contact with any media by any other means as well, so his true feelings are not known.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Kerin) defeated King Tonga & Yoshiaki Yatsu by pinfall when Kerin pinned Yatsu after a superkick at 8:42
- a very even, competitive, hard fought match. Yatsu and Tonga used their manager Mr. Ho's distraction of referee Kenny Jay to their favour to double team Stan Lane. The Fabs would later pull the old switcheroo to get Kerin in the ring in place of Lane. Kerin even added to the deception by using Lane's finisher move the superkick on Yatsu to pick up the win.
The Fabulous Ones now have to be considered the #1 challengers for the tag belts.
At the Box Office "Back to the Future" (Universal Pictures) will try and hold onto the #1 spot in its 12th week of release. However, it will come under attack by another Universal Picture release this weekend "Creator".
"Creator" stars Peter O'Toole & Mariel Hemingway in this romantic comedy.
An eccentric scientist teaches a student in his own manner while he looks for a way to clone his deceased wife.
It's potentially dangerous, probably illegal and definitely crazy.
Bout #6
Grudge Match
Larry Hennig and Wahoo McDaniel battled to a double countout at 6:44
-there was no holding back tonight between these former friends as they tried to brutalize each other. The match spent as much time out of the ring as in. The end came when McDaniel hit Hennig on the outside with his Tomahawk chop right between the eyes, but Hennig managed to lash out and give the Big Axe to McDaniel in retaliation. Both men dropped like stones and neither was able to make it back in the ring to beat the 10 count applied by referee Buddy Lane.
Promo: Tonight on Good Rockin' Tonite
Featured videos will be "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" John Parr, "We Don't Need Another Hero" Tina Turner, "The Power of Love" Huey Lewis, "Boy in the Box" Corey Hart, and "Smokin' In The Boys Room" Motley Crue.
Main Event
Non-title Match
Jerry Blackwell defeated David Schultz by pinfall after a splash at 7:10
-Blackwell showed why he is the champ in turning back a stiff non-title challenge from Schultz who is now a full fledged fan favorite, although that hasn't seemed to change his tactics one iota. At one point he used the middle rope to crotch Blackwell before kicking him out of the ring. He then sat on the ring apron and used his legs to choke the man he calls Fatwell. Blackwell though is as tough as they come and he used his immense weight to battle back. Once again he amazed the fans with a great standing drop kick before using an elbowdrop and then the splash to finish off Schultz.
Next up for the champion will be Bob Backlund, and that one will be for the title next week. 
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


September 28, 1985
River City Wrestling #208
Calgary, AB
Opening Bout:
Chris Lyon defeated Tom Magee by submission to the Boston crab at 3:12
-squash match
Wahoo McDaniel is interviewed. He calls out his former friend Larry Hennig. He tells the Axe it was Larry's fault  they didn't win the titles, not his. Then he tells Hennig that if he (Wahoo) had a decent partner like Rheinghans instead of a green stiff like Brian Jewel then he would already be the tag champion. When Hennig argues the opposite Wahoo makes him a challenge for later tonight. Swap partners. Hennig will team with Jewel, and Wahoo will team with Rheinghans. Hennig accepts the challenge.
Bout #2
Croatian Giant defeated Brad Armstrong by submission with the hangman at 6:10
-big upset victory for the newcomer to RCW
Bout #3
Larry Hennig & Brian Jewel defeated Wahoo McDaniel & Brad Rheinghans by pinfall when Jewel pinned Rheinghans after a flying forearm smash at 9:40
-Wahoo refused to lock up with Hennig, and when Hennig and Rheinghans had to face each other they both looked very uncomfortable. The only real fireworks in the match were between Jewel who exhibited a mean streak we hadn't seen from him before, and Rheinghans. In the end Wahoo decided he had enough and left his tag partner out to dry by jumping off the apron rather then making the tag when Rheinghans was in trouble, and then leaving the premises. Jewel then finished off Brad with his flying forearm finisher.
Bouit #4
RCW Tag Team Title Match
The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane & Steve Keirn) defeated Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer by disqualification for double teaming at 4:37
[Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
-it was obvious that the masked champions saw this match as only act 1 of a long play. They had no desire to lock up evenly with their opponents but seemed instead to just test their nerves. In the end they double teamed Lane and refused to heed the referee's warnings and were thus disqualified.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
RCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Jerry Blackwell defeated Bob Backlund by pinfall after a splash at 8:19
[Blackwell retains the RCW Heavyweight Championship]
-Backlund had the big man struggling to survive. But Blackwell used an eye gouge and then a choke to help turn things around. The end came when Blackwell was trying to get back into the ring and Backlund reached through the ropes to pull him back in. Referee George Gadasky tried to get Backlund to break, so he had his back turned as Blackwell pulled a wrench from underneath the ring and nailed Backlund square in the head with it. He then entered the ring and nailed the splash to get the win.
Promo; On The Evening News;
-President Reagan's response to Mikhail Gorbachev's new arms control proposal
-Soviet call for halt to Star Wars program recalled
-(London, England) Race riots in Brixton section of city following accidental police shooting of Sherry Groce
- Status of Tripoli, Lebanon, fighting between Moslem fundamentalists and Pro-Syrian militias detailed
-Grambling football coach Eddie "Coach Rob" Robinson, approaching Bear Bryant's record
Main Event
20-man Over The Top Battle Royale
Winner to Get Heavyweight Title Shot
20. Wahoo McDaniel (elim himself) 0:02
19. Larry Hennig (elim. himself) 0:05
**McDaniel went over the top rope to avoid Hennig, but the Axe followed him and the two brawled around ringside for several minutes.
18. Norm Dahmer (elim. Hestrerey) 1:10
17. Tom Magee (elim. Jewel) 1:43
16. Brian Jewel (elim. Brown) 1:50
15. King Tonga (elim. Kiniskis) 2:43
14. Nick Kiniski (elim. Cro.Giant, Yatsu) 3:30
13. Joe Apollo (elim. by Armstrong) 4:02
12. Stan Lane (elim. by Duncum, Lyon) 5:39
11. T-Bone Brown (elim. Cro. Giant) 7:17
10 & 9. Tod Hestrerey & Chris Lyon (elim. each other) 7:45
8. Yoshiaki Yatsu (elim. K.Kiniski, Armstrong) 10:14
7. Brad Rheinghans (elim. Duncum) 11:00
6. Brad Armstrong (elim. Bassarab) 11:20
5. Ben Bassarab (elim. K.Kiniski, Cro. Giant) 12:46
4. Kelly Kiniski (elim. Duncum, Cro.Giant) 15:31
3. Steve Kerin (elim. Duncum, Cro. Giant) 17:41
2. Croatian Giant (elim. Duncum) 19:05
Winner: Bobby Duncum 19:05
Bobby Duncum wins the annual #1 contenders September Battle Royale and will get a Heavyweight Title shot.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!