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July 1986
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July 12, 1986
River City Wrestling #244
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Opening Bout:
Americana & California Doll defeated Heavy Metal (Chainsaw & Spike) by pinfall at 6:08
Once again Hollywood agent Joshua Falstein (J.F.) appoints two guest managers for Wrestling Summit 3, the last to be announced. They will be Wally George one of the announcers, and the mistress of darkness herself Elvira.
Bout #2
#1 contenders match
Hollywood defeated Tammy Jones by pinfall after a schoolgirl roll-up with a handful of tights at 7:16
-probably the best matchup so far of G.L.O.W. girl versus G.L.O.W. girl. With her tainted win Hollywood will go on to wrestle against Misty Blue Simmes for the North American title.
Bout #3
Phillip Navarre defeated Mario Mancini by pinfall after the coup de grace at 3:18
-squash match. Mancini's woes just continue in RCW since coming from the WWF.
Phillip Navarre has stepped forward to take on the phenomenal young talent Lex Lugar who is coming to WS3 from Florida. Navarre calls Lugar his biggest challenge yet, by many stones.
Bout #4
Non-title match
The Longriders defeated Greg Powers & Mr. Cool by pinfall when Scott Hogg Irwin pinned Cool after a spinebuster slam at 5:20
-another squash match
Apparently the Longriders are not afraid of the Road Warriors, and look forward to a good old fight.
Road Warrior highlites are shown to, what else, "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
Winner to get TV title shot at Wrestling Summit 3
Steve Blackman defeated Ron Ritchie by pinfall after a roundhouse kick at 6:21
-Ritchie fought the good fight, but with the exception of a few delusioned fans and family members no one really thought he was going to win this match.
Bruno Sammartino sends in an interview from his New York home. He says he is looking forward to finally meeting Bob Backlund in the ring. He denies ever having said that as good a champion as Backlund was in WWWF, that he was better. However Sammartino does point out how much longer his title reign lasted (over 4,000 days) as opposed to Backlund's (just over 2,000 days). He then switches to Italian to try and get any Italian fans to come out to the event and throw their support behind him, their native son.
Bout #6
The Destroyer & Brady Boone defeated Steve Disalvo & Manny Silva by pinfall when Boone pinned Silva after a moonsault at 12:33
-very interesting match. Disalvo & Silva are both borderline psychotic, and neither team had teamed together in the past. Destroyer and Boone worked well together, their opponents did not. Destroyer did most of the damage to Silva but tagged in to Boone to finish the job while he neutralized Disalvo.
The victors made the mistake of turning their backs on the vanquished, and the villians nailed them from behind as they were leaving the ring. Disalvo went right after the arm of Destroyer trying to break it again, while Silva busted open Boone's head on the ringpost.
Mad Dog Vachon sends in a promo. He says that there is only one true Mad Dog left in pro wrestling, and thats him. If Silva thinks he can use that nickname then he has to prove he is the toughest dog in the yard, not just that his bark is bigger then his bite. He says if this is going to be a fight between mad dogs, then it should be done right, a dog collar match, with both men wearing dog collars and connected by a steel chain. Vachon says after the match while he is waiting, bleeding, in emergency Silva should use the time to think of a new nickname ~ and don't bother with the Butcher, or Vachon's brother Paul will come out of retirement and show him what a real butcher does.
Promo: Wrestling Summit 3 - July 26th, Edmonton Alberta
* Bob Backlund  v  Bruno Sammartino
* Longriders  v  Road Warriors (/w Paul Ellering)
* Nick & Kelly Kiniski  v  Blackjacks Lanza & Mulligan
* Lex Lugar  v  Phillip Navarre
* Misty Blue Simmes  v  Hollywood
* Dog Collar Match: Manny Silva  v  Mad Dog Vachon
* Destroyer  v  Steve Disalvo
* Ben Bassarab  v  Steve Blackman
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Bob Backlund defeated Mr. Saito by submission to the crossface chickenwing at 9:10
[Bob Backlund retained the RCW Heavyweight Title]
-no other top contender is apparent, so Saito gets one more title shot before Backlund goes against Sammartino at WS3. Backlund controlled early but couldn't put away the feisty Saito. A handful or Oriental salts at just the right time turned the tables for Saito. He went to work on Backlund but the champion just used his conditioning and strength to block a belly-to-belly suplex and nail one of his own. This started the rally that saw Baclund get a crossface finisher.
As Backlund celebrated his victory Saito was having an angry discussion with the referee. He claimed he never submitted and would never submit, he would have to pass out first. When referee Buddy Lane dismissed what Saito had to say the Oriental star attacked Lane. He chopped him, then a double chop to the throat, and then a Salto suplex. Backlund came over to make the save but Saito surprised him with a lowblow. He then gave Backlund a backbreaker, a Salto suplex, and then a piledriver. RCW officials swarmed the ring and ordered Saito out which he finally obeyed. In the meantime the ringside doctor was called in, and after a quick look at Backlund began to immobilize his neck and call for a stretcher.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


July 19, 1986
River City Wrestling #245
Regina, Saskatachewan
Marty Goldstein starts off the show by reviewing what happened at the end of last week with Mr. Saito attacking the ref and then Bob Backlund.
First of all Goldstein wants it made clear that this kind of action is not tolerated in RCW. Because of that, Mr. Saito is suspended from RCW indefinetely and immediately.
Marty says to watch in the second hour of the show for an update on the status of Bob Backlund, his injured neck, and his upcoming dream match against Bruno Sammartino.
Opening Bout:
Taped in Hollywood California, announcers David McClane & Wally George
Leilani Kai defeated Tammy Jones by pinfall after a flying crossbody block at 6:52
-very even match but Kai pulled it off
To the hit song "Let's Go All the Way" by Sly Fox we get clips of the sexy celebrity managers for wrestling summit 3; Elvira, Vanity, Lynda Wiesmeier, Uschi Digard, and Jenilee Harrison.
More promos for G.L.O.W. wrestling and Elvira's Midnight Madness.
Bout #2
North American Women's Title Match
Misty Blue Simmes defeated Hollywood by disqualification for use of a foreign object at 8:05
[Misty Blue Simmes retains the North American Women's Title]
-vicious match, went back and forth, in and out of the ring. Hollywood tried to get away with sprayign hairspray into the eyes of Simmes but the ref caught it and called for the DQ. Of course afterward Hollywood laid the boots to Simmes until she was resuced by Tammy Jones.
Hollywood says she is coming to Edmonton next week and will take the North American title from Simmes, and bring it back down south where she will change its name to the Hollywood Women's Championship.
Bout #3
Chris Lyon defeated Robbie Royce by submission to the Boston crab at 3:00
-Lyon was vicious and unrelenting.. Taking an early advantage then hitting a kneedrop to the back from the top buckle, followed by a slingshot suplex and then the Boston crab. He flirted with DQ after the match waiting until the last possible second before releasing the hold.
The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering send in a promo. They say they have played a powercard on RCW management and forced the match at WS3 to be for the RCW tag titles. Ellering says that before any RCW fans get all excited and cash their welfare cheques for tickets, make it known that the Road Warriors have no intention of returning to RCW with the belts. They will simply take them with them and sell them at the nearest pawn shop. The Road Warrirors insist they will not consider it a win unless not only do they leave the city with their titles, but they also leave with the heads of the Longriders in their duffle bags.
Bout #4
Manny Silva defeated Brady Boone by pinfall after a piledriver at 11:10
-Silva started strong with a knee to the gut, followed by a series of forearms to the back driving Boone to the mat. A pair of clotheslines followed by a full nelson and an abdominal stretch wore down the smaller Boone. Finally Boone got some distance to work with and came off the ropes with a butt bump. He whipped Silva to the buckle, monkey flipped him out, climbed to the top rope and splashed on top of him for a 2 count. Boone worked a series of spinning armbars, until Silva clotheslined him out of his boots. Silva went to work with stomps, a camel clutch, and a pair of backbreakers. He went for a bearhug submission but couldn't get it. Boone fought out with fists, nailed a pair of dropkicks, but when he flipped off the top buckle Silva caught him in mid-air and powerslammed him to the mat. Silva nailed a belly to belly, and looked like he was going to finish the match with his traditional wheelbarrow suplex but instead he changed tactics. As he set up the piledriver he looked into the camera and said "this one's for you Vachon".
Manny Silva is extremely mad that he gets no respect here in RCW. First it was Jimmy Snuka trying to steal the spotlight, then it was the announcers refusing to call him Mad Dog, and now its Vachon's beef with him over the use of the nickname. Silva says there is only one way you get respect from someone in this world; you beat it into them, and thats what he is going to do to Vachon.
Promo: On tonight's Evening News
- Impact of continued heat wave examined. Cincinnati's emergency measures as heat wave continues.
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sanitation workers reported resuming duties under back-to-work court order
- Economic dependence of Bolivia on coca industry and Bolivian populace's criticism of United States military's current role in joint venture with government, Operation Blast Furnace, aimed at eliminating cocaine manufacturing labs discussed
- USSR 's version of United States "Rambo" film character examined
[end of first hour]
Kid Gallahad comes to the ring. He says that Phillip Navarre is running around like he's the people's champion, like he's the only one who can save us from the big bad Lex Lugar. Gallahad says Navarre is no Knight riding to the rescue, no Superman to save the day, he's a self-serving Frenchie with delusions of grandeur. He says that Navarre should fight for the right to meet Lex Lugar not be handed the contract, because many of the guys in the back want that shot to further their careers.
No further said then done, when Phillip Navarre comes to the ring and accepts the challenge putting his match at WS3 on the line.
Bout #5
Winner meets Lex Lugar at WS3
Phillip Navarre defeated Kid Gallahad by pinfall after the coup de grace at 7:14
-nothing new from these two but the bitter rivals had no feeling out stage in this match and so it started with a bang and kept the high pace. In the end Gallahad gambled too much, Navarre took advantage, and finished the job.
Bout #6
Ben Bassarab & Dan Kroffat defated Steve Blackman & Great Gama by pinfall when Kroffat pinned Blackman after a superkick at 9:40
-Gama played Ricky Morton for a good part of this match but the wiley veteran refused to be pinned. Blackman wrestled dirty and grabbed the advantage on Kroffat, using a sideheadlock but shielding from the ref so he could use the thumb to the throat with immunity. Bassarab got tagged in and acquitted himself well, as a champion should. He took it to Blackman who will be his opponent at WS3 for the TV title. Blackman finally turned things around with an elbow and a standing sidekick but he didn't realize that Kroffat had made the blind tag in, and when Blackman turned around he was nailed by Kroffat's superkick. Bassarab blocked an incoming Gama to allow his partner to cover Blackman for an ounce of revenge.
20th Century Fox is proud to release to theatres this weekend, Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley in "Aliens".
The planet from the original movie Alien  (1979) has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, the rescue team has impressive firepower, but is it enough?
Aliens. This time there's more.
Bob Backlund sends in a tape from his home. He is wearing a neck brace. The champ says that it is just a precaution now, and to allow the muscle to heal, but that his temporary paralysis has passed and that it was just a "stinger". He says it means he won't be able to train properly this week for his big match against Sammartino but that it won't stop him from competing.
Main Event
RCW Tag Team Title Match
The Longriders defeated the Kiniski Brothers (/w Lisa Caress) by pinfall when Wild Bill pinned Nick after a superplex at 10:29
[The Longriders retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
-the Kiniski Brothers faired pretty well but somethings became apparent during the match. Kelly just does not have the kind of villianous side in him required for that role, and the Longriders were just too good for the Kiniski Brothers without a whole lot of cheating.
Promo; Wrestling Summit 3 - July 26th, Edmonton AB
Dream Match - Former WWWF World Champions collide
Non-title match (the RCW title is not on the line)
* Bob Backlund  v  Bruno Sammartino
RCW Tag Title Match  
* Longriders  v  Road Warriors (/w Paul Ellering)
Reunion of the Blackjacks
* Nick & Kelly Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress)  v  Blackjacks Lanza & Mulligan
See the young phenom from Florida  that the entire industry is talking about
* Lex Lugar  v  Phillip Navarre
North American Women's Title Match
* Misty Blue Simmes  v  Hollywood
Dog Collar Match - Battle of the Mad Dogs
* Manny Silva  v  Mad Dog Vachon
Disalvo calls out the legend of RCW
* Destroyer  v  Steve Disalvo
RCW TV Title Match
* Ben Bassarab  v  Steve Blackman
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week for Wrestling Summit 3 !!!