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January 1980

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The legend begins...

January 5th, 1980

(River City Wrestling #1 - Salisbury School, Winnipeg, Manitoba

8-man tournament for the new RCW Heavyweight Championship



Dean Jarrett over Puppy Dog Pelequin by submission to the brainbuster 6:51

The Destroyer over Tom Stone by pinfall after a belly-to-belly suplex 7:33

J.P. Moran over Eric Lee by submission to the Indian Deathlock 12:55

Mike Valiant over Chris Lyons by pinfall after a roll-up and holding the tights for leverage.15:45



The Destroyer over Dean Jarrett by disqualification after the Black Avenger interfered on behalf of Jarrett 8:09.

Mike Valiant over J.P. Moran after a swinging neckbreaker. 11:01


Finals for the New River City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

The Destroyer over Mike Valiant when he countered a piledriver with a sunset flip then arched back and made the pinfall holding Valiants legs. 28:27

[The Destroyer wins the RCW Heavyweight Championship]



January 19th, 1980

River City Wrestling #2 - Salisbury School, Winnipeg, Manitoba


4-team tag tournament for tag titles


Vegas Brothers: Kenny Deeler & A.J. Dice over Dean Jarrett & Black Avenger by pinfall when Dice pinned Jarrett. 17:55

Chris Lyons & J.P. Moran over Stone Brothers: Tom Stone & Col. Mike Stone by countout when Tom  Stone was counted out against Lyons. 10:03


Eric Lee over Nacho Buerrera by pinfall after a Karate kick. 4:41


RCW Heavyweight Championship Title Defense [Return Match]

The Destroyer over Mike Valiant by submission with the Boston Crab. 15:14


Finals for the New RCW Tag Team Championships.

Vegas Brothers: Kenny Deeler & A.J. Dice over Chris Lyons & J.P. Moran by pinfall when Deeler pinned Lyons after Dice hit Lyons in the back with a chair. 19:22

[Vegas Brothers win the RCW Tag Team Championships]

Breaking Kayfabe:
As near as I can figure it, it was the summer of 1979. When we originally began this circuit I have no idea what it was called, but we dated it back to January 1979. I have bumped it up to 1980 to fit in better with my later paper and pen circuits. These cards were run in my friend Chris' backyard - yes there has always been "backyard wrestling". The whole thing as I remember was spawned out of Chris ordering this really cool "Intelligent, Sensational, Destroyer" mask from a wrestling mag. Couple this with the very cool Super Destroyer Mark II, and we had our own masked hero "The Destroyer". Chris played the role of Chris Lyon. This is not a rip-off of Chris Jericho, but rather a name we came up with in '79 because Chris thought his last name sounded kind of "faerie" like. The Lyon last name was from a different side of my family. It seemed to fit him well. Since Chris was under the mask as the Destroyer, he also made Chris Lyon a good guy (because it simplified our matchmaking of good v bad). Mike Valiant was born because my mother drove a Valiant.  Besides Chris and myself we were joined by two more friends John (J.P. Moran) and Eric (Eric Lee). Eric was the only one to use his last name - with a martial arts gimmick of course!
We used some of our favorite AWA second-stringers as we called them back then to fill out the cards.
Dean Jarrett was based on a friend of our's Dean, but Jarrett was taken I assume from the race car driver, or Jerry Jarrett. Dean's real last name started with a J, and he was legitimate related (nephew?) to Moose Morowski, the pro wrestler.
One day Dean had me over to his house and showed me his autographed photos of the Black Avenger. We got him as part of the British Columbia booking office which was carried on one of our TV stations. He told me then that the man under the mask was his uncle Moose Morowski. Sure enough a few months later Black Avenger would be unmasked to be Moose. It was from that situation that the Dean Jarrett - Moose Morowski alliance was hatched.