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December 1985
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December 7, 1985
River City Wrestling #218
Fargo, North Dakota
Opening Bout:
Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Monty Black by pinfall after the forearm smash at 5:10
-squash match
Iron Mike Sharpe reminds everyone that he is Canada's greatest athlete. When Ron Strong brings up the presence in the building tonight of Canada's real greatest athlete Gene Kiniski, Sharpe just scoffs at him saying that Kiniski is a has-been and his sons are a couple of never will-be's.
Bout #2
Jim Brunzell defeated Brian Jewel by submission to the figure-four leglock at 6:40
Jim Brunzell rails at Jerry Blackwell who first attacked him from behind, then in their resulting match he elected to leave rather then stay and fight. Brunzell says that if Blackwell wants to leave then he should; leave RCW. If not then he needs to stay and fight. To that end Jim Brunzell says he wants to send Blackwell packing and suggests a loser-leave-town match for the 6th Anniversary show.
Bout #3
Ben Bassarab defeated Stan Lane by pinfall after a flying cross body block and a handful of tights at 7:25
-excellent and very even match. The loss is still a good tune up for Lane for the Fabs match at the 6th Anniversary show, while the win keeps Bassarab thick in the hunt for the TV title.
Ben Bassarab calls out matchmaker and commissioner Marty Goldstein. After listing all his accomplishments including two runs as TV champion, Bassarab demands to know why he doesn't have a match at the big 6th Anniversary show when a bum he just beat does. Goldstein says to be careful what you wish for. He has an open contract that needs an opponent. When Bassarab agrees Goldstein fills in the blank that his opponent will be none other then the star from the orient Riki Choshu!!
Bout #4
Angel of Death defeated T-Bone Brown by pinfall after a powerbomb at 4:02
-squash match
Special Interview:
Dr. D David Schultz and Bob Backlund are interviewed by Ron Strong.
Schultz says how proud he is of his new friend Bob, and how Bob has put aside challenges from all the top contenders in RCW. Bob also pipes up that he's proud of the behaviour change of Schultz, and how he has proved all the critics wrong. Schultz asks Backlund if he really trusts him, which the champion avows that he does.
After a few seconds of thinking and staring at his shoes Dr. D finally says whats on his mind.
He wants a title shot!! And he wants it at the 6th Anniversary show. Backlund is put back but Schultz assures him that he has not changed, that he is still Bob's friend but now he also feels like he should be the #1 contender. The fans boo, Schultz which is what finally seems to make up Backlund's mind. He tells Schultz that he trusts him no matter what the fans think, they haven't had the chance to see the changes up close like he has, and he wants to show them on December 19th. He offers a handshake to Dr.D which is accepted. Bob says "may the best man win".
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
RCW Television Title Match
Tod Hestrerey defeated Bobby Duncum by pinfall after a DDT at 8:22
[Hestrerey retains the RCW Television Title]
-Duncum tried every dirty trick in the book. But the champ showed a cunning and experience far beyond his limited ring experience would lead you to believe. After Hestrerey finally started to turn things around out came Chris Lyon. Fears that he would interefere in the match though proved to be unfounded. He scouted for a bit and when an opportunity presented itself for him to interfere on Duncum's behalf he just walked away instead.
Chris Lyon comes out and accepts the match at the 6th Anniversary show against TV champion Tod Hestrerey. He doesn't know what the secret stipulation is that gets triggered if he fails to win the title, but he figures its something cruel like keeping him out of the Hall of Fame. Bottom line Lyon says is that he has too much pride to turn his back on this sort of challenge.
Bout #7
Larry "the Axe" Hennig and "Dirty" Dick Slater battled to a double countout at 5:56
-neither one of these men showed an ounce of desire to keep the action in the ring. Finally referee Buddy Lane grew so frustrated that he just counted both men out. They continued to brawl into the crowd until RCW officials were able to persuade them to break it up. Hennig is obviously still very much looking for revenge over what Slater did to his son in the Pacific Northwest.
Main Event
RCW Tag Team Title Match
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer  (champions)
Kelly & Nick Kiniski (/w Gene Kiniski)
Before the match started the Kiniski's came down to the ring with both Lisa Caress and Gene Kiniski. The masked champions first sought to have Gene banished to the back but when the cagey veteran showed ref George Gadasky that he indeed had his managerial license he was allowed to stay. Next the tag champions insisted with the ref that their opponents were only allowed to have one manager at ringside. Gadasky had to agree with the champs on this point and let the brothers decide which one to banish. After a heated exchange it became obvious that Kelly held more clout in the team and Nick had to talk to a very angry Lisa Caress into going backstage for the match.
Just as it was all getting sorted out the tag champs used the distraction to jump their opponents from behind. The advantage was one that they would continue to press for the first 8 minutes of the match, cutting the ring in half and using a lot of double teams. Finally though at Gene's insistance Kelly fought back an eye for an eye, literally, going to the eyes of the Super Destroyer. He made the hot tag to Nick and the brothers began to control the match. After about 5 minutes of punishment it really looked like an upset in the making, and the fans seemed to sense an unlikely title change might happen tonight.
That's when the Angel of Death and Iron Mike Sharpe ran in from the back and attacked Gene Kiniski at ringside. Their unprovoked attack of course brought the brothers out of the ring to brawl with Aof D and Sharpe and resulted in them being counted out.
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer defeated Kelly & Nick Kiniski by countout at 14:06
[Superstar & Destroyer retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
Promo; 6th Anniversary show
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba
December 19th, 1985
Main Event - Friend v Friend?
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Bob Backlund (champion)  v  Dr. D David Schultz
Semi-Main Event - Finally the tag match of the decade cmes together!!
RCW Tag Team Title Match
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer (champions)
Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve Keirn
RCW Television Title Match - Special "secret" match stipulations
Tod Hestrerey (champion)  v  Chris Lyon
Loser Leaves Town Match
Jumpin' Jim Brunzell  v  Jerry Blackwell
Guest appearance from the Orient
Riki Choshu  v  Ben Bassarab
3 more matches yet to be finalized
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


December 14, 1985
River City Wrestling #219
Brandon, Manitoba
Last telecast before the 6th Anniversary Spectacular on December 19th
Opening Bout:
Non-Title belt
Tawney England defeated Shelly Salter by pinfall after a hairplane spin at 4:28
The Candian Women's champion is back. Tawney England says that she is signed to wrestle her sister Corrie again at the 6th Anniversary show. She is interrupted by her sister Corrie England who starts to talk trash. Tawney ends up slapping Corrie who tackles her sister to the ground. They have a brief fight until RCW officials are on the scene to seperate them.
Bout #2
Tara Townsend defeated Corrie England by disqualification at 3:01
-not really an upset in this one because Corrie was in such a foul mood from her altercation with her sister that she refused to heed the referee's warnings. Kenny Jay ended up disqualifying England for refusing to break a hair pull (standing on her opponents hair and pulling up on the arms).
Tawney England returned quickly to the ring and clotheslined her sister forcing her to release the hold on Townsend. Again the two sisters went at it. Tawney whipped her sister to the buckle but telegraphed a backbody drop and paid for it with a high knee to the face. Corrie then tried to put on an STF, but her sister blocked it and the two ended up rolling out of the ring. They exchanged slaps and punches while rolling on the ground until again officials were on the scene to break it up.
Bout #3
Riki Chosu defeated Dick Slater by pinfall after a lariat at 6:11
-Choshu controlled early, but Slater made a comeback thanks to some well timed cheating. He continued to choke Choshu over the top rope, rake his forehead across the top strand, and use a boot choke while arguing with referee Buddy Lane. From the back came Larry Hennig, and this caused Slater to turn and run, thinking of trying to get out of the ring. Choshu then caught him with a side kick. The Oriental star then threw Slater to the floor, and in turn about is fair play, distracted the referee while Larry Hennig punished Slater with a couple of punches. Slater fled back into the ring and right into Choshu's finisher.
Choshu and Hennig share a handshake inside the ring.
Larry Hennig says that the 6th Anniversary show is his last chance to get revenge on Salter, and that he doesn't want to face his son Curt at the holidays...at this point Larry has to turn his back to the mic. He's choking up, thinking of his son being bloodied at the hands of Slater. When Hennig turns around though all emotions are replaced by one, anger. He screams that he and Slater will settle this one on one at the 6th Anniversary show, in a streetfight. He vows to send Slater home to Texas in a dozen ice cream pails.
Bout #4
Jerry Blackwell defeated Kelly Kiniski (/w Gene Kiniski) by pinfall after a splash at 8:42
-a good showing for Kelly but Blackwell is just too much for him.
After Blackwell leaves Gene consoles his son in the middle of the ring.
They are then attacked by the Angel of Death and Iron Mike Sharpe. Nick Kiniski comes out and joins his family in beating back the villanous duo. Then from the back comes Bobby Duncum and he begins to beat on the Kiniski family too. It's a six man brawl. Marty Goldstein comes out and tells them all to stop it or they will be suspended. When they refuse to stop he tells them that they can settle it as a six-man tag match at the 6th Anniversary show. With this announcement the brawlers allow the RCW officials to step between them and break it up.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
Bobby Duncum defeated Chris Basset by pinfall after a bulldog at 1:56
-squash match
Bout #6
Chris Lyon defeated Brad Rheinghans by submission to the Boston crab at 11:45
-long, back and forth match. Lyon though won clean and goes into his match against Tod Hestrerey with some momentum on his side.
Main Event
Non-Title Match
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer defeated Bob Backlund & David Schultz by disqualification when Backlund was dq'd at 12:53
-Backlund and Schultz still looking for a bit of revenge for the beating they took from the tag champions as orchestrated a few weeks back by Jerry Blackwell. They also put their friendship to the test as the two will face each other for the RCW Heavyweight title at the 6th Anniversary show.
Schultz and Backlund controlled most of the early goings of the match, before the tables turned. Backlund found himself in a world of trouble spending the last 4 minutes of the match caught on the wrong side of town. Schultz kept trying to help him but each time ref George Gadasky would force him out of the ring, and this of course allowed the tag champs to double team Backlund. The fans jeered, although it was tough to tell whether it was the ref, the cheating champs, or Schultz's stupidity they were jeering. Finally Schultz could take no more and he jumped off the ring apron. Just at that time Backlund from his knees hoisted Masked Superstar into a fireman's carry and muscled his way over to the corner for a tag. But Schultz wasn't there, he had gone to the announce table and grabbed the Heavyweight belt.
Destroyer entered the ring and tried to go help his tag partner, but Gadasky cut him off and escorted him out. While he was distracted Schultz entered the ring with Backlund's title and ~waffled~ Masked Superstar in the head with belt. Backlund propped himself up in the corner and objected to his tag partner's actions. Schultz seemed flustered and handed Backlund the belt.
Referee Gadasky now came onto the scene. Seeing Masked Superstar lying there knocked out and Backlund holding the belt, Gadasky motioned at Backlund asking if he hit him with the title belt. Backlund nodded yes and a stuneed Schultz watched as Gadasky called for the bell.
The official announcement was that Backlund was disqualified for hitting Masked Superstar with the title belt. Although the fans jeered the announcement, Dr D and Backlund left the ring together.
Promo; 6th Anniversary show
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba
December 19th, 1985
Main Event - Friend v Friend?
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Bob Backlund (champion)  v  Dr. D David Schultz
Semi-Main Event - Finally the tag match of the decade comes together!!
RCW Tag Team Title Match
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer (champions)
Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve Keirn
RCW Television Title Match - Special "secret" match stipulations
Tod Hestrerey (champion)  v  Chris Lyon
Loser Leaves Town Match
Jumpin' Jim Brunzell  v  Jerry Blackwell
Guest appearance from the Orient
Riki Choshu  v  Ben Bassarab
Canadian Women's Title Match
Tawney England  v  Corrie England
Larry Hennig  v  Dick Slater
Six-Man Tag Team Match
Kelly, Nick, & Gene Kiniski
Angel of Death, Iron Mike Sharpe, & Bobby Duncum
That's it for the last regular edition of River City Wrestling for 1985
See ya at the 6th Anniversary Spectacular on December 19th !!