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8th Anniversary Spectacular

 River City Wrestling presents
The 6th Anniversary Spectacular

December 19, 1985
River City Wrestling #220
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba
Local rocker Randy Bachman kicks off the show by singing the national anthem "Oh Canada", and then proceeds to kick into 90 seconds of his biggest  hit with BTO "Takin' Care of Business", which serenades out The Kiniski family to start off our first match.
Opening Bout
Six-Man Tag Match
Kelly, Nick, and Gene Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress)
Angel of Death/Iron Mike Sharpe/Bobby Duncum
Sharpe comes down to ringside waving a big Canadian flag. The fans boo him anyway. He gets on the mic and makes sure that Gene knows just who is really Canada's greatest athlete. Finally Gene has heard enough and the match errupts into a six man brawl to start things off.
Gene and Sharpe go at it once the dust has cleared and Gene takes control of the match with a series of forearm uppercuts and then an atomic drop into the friendly corner. Kelly then Nick take turns working over Sharpe before he is able to tag out to Duncum. The big Texan takes the match to a new level with a quick knee to the gut, followed by stomachbreaker. He drags Nick over to the villians corner and while he argues with referee Wyatt Hall for a distraction as Angel of Death steps on Nick's head draped over the bottom buckle. Gene and Kelly try to enter but are removed by Hall which allows the villians some triple teaming of Nick.
Angel of Death comes in and punishes Nick some more but can't get a 3 count. He tags in Sharpe again who finally relinquishes the advantage. He's too slow with a whip to the ropes and a clothesline, and Nick manages to duck under it and somersault into his corner to tag in Kelly.
The older brother goes to work with a series of clotheslines, and then surprises both Duncum and AofD with a quick punch to the head as he goes by. This brings in the villians but they are headed off by Wyatt Hall. Kelly whips Sharpe across the ring where a waiting Gene nails him with a fist to the head. Gene then turns Sharpe over into a Boston crab while Kelly lays on the mat, puts his boots into Sharpe's shoulders and pulls then the opposite direction. Sharpe's anguished cries bring Hall back to attention and he sends Gene out of the ring.
Sharpe manages a tag out to Duncum who brawls with Gene who is tagged in. Then AofD gets the tag in against Nick and those two brawl for a bit. Nick manages a nifty side roll-up of AofD and would have got the pin but Duncum came in and broke up the attempt with a boot to the head.
This began the first 6-man brawl we had since the start of the match. During that brawl Duncum brought out a pair of brass knukcles and ~waffled~ Nick in the head and then tossed the knux out of the ring. The dust cleared and of course Hall had seen nothing. Angel of Death went for the pin on Nick but it was broken up by Gene entering the ring, although ref Hall caught him and sent him out before he could even touch Angel of Death who was still holding Nick down in a pin attempt.
Hall turned to both corners and delivered a warning from the middle of the ring that the next interference by an illegal man would result in a disqualification.
While he was yelling at both corners the fans, and Angel of Death, were shocked when the usual demure Lisa Caress picked up the discarded brass knuckles, put them on her dainty hand, and reaching into the ring proceeded to blast Angel of Death in his bald cranium.
AofD rolled off Nick, out cold. Lisa shook Nick enough to get him to roll an arm across the Angel, and get the 1, 2, 3 !!
Nick, Kelly, & Gene Kiniski defeated Angel of Death, Iron Mike Sharpe, & Bobby Duncum by pinfall when Nick pinned Angel of Death after some outside interference at 15:11

Bout #2
Canadian Women's Title Match
Tawney England (champion)   v  Corrie England
Not much different in this match then any of their other encounters, although it had been a few months since they last tangled in RCW.
Tawney controlled early, then Corrie cheated to take over using the usual villianous tactics. One new tactic she showed was distracting referee Kenny Jay with a big kiss on the lips (which lasted about 10 seconds) while she simultaneously stood on her sister's throat.
Tawney finally began to fire back, an eye for an eye, a backrake for a backrake. The action spilled outside where Tawney nailed her sister with a faceslam. When Corrie tried to enter the ring, Tawney intercepted her and gave her a hotshot across the top rope. She then left, rolled Corrie back inside and nailed her with the hairplane spin to pick up the convincing win.
Tawney England defeated Corrie England by pinfall after a hairplane spin at 7:49
[Tawney England retained the Canadian Women's Title]

Bout #3
Riki Choshu  v  Ben Bassarab
Although Choshu is just on tour from the Orient he was the clear fan favorite here based on Bassarab's track record with the fans. However, Bassarab showed a lot of respect for Choshu, the two even shaking hands before the match.
Early exchanges were on their feet; collar and elbow hook-ups, waist-locks, etc with Choshu slightly getting the better of Bassarab.
The two then started to be a bit more aggressive with some forearm smashes being thrown. They traded suplexes, and did a couple crisscrossing the ropes spots to pick up the pace.
Next the match went to the mat with Choshu working an armbar and then a bodyscissors. Next it was Bassarab's turn on the mat to work a front facelock which he then tried to stand up into a neckbreaker but Chosu countered by sending Bassarab to the ropes and nailing a back bodydrop.
But when Choshu tried to grab the leg of Bassarab, from his back Ben laid in a nice one-two kick with his feet to the stomach and then head of his opponent. Bassarab locked on a crossface chickenwing but was too close to the ropes and Choshu grabbed them for the break.
Bassarab whips Chosu to the ropes and delivers a back body drop, but instead of just allowing Choshu to go over, he grabs the legs of his opponent resulting with Choshu landing hard on his back with Bassarab landing on top of him. The wind was knocked out of Choshu and almost resulted in a surprise 3 count.
Bassarab climbed to the second rope, and when Choshu got into his range grabbed him by the hair and tried for a face driver, using his momentum and his knee to drive Choshu into the mat. But Choshu showed his strength by holding Bassarab up on his shoulder and backing into the ropes. Bassarab went crashing to the mat outside the ring, with Choshu flipping backward over the top as well.
Both men hit hard and referee Buddy Lane began to reluctantly apply the 10 count.
He got to 7 before Choshu popped up and seemed like he would be able to beat the 10 count. However, Bassarab grabbed his ankle as he attempted to enter the ring, and held on long enough to get the double countout.
Riki Choshu and Ben Bassarab batted to a double countout at 8:52

Bout #4
Larry "the Axe" Hennig  v  Dick Slater
Before the match we are treated to a bit of RCW history where streetfights have been used to settle feuds in the past.
Last year at the 5th Anniversary spectacular Bad News Allen defeated Chris Lyon in a North End streetfight with a little help from some members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team.
The two men began their brawl in the aisleway, Slater not waiting for Hennig to reach the ring. They fought in the small aisleway with the steel railing on both sides becoming weapons. Next the brawl spilled into the stands, and then around the announce table.
Finally the match entered the ring with Slater trying to get away from Hennig, both men already busted open.
Hennig nailed a pair of clotheslines, but when he went for the Axe, Slater countered with a kick to the groin and a DDT. Both men were slow getting up and traded punches before Slater raked Hennig's eyes. He then put him in a side headlock and gave him shots to the head, face, and then drove his knuckle into Hennig's head in a modified Texas brainbuster. Hennig finally broke out by lifting Slater up and taking him over with a side suplex.
The match then spilled back up the aisle way almost to the backstage area. Then Hennig began to punch Slater back to the ring. They reached the ring apron where Slater ducked under a punch, grabbed Hennig at the waist and pulled him head first into the ring apron. He then tried to give Hennig a piledriver on the floor but Hennig back body dropped Slater, but instead of going straight back, Hennig twisted at the waist resulting in Slater smashing his back across the ring apron on his way down. Incidentally Hennig also came up holding his back, the twisting motion also taking its toll on him. Hennig slapped on a bearhug on Slater, with one of Slater's arms trapped inside. Slater fought back by ramming his fist into the lower back of Hennig. Both men were screaming from back pain. Slater then lashed out with a headbutt, which Hennig then responded with a pair of headbutts of his own. Hennig tossed Slater back into the ring.
Slater tried to catch Hennig on his way back inside the ring, but the Axe blocked a punch, laid out a hamhock of his own, followed by a shoulder to the gut. Entering the ring Larry laid in a clothesline, followed by a pair of bodyslams. Slater rolled out of the ring and lay on his stomach outside. Hennig followed, but in the meantime Slater fished out a roll of coins from his trunks and hid them in his fist.
Hennig stomped on the back of Slater before picking him up by the hair. Slater spun around to hit Hennig with the roll of coins but Larry blocked his arm and the roll of coins bounced off his shoulder. Hennig dragged Salter towards him driving a shoulder into him. He then hit the big Axe laying Slater out.
Before covering for the pin Hennig took the time to take two coins and lay them across the closed eyes of his opponent.
Larry "the Axe" Hennig defeated Dick Slater by pinfall in a Streetfight after the big Axe at 13:41

Bout #5
RCW Television Title Match
Secret Stipulation in Effect
Tod Hestrerey (champion)  v  Chris Lyon
Lyon began wrecklessly, obviously put off by the secret stipulation which would go into effect if he fails to win the title tonight, or perhaps just trying to catch the champion off guard. He tries for and misses a cross body block and then later goes to the top too soon for a superplex attempt. However, he does seem to have the champion on his heels.
Hestrerey though regains control and slows the match down with a front chancery, followed by an armbar. A couple of punishing suplexes later and the champ is in control of the match. The tide turns next when Lyon counters a back bodydrop with a sunset flip, then catches Hestrerey getting up with a dropkick to the knee. Lyon then from his back works a scissors hold on Hestrerey's neck and head, before flipping the champ to the mat, the hold still applied.
Hestrerey though got the break and reversed momentum with a droptoe hold. He tried to pull Lyon away from the ropes but when the challenger held onto the middle strand the champ had to pull harder, and Lyon flew high in the air before landing. Hestrerey worked a camel clutch variation but to no avail.
The champion then played with Lyon by tossing him out of the ring and every time he tried to enter the champ would prevent it. This may have backfired though as each time he came to the ring he grew in strength. Finally on the 5th attempt he caught Hestrerey with a lowblow, unseen by referee Wyatt Hall.
Back inside Lyon nailed an atomic drop, then followed up with a second atomic drop but this time holding his arm around Hestrerey's neck, and after the atomic drop he took him down to the mat with a DDT. He covered but only got a 2 count on the champ.
Lyon nailed a slingshot suplex and got a 2 count. He hit the move again, and this time the champ broke it up by reaching the bottom strand with his hand. Unsure what to do next the challenger hesitated before grabbing the legs of the champ to turn him over into a Boston crab. But Hestrerey reared up and kicked Lyon in the gut. Back on his feet he leveled a couple of kicks to the challenger before tosing him into the ropes and nailing a cross body block for a 2 count.
Hestrerey continued to work on Lyon with suplexes, and even a piledriver but could only get a 2 count. A series of abdominal stretches also failed to gain a submission victory.
Lyon fought back with a shot to the gut, and then a leg whip taking the champ down to the ground. He pulled up Hestrerey's legs and tried to get a cheap win by placing his feet on the middle rope but ref Hall saw it and called for the break. Lyon whipped Hestrerey into a buckle and then gave him a backbody drop. He did the same thing next in the far corner. He covered and got an inch away from a 3 count.
He whipped Hestrerey into a 3rd corner and this time took him down with a clothesline on the rebound. He made the cover but Hestrerery managed to lift a shoulder at the 2 count. He tried two more covers with the champ kicking out earlier each time. Lyon then laid in a couple punches to the champ's head. He threw Hestrerey into the 4th corner and went for the clothesline. But Hestrerey anticipated the move, and countered by wrapping himself around the arm of Lyon and taking him down with a flying crucifix, to get a quick 1, 2, 3!!
Tod Hestrerey defeated Chris Lyon by pinfall after the flying crucifix at 16:43
[Tod Hestrerey retained the RCW Television Title]
Marty Goldstein came down to the ring. An agitated Chris Lyon became even more agitated when Goldstein told him that he could not reveal the secret stipulation tonight but that it would be unveiled on the first show of the new year.

Bout #6
Loser Leaves RCW
Jumpin' Jim Brunzell  v  Jerry Blackwell
Blackwell started strong with a chop to the shoulder, an axhandle to the head, and then several clubbing blows to Brunzell's back. He then put Brunzell into the corner and worked over his lower back by slamming his backside into Brunzell.
Brunzell turned things around with a knifehand chop followed by an elbow between the eyes. He tried to chop Blackwell down to size by going after his knees but Blackwell fought him off and returned fire with closed fists.
Blackwell tossed Brunzell around the ring like a rag doll, off the ropes into a shoulderblock a couple of times, and then stomped away on his back. Again Brunzell managed to fight back and turn the tide, but when he tried for a flying head scissors Blackwell countered by turning it into a modified powerbomb. Brunzell though refused to let go off his headscissors so Blackwell picked him up again and delivered a second powerbomb. He made the pin and got a 2 count.
Blackwell threw Brunzell into the far corner and made a huge charge at him, but Brunzell ducked away. The behemoth hit hard and Brunzell rolled him up for the 1, 2, Kickout!!
Brunzell went to work now with a stick and move attack. He came off the top rope with a flying bodypress. Blackwell caught him but was teetering in the air, and Brunzell's weight won out with Blackwell falling backward. But the pin attempt only lasted for a 1 count before Blackwell forcefully tossed Brunzell off.
Back on their feet Brunzell attacked first, sliding under Blackwell, then grabbing his ankles and yanking him to the ground. He turned it into a leglock but Blackwell was able to power out.
Brunzell whipped Blackwell to the ropes and then nailed him with a beautifully executed flying dropkick to the chin. He made the lateral press hooking the leg but again only got a 2 count.
Brunzell went back to work with chops and a couple of knee lifts. He whipped Blackwell to the ropes and hit him again with his finisher the flying dropkick. Instead of covering though he went to the top rope and waited for Blackwell to get up and turn around. It looked like he might be giving Blackwell too much time but he managed to pull it off nailing the big man with a missile dropkick. He made the cover and got 1, 2, KICKOUT!!
Getting frustrated Brunzell lost focus. He nailed a few ineffective chops and went to throw Blackwell to the buckle but the big man reversed it instead. After pausing to catch his breath Blackwell caught Brunzell with a punch to the gut and followed with an earringer. He then looked like he was going to give Brunzell another earringer but instead lifted him up and delivered a punishing piledriver. He was slow to make the cover and that was probably all that saved Brunzell who was able to lift a shoulder at the 2 count.
Blackwell made the mistake of wasting time arguing with referee Kenny Jay about the count. Brunzell was able to duck under a clothesline attempt, wrap Blackwell's arm behind his back, drive him into the corner and then roll him up for 1, 2, Kickout.
Brunzell then nailed Blackwell with a flying knee from the second buckle. He whipped him to the ropes and nailed a flying dropkick. He made the cover but only got a 2 count. Once again Brunzell went to the top, this time though he took too long and Blackwell got there in time to stop him. However, Brunzell was able to kick Blackwell and then jumping over him try to drag him down with a sunset flip. Blackwell was too big though, and held his ground. The behemoth then tried to sitdown on Brunzell but the former High Flyer rolled out of the way.
Both men got to their feet but while Brunzell looked to have lots of energy, the toll of the match was catching up on the overweight Blackwell. Brunzell caught him with a dropkick to one knee, which buckled and reduced Blackwell to a one-knee stance. Brunzell kipped up and then dropkicked the other knee, dropping Blackwell to both knees. Again Brunzell kipped up, and this time his dropkick caught Blackwell squarely on the side of the head and dropped him like a stone. Brunzell made the pin and the fans counted along with referee Kenny Jay, 1, 2, 3 !!!
Jim Brunzell defeated Jerry Blackwell by pinfall after a series of dropkicks at 12:21
[Jerry Blackwell must leave RCW]

Bout #7
RCW Tag Team Title Match
"The Tag Team Match of the Decade"
Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer (champions)
The Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve Keirn
Lane was to start the match but when SD mocked Keirn by limping around and holding his leg, Lane agreed to let Keirn start the match. The two hooked up collar and elbow and Keirn used a wide base to drive SD back to the ropes. SD then complained to referee Buddy Lane about a hair pull. Both Buddy and Steve Keirn looked at the masked SD like he was crazy, but it was enough of a distraction for SD to lash out with a fist to the head of Keirn. The beating was on and quickly turned to the knee. SD backed the Fab into his corner and tagged in MS who continued to work on the knee.
Keirn though grabbed MS by the throat and fired back with chops. His knee seemed to hold up fine as he bieled MS into the middle of the ring and then drove his knee between the champ's shoulder blades. Keirn tagged out to Lane who tried to end it in a hurry with a superkick but MS moved out of the way and clotheslined Lane. He tagged out to SD.
SD & Lane traded the advantage, and then tagged in their partners who were also unable to grab an advantage.
5 minutes into the match and the two teams are still feeling each other out.
The first big break came for the tag champs when Lane once again went for his superkick too early and wrecked himself on the ropes. MS nailed him with a front layout suplex to get a 2 count. He and SD then made about 6 successive tags only seconds apart taking turns working over the back of Lane.
Stan Lane though managed to fight through the pain and tag in Keirn who had better luck against the champions. MS tried to help out his partner but when he was put out of the ring by Buddy Lane it opened up an opportunity which the Fabs used to deliver a double dropkick to SD. The pin attempt got a 2 count.
Keirn laid in a few of his trademark forearm smashes and made the tag out to Lane. Keirn though then monkey flipped SD out of the corner, as Lane lept over the top rope and landed on SD with a knee across the sternum. He covered but again only got a 2 count.
12 minutes into the match and the Fabs are starting to take control.
Lane slowed things down and worked a reverse chinlock, followed by a neck vise, and then finished it with a neckbreaker. He made the cover for another 2 count. He tagged in Steve Keirn who while continuing to work over SD made the mistake of getting too close to the opponents corner. MS was able to lash out with a punch and catch Keirn in the back of the head. He then put his boot on the top turnbuckle and SD smashed Keirns head into the boot.
The tag was made and MS came in and worked over Keirn. He locked in a bearhug, would break it by lifting Keirn into the air and dropping him with an inverted atomic drop, then reapply the bearhug and repeat. Unable to gain a submission he made the tag out to SD who after softening up the opponent a bit more (and taunting Stan Lane on the apron), took Keirn to the top. SD nailed Keirn with a superplex and it was nothing short of a miracle when Keirn was able to lift a shoulder up to break the 3 count.
18 minutes into the match and the masked champions have Keirn in a world of hurt.
SD tagged out to MS who continued to work the back with a standing surfboard. Unable to gain a submission he turned to a Boston crab, and after Keirn fought his way to the ropes, he then went for a bodyscissors. Keirn refused to submit though and using his leverage managed to twist his way out of the bodyscissors and make the rolling hot tag out to Lane. Stan peppered some punches in on MS but when he whipped him to the ropes, SD entered the ring illegally and nailed Lane from behind. A two on one beatdown was in progress and it went on for as long as the champions were willing to risk disqualification by referee Buddy Lane. But the masked champions had counted out Steve Keirn too early. Not paying attention to him, Keirn managed to drag his hurting body to the top buckle and came off catching both champions napping with a double dropkick. When MS got to his feet he was rudely introduced to the bottom of Stan Lane's foot. The superkick probably would have got the 3 count but Buddy Lane refused to count as Keirn was still laying flat on his back after the dropkick. Stan Lane helped his partner to the apron, but was then clotheslined from behind by MS and driven out of the ring.
Stan Lane tried several times to re-enter the ring but each time he was blocked by Super Destroyer. Finally Steve Keirn recovered enough to help his partner get by SD. This brought in MS and we had ourselves a 4 man brawl in the middle of the ring. The Fabs took over straddling second turnbuckles on opposite sides of the ring to lay in some punches and then whipping their opponents to the middle, smashing them together in the middle of the ring. Lane went for the pin on SD but only got a 2 count. Both men tagged out to their partners.
25 minutes into the 60 minute time limit match and we have Keirn and Masked Superstar locking up again in the middle of the ring.
MS nailed a headbutt, a gutwrench suplex, and then a series of double axhandle smashes to the back of Keirn. He then scooped up Keirn and nailed a bodyslam and got a 2 count. MS tagged out to SD who nailed an elbowdrop from the 2nd rope while his partner held down Keirn. The pin attempt only got another 2 count, so SD tagged out again to MS and held down Keirn while MS climbed to the top rope. Keirn though managed to kick SD away and rolled away from the top rope elbowdrop. He crawled over and managed to tag in Lane.
MS went after Lane who faked a superkick. MS twisted sideways to get away from the phantom attack, which opened him up for Lane to nail a dropkick to the ribcage area. Lane then grabbed an armbar on the kneeling champ and worked over the ribcage by driving his knee into it. MS though managed to twist out and catch Lane with a chop to the throat. Throwing the rulebook out the window he began to blatantly choke out Lane. This brought in Keirn and SD and we had another 4 man brawl. This time it was the masked team who took control in opposite corners. They whipped the Fabs to the middle of the ring to collide. But the quick acting Fabs know each other so well. Keirn ducked under and Lane slid over his back to avoid the collision. MS saw what was happening but the Fabs saw that SD had already turned his back on them and was climbing through the ropes. MS yelled out to his partner and SD turned around on the ring apron, but not in time to avoid the Fabs nailing him with a double dropkick. The force of the blow drove him off the ring apron, and he landed hard on the outside mats with a thud.
MS ran at the Fabs but they ducked under and gave him a horrific looking double backbody drop sending him clear over the top rope to the floor below.
30 minutes into the match and the fans are on their feet giving the Fabs a standing ovation.
Climbing out of the ring the Fabs really got the fans going when they began to try and umask their opponents. They had to renter the ring to break up the count, and go back outside. However, Steve Keirn was successful in unmasking the Masked Superstar and stuffed his mask down his trunks (Keirn's trunks). SD however was able to recover in time to stop his mask from coming off.
Back inside Lane went to work on SD while MS was hunting around ringside for his mask with one hand while holding his other hand in front of his face. He began to threaten the announcers to tell him where the mask was, and Mike Stone gladly told him it was stuffed down Keirn's trunks.
Inside the Fabs had been working over SD employing quick tags. MS illegally entered the ring, still holding one hand in front of his face and went after Keirn which made him easy pickings for the Fabs who went after his rib cage. They came off the ropes and delivered a double faceplant into the mat and then threw him out of the ring.
SD though recovered and caught Stan Lane with a clothesline. Buddy Lane ordered Steve Keirn to the ring apron. While his back was turned SD tried his best to choke out Lane. SD then took Lane to the top and prepared to finish him off with a superplex. Keirn tried to enter the ring to stop him but was pulled down off the ring apron by a one-handed Masked Superstar from behind. MS clotheslined Keirn and stuck his hand into the front of his trunks to find his mask all the while keeping one hand covering his face.
Inside the ring Lane managed to temporarily block the superplex, and then since the SD's mask was still loose from the removal attempt he turned it completely around, to block his opponent's vision. Instinct guided SD's hands to his face, which was a fatal mistake. It allowed Lane to drive his knee into the chest of SD and drive him down to the mat, off the top. SD got back to his feet, trying to twist the mask around. It's unsure if he saw it coming or not but he was suddenly nailed by a superkick from a waiting Stan Lane. As Lane made the pin attempt Masked Superstar was in the process of putting his own mask back on his face. Lane got the 1, 2, 3...NEW CHAMPIONS.
The Fabulous Ones defeated Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer by pinfall when Stan Lane pinned Super Destroyer after a superkick at 33:53
[The Fabulous Ones: Stan Lane & Steve Keirn won the RCW Tag Team Titles]
Many of the fan favorites including Jim Brunzell and the Kiniski Brothers came out to help celebrate with the Fabulous Ones.

Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Bob Backlund (champion)
Dr. D David Schultz
Referee: George Gadasky
The match begins with a handshake as if to remind fans of the fledging friendship which would seem to hang precariously on the edge for this title match. Color man Mike Stone predicts that the friendship will end tonight, that these two men are too different and too competitive to end this as buddies. On the other hand play by play man Ron Strong says he has learned to expect the unexpected in RCW, and since everyone expects fireworks he'll go on record and predict that this match will end as it began, with a friendly handshake. Neither man though will predict who will win the match, saying its too close to call. The fans seem to echo the split on the announcers' feelings as they greet Backlund with cheers but Schultz with a mixture of cheers and jeers.
Collar elbow hook-up to start and Backlund shows his deceiving leg strength by backing Schultz to the corner, and breaks clean. Circling Backlund tries for a double leg takedown but the challenger sees it coming and counters with a front facelock. The first few minutes of this match are a feeling out process with no major advantage being held.
5 minutes into the match and Schultz takes over with a clothesline, followed up with a nerve hold applied to the neck of Backlund. The champ works his way to the ropes but is still trying to shake off the effects of that hold, trying to slap some feeling back into his shoulder and arm. Schultz though goes right after him as he circles, not letting him rest. This draws jeers from the crowd as the challenger applies an armbar, then nails another clothesline followed up by reapplying the nervehold. Once again Backlund gets to the ropes but is feeling the effects of that hold.
Schultz continues with a gutwrench suplex, and a pair of kneedrops, makes the cover but only gets a 1 count.
10 minutes into this match and Schultz whips Backlund to the buckle but telegraphs a backbody drop, and the champ nails a knee lift. Backlund goes to work with some hard looking forearm uppercuts, followed by a pair of belly-to-belly suplexes and covers, but Schultz kicks out at a count of one.
The champ drives a knee into the back of Schultz and applies a reverse chinlock. He follows this up by working the back of the challenger with some forearm shots, and a bodyslam before locking on a Boston crab. Schultz spends about 30 seconds in the crab, slowly making his way to the ropes. Just as his fingers managed to graze the bottom strand Backlund sat up in the move and dragged Schultz back to the middle of the ring. The challenger tried to get Gadasky to break the hold but the ref apparently had not seen the challenger touch the ropes and allowed the hold to be maintained. Again it took Schultz about 30 seconds to reach the ropes and this time got the break.
Schultz is hot at the referee but doesn't have much time to complain as Backlund whips him to the ropes. Dr D manages to duck under a clothesline attempt, and instead of continuing on to the far ropes he slams on the breaks, and then fires back at Backlund with a back elbow to the jaw. The champion stumbles backward, dazed, and falls between the ropes and out of the ring. The fans jeer the aggression of Schultz once again as he leaves the ring and rolls the champ back inside. However, inside Backlund has recovered and catches Schultz with a knee to the gut. A couple forearms and he tries to go for an inverted atomic drop, but Schultz with fear in his eyes smashes Backlund in the head to avoid the damage. Dr D then drops the champ to the mat with a clothesline, covers, but again only gets a 1 count.
We are 15 minutes into the title match and both men are now in high gear.
Schultz goes for a piledriver but Backlund counters with a back body drop. Backlund goes for a German suplex but Schultz reverses it, hitting the German instead. Back on their feet they both go down after a double clothesline. Schultz is on his feet first and scoops Backlund into a fireman's carry, and then into a Samoan drop. He covers with his back on Backlund's chest, hooking a leg, but after a 2 count Backlund is able to lock his arm under the chin of Schultz and roll through into a sleeperhold. Schultz though shows some leg strength of his own, pressing to his feet with Backlund on his shoulders. Schultz is slowly walking to the corner while Backlund applies the sleeper. Just as Dr D is a couple feet away his legs give out from the effects of the sleeper and both men topple to the ground, with Backlund smashing his shoulder off the bottom buckle. Gadasky applies the count and Backlund is on his feet first at the count of 5. The champ comes off the second buckle with a knee drop and covers, but Schultz drapes a foot over the bottom rope at the count of 2. Backlund then reapplies the Boston crab with Schultz making it to the ropes once again.
We are now 18 minutes into the match and Backlund is looking much stronger then his challenger.
Backlund stands over Schultz, wraps his legs around the arm of the opponent in an armbar type move and then bridges backward to apply a lot more pressure. Schultz screams in pain before using his free arm to batter the legs of Backlund knocking him down to the mat. His eyes flare with anger as he straddles the champ, placing his knees over Backlund's arms and rears back to punch him. He thinks better of it though and lowers his fist, regaining his composure. Backlund's legs come up from behind and hook Schultz' pulling him over into a pinning predicament, and gets 1, 2, Kickout!!
Both men to their feet and Schultz goes for a clothesline which Backlund ducks, and follows with a backslide pin, getting 1, 2, Kickout!!
This time Schultz back on his feet catches Backlund with a kick to the gut. He goes for a DDT but Backlund pushes him off. They both come off the ropes and smash shoulders together with the champ getting the worst of it. Schultz makes the cover but only gets 1.
Schultz goes for a piledriver and this time succeeds in nailing the move, makes the cover and gets 1, 2, Backlund's foot is on the ropes for the break. In frustration Schultz grabs the ropes and does a sitdown on Backlund's leg which is still draped over the bottom rope. The fans boo as Schultz drags Backlund to the middle of the ring and begins to work over his leg with elbows and knees to the inner thighs. Incredibly though Backlund who has some of the strongest and best conditioned legs in the business works through the attacks and from his back manages to put Schultz in a headscissors, flipping him to the mat. Backlund works the headscisors until Schultz is able to do a headstand to break out of the move.
21 minutes into the match and many of the fans are on their feet, others literally on the edge of their seats.
Schultz scoops up the champ, bodyslam, followed by a knee drop, makes the cover for 1. Again a bodyslam, this time followed by a fistdrop, and the cover, only gets a 1 count. Schultz places Backlund over his shoulders and then brings him down into a Canadian shoulderbreaker. He applies a shortarm scissors but doesn't have the patience and releases the hold. He tries to scoop up Backlund again but the champ floats over, and drives Schultz to the ropes. They bounce off the ropes but Schultz holds onto the top rope, Backlund bounces back, and does a backward somersault to land on his feet. Schultz takes too much time to turn around and the champ nails him with a clothesline which drives him over the top rope to the floor below.
Backlund leaves the ring and tries to roll Schultz back into the ring. But Schultz blocks it and smashes Backlund's head off the ring apron. He then bodyslams Backlund on the mats outside the ring. The fans jeer him but he ignores them and referee George Gadasky. Schultz rolls Backlund back into the ring. He tries to nail his finisher a corskcrew neckbreaker but Backlund counters by spinning through the move and taking the challenger down with a double leg takedown. He then turns Schultz over into a Boston crab. 30 seconds later and Schultz reaches the ropes for a break, his back now obviously hurting.
Backlund sets the challenger up for a vertical suplex but Schultz counters incredibly quick by turning it around and nailing the corkscrew neckbreaker. He covers not grabbing a leg, gets 1, Backlund puts his foot over the bottom rope, 2, Schultz is able to grab Backlund's knee pad and pull his foot off the lowest strand unseen by Gadasky, 3!!!
NEW CHAMPION, most of the fans are jeering Schultz.
David Schultz defeated Bob Backlund by pinfall after a corkscrew neckbreaker at 24:12
As George Gadasky leaves the ring to retrieve the title belt, Backlund confronts Schultz about pulling his leg off the ring rope. Schultz just kind of shrugs his shoulders and throws his arms up in the air. The fans jeer him. Gadasky returns and wraps the belt around the waist of Schultz as the new and former champion stare at each other. Backlund puts his hands on his hips, hangs his head down for a couple seconds, and then offers a handshake to Schultz. You could cut the tension with a knife. Schultz though reaches for the hand, and the two shake. They then embrace and Backlund leaves the ring. The new champion is left in the ring with Gadasky who lifts his hand in the air to all 4 corners of the ring. Schultz gets a smattering of applause with lots of jeers mixed in.
That's it for another year of River City Wrestling.
See ya in 1986 !!