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January 1986

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8th Anniversary Spectacular

January 11, 1986
River City Wrestling #221
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba
Opening Bout:
Chris Lyon defeated Black Mephisto by submission to the Boston crab at 2:28
-squash match
Chris Lyon is interviewed and is quite a bit more humble then in the past. He is still wrestling today under the black cloud of not knowing what the secret stipulation was from his loss to Tod Hestrerey but will find out tonight. Lyon goes so far as to say it is a make it or break it year for his career in RCW this year.
Bout #2
Robbie Royce defeated Brian Jewel with a release German suplex at 5:30
-good competitive match, but a successful return to RCW for Royce.
Coming to RCW;
A new wrestler Phillip Navarre sends a promo from his home in the south of France. His English though is very clear, with only a hint of an accent. His furnishings and even his clothing give off an air of a medieval knight in his castle. Navarre claims to have done all he can in European wrestling, winning many titles and tournaments. He says RCW will be his first stop in North America and he is looking forward to meeting new fans and to working with the likes of Bob Backlund and the Fabulous Ones.
Promo: Featured videos tonight on Good Rockin' Tonite will be,
"Rock Me Amadeus" Falco, "Everything in My Heart" Corey Hart, "Sun City" Artists United Against Apartheid, "Party All The Time" Eddie Murphy and "The Big Money" Rush.
Bout #3
Kid Gallahad defeated Ron Ritchie with a top rope dropkick at 6:33
-Impressive showing for the youngster and newcomer to the RCW, Kid Gallahad. However he was not too popular with the crowd, taunting them before the match. He wrestles a scientific/high impact style with some aerial skills thrown in (much in the likeness of Dynamite Kid and Ben Bassarab). He is Scottish though with a heavy accent, and his attire and attitude is that of a UK punk, including red spiked hair and dark eye make-up and lipstick.
Kid Gallahad is interviewed by Ron Strong but its hard to make sense of what the youngster is saying both because of his strong accent and also because he talks fairly frantically changing subjects in mid-sentence and leaving sayings unfinished.
Bout #4
Canadian Women's Championship Bout
Tawney England defeated Natasha by pinfall after a sunset flip at 5:20
[Tawney England retains the Canadian Women's Championship]
-First time in a while we have seen Nataha wrestle. Nothing new here though, just pretty much a competitive women's match used as filler.
Promo: On tonight's Evening News
-President Reagan's interview with European journalists on international terrorism and his imposition of economic sanctions on Libya due to belief that Muammar el-Kadhafi is involved in violence
-Allied opposition to joining Reagan in sanctions mentioned. Austrian and Italian foreign mins. said believing terrorists who struck their respective airports were actually trained in Lebanon rather than Libya
-Home entertainment convention, Los Angeles, CA. VCR industry's growth and implications for theater industry examined. [PEOPLE - prefer videotapes.] Gene SISKEL - doesn't think home video business will kill movie industry
-United States attorney, reported seeking retrial of Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and others on racketeering and related charges
-Hostage incident in Arlington, Texas
[end of first hour]
Ron Strong comes out to interview New champion Dr. D David Schultz and former champion Bob Backlund
We get a review of the events of the main event at the 6th Anniversary spectacular, including how Schultz pulled Backlund's leg off the bottom rope during the title changing pin.
Strong asks Schultz if he realized that since Backlund had got to the ropes for the break, that by the rules of pro wrestling Backlund should still be champ. Schultz took a moment to let the crowd's emotions come down a notch. He said he apologizes to anyone who was offended by his tactic. Schultz said that while it was done in the heat of the moment, he does not regret it and would do the same thing again. It's the ref's job to call the match, not his. Sportsmanship means going full tilt 100%, not like in their tag match when Backlund admitted to the ref that he had used the steel chair. Strong asks Schultz if he condones cheating. Schultz just smiles and shrugs and says a man has got to go out and get what he wants, no one is going to serve it up on a silver platter. Strong then turns the interview over to Backlund who seems torn. He says he understands Schultz' position and has no hard feelings, even though in the same situation he would have acted differently. Schultz jumps on this though, reminding Backlund that when he won the WWWF championship from Superstr Billy Graham there was photographic proof that Graham's leg was across the bottom strand. Schultz asks Backlund if he gave the title back to Graham? Backlund says he did not. Schultz says he will do the next best thing, and give Backlund his rematch next week. Backlund seems satisfied with this and the two men walk away in different directions.
Bout #5
Larry "the Axe" Hennig defeated the Croatian Giant by pinfall after the Big Axe at 5:52
-the Croatian had his moments in the early going of this match but when the Axe took over it didn't take long for the veteran to put the rookie in his place. However, apparently the Giant was not willing to stay in his place as when Hennig was leaving the ring after the win he was attacked by the Giant. The big man drove the Axe out of the ring and then bodyslammed him to the mats. He brought over a steel chair and laid it across Hennig's chest and then came off the ring apron stomping on the chair. Officials came down and dragged the Giant away.
We see a couple of newcomers who identify themself as Scott & Bill Irwin, brothers in arms, the Longriders. They look like bikers dressed in leather and jean and sitting on a pair of Hoggs. Bill does most of the talking. They put all the tag teams in RCW on notice that they are coming next week and intend on taking the belts from the Fabulous Ones. They throw some more insults towards the tag champs saying they are not real men. They wear glitter, spandex, top hats, suspenders, and pastels colours. Hell says Scott, they are most likely found after matches downing a couple Singapore Slings in the lounge listening to the newest Billy Ocean song. The Longriders step off their bikes and head to the door of the rough looking drinking establishment across the sidewalk. They crack their knuckles and rub their fists. Bill turns to his brother, no point waiting until next week to fight, let's go do some old fashioned training right now.
Bout #6
#1 Contenders Match
Iron Mike Sharpe & Angel of Death defeated Nick & Kelly Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) by pinfall when Angel of Death pinned Nick after some failed outside interference at 7:27
-Kiniski brothers controlled most of the first 5 minutes before the villians made their comeback. For some reason, perhaps bouyed by her success at the 6th anniversary show, Lisa tried to hit Angel of Death with a steel chair while referee Buddy Lane was busy trying to get the illegal men out of the ring. Instead she ended up hitting Nick and costing him the match.
In an unusual scene for RCW, commissioner Marty Goldstein comes to the ring accompanied by head referee George Gadasky. Before Goldstein hands the mic over to a troubled looking Gadasky he takes a couple minutes out to praise the work done by Gadasky both in the ring, and out of the ring training the younger officials.
However, when Gadasky gets on the mic he apologizes to the fans, to Goldstein, to Bob Backlund, and most of all to his fellow referees. He missed the pulling of the leg off the ring rope by Schultz and cost Backlund the title. He says the fans can boo Schultz all they want but he's right, the responsibility to see that justice is done sits with the referee, not the wrestlers. With that in mind, and given that its been a good ride, Gadasky announces he is retiring from officiating. He applauds his other officials, Buddy Lane, Kenny Jay, and Wyatt Hall and says that 3 officials are enough anyway for the size of RCW. The fans give him a polite round of applause as he leaves the ring.
Main Event
RCW Television Title Match
Tod Hestrerey (champion)   v  Ben Bassarab
Chris Lyon came down in the opening minutes of this match and went to the announce table, to add his commentary to the match, seemingly unable to just sit in the back and wait for the word on the secret stipulations.
Bassarab seemed to have something to prove and he started the match strong. Lots of elbow and knees, a couple of dropkicks, and then a pair of snap suplexes. Hestrerey battled back by exploding from the corner with his knees up, then a flying headscissors to the mat. He worked the headscissors to give himself a minute to recover. The two men did some criss crossing off the ropes, and collided with a double bodypress. Bassarab was on his feet first and threw Hestrerey outside the ring, right in front of the announce table. He then distracted referee Buddy Lane, but to no avail as Lyon just stayed put behind the table.
Hestrerey used the time to recover instead, and when Bassarab tried to catch him coming back into the ring the champ hotshotted the challenger's throat across the top cable instead. Back inside the champ nailed a pair of flying dropkicks and when Bassarab got back to his feet the champ took him down with a flying crucifix into a pin.
Tod Hestrerey defeated Ben Bassarab by pinfall after a flying crucifix at 7:01
[Tod Hestrerey retained the RCW Television title]
Commissioner Marty Goldstein has come into the ring, and Chris Lyon has joined him and Tod Hestrerey.
Goldstein does a bit of a preamble to remind the fans of how the secret stipulations came into effect, and how he promised Lyon that it wouldn't be that he had to leave town or have to do anything at all.
Marty has the fans and Lyon eating right out of the palm of his hand. Many of the wrestlers from the dressing room have also come out and are standing in the aisle way, some inching closer to the ring apron.
Goldstein announces that since Lyon failed to win the TV title from Hestrerey at the 6th anniversary spectacular that the previous orders that former 3 time RCW Heavyweight champion, and the only member of the RCW Hall of Fame, the Destroyer was out of RCW after he lost a loser leaves town match to Lyon way back on March 17th, 1984, to be null and void. The Destroyer is free to return to the RCW !!! Many of the fans who remember the first great RCW champion stand and cheer the announcement. Lyon just stands in shock at hearing his arch-nemesis is going to be back in RCW.
Lyon asks for and receives the mic from Goldstein. He says he has to admit that Goldstein got him good. Goldstein says "you don't know the half of it". Lyon continues on to say he doesn't care, he beat that old man into retirement and he'll do it again. And maybe finally he'll get his rightful place in the hall of fame.
Lyon prepares to leave but Goldstein tells him to hang on a minute. He says he was serious when he said you don't know the half of it. He asks Lyon how he knows the Destroyer was "an old man", because he never saw him without a mask? Lyon just shrugs. Goldstein says would it surprise you to know that he is only 32 years young? He asks Lyon why he assumed that the Destroyer retired? Lyon is getting very annoyed but also somewhat intrigued. Instead of answering though he tells Goldstein to cut to the chase or he'll beat the information out of him. At this threat Hestrerey stepped forward and Lyon told him to "back step it you stupid mute." Goldstein just laughs and says that Lyon makes a lot of assumptions, like the fact that Hestrerey is a mute; maybe he just doesn't want to talk.
You see it goes down like this, Goldstein finally lays it all out. There was an old trick wrestlers used to use when they lost a loser-leaves town match. They would return under a mask. But of course the Destroyer couldn't do that now could he? So he took about 11 months off, to lick his wounds, get in the best shape of his life replacing 20 pounds of excess bulk with 10 pounds of muscle, to learn a new style of wrestling with more aerial moves, to unlearn some old habits, and to grow his hair very long. You probably wouldn't even recognize him if you wrestled him or were standing across the ring from him.
Lyon just stares blankly at Hestrerey who throws his hair back and smiles.
Lyon doesn't even move when Goldstein pries his fingers open and puts a mic in his hand. Finally he just stutters..."y..y..you?". He pauses with his head down. "Hestrerey you beat me at the 6th with...with...and again tonight here, you beat Bassarab with...the flying crucifix. Damn...damn...that's the Destroyer's finishing move. It can't be you, can it?"
Hestrerey takes another mic from Goldstein. For the first time since he joined RCW 10 months ago he speaks, and the old fans of RCW instantly recognize his voice. "The hair was not going to be enough, not using the same moves wasn't going to be enough, even changing my body. I had to come into RCW on the other side of the fence. I took up with some bad people, Miss Hartel, King Tonga...but it didn't take too long before my true colors came through, did it? But the facade began to crack when I stepped into the ring with you Lyon. I couldn't hold my temper back, the usually calm and collected newcomer lost it whenever he wrestled you, for no apparent reason. The clues were there but no one was looking for clues because there was no reason to. I want to thank my good friend Marty for putting his job on the line, his career, and for going along with this, I couldn't have done it without you bud. Oh, and in case there is any doubt as to whether there were any clues;
It's called an anagram."
The show ends with everyone pretty much in a state of shock.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


January 18, 1986
River City Wrestling #222
Regina, Saskatchewan
Opening Bout
Phillip Navarre defeated Joe Apollo by pinfall after the coup de grace at 4:28
-impressive outing for the newcomer to RCW. He has a bit of the French/European ego that might make him a villian but he panders to the crowd and seems to have good intentions, so the fans cheer him. At about 6'3 and 275 pounds he's a big, fit man who wrestles a power style mixed in with some basic wrestling holds. His finisher the coup de grace was putting his opponent in a standing head scissors, scooping him up as if for a powerbomb, but then dropping the back of his head onto the top turnbuckle, turning him around and powerbombing him to the mat. No chance for the young Apollo to get up from that move!
Phillip Navarre promises all the fans that a renassaince of clean, competitive wrestling is coming to RCW, and that he will lead the charge in the year of our lord 1986.
Promo: This week on "The A-Team"  (Jan 21st)
"The A-Team is coming, the A-Team is coming"
Soviet spys need the A-Team's help in preventing the theft of an American satellite weapon, whose disappearance would disrupt world peace and start World War III.
Bout #2
Larry "the Axe" Hennig defeated the Croatian Giant by pinfall after the Big Axe at 6:00
-what should have been just a one match outing, turned into this second return match because of the Gian attacking Hennig after the match last week. Hennig though didn't miss a step taking out his wrath on the Giant once again this week.
The Destroyer is interviewed. He is now wearing his familiar black and white mask and tights again. It's basically a welcome back speech and the fans are appreciative. They are interrupted by both Ben Bassarab and Chris Lyon. They both want a piece of the Destroyer and challenge him to a tag team match tonight; telling him to find a partner. He accepts.
Bout #3
Nick Kiniski (/w Lisa Caress) defeated Angel of Death by pinfall after a DDT at 5:07
-After the Kiniski brothers lost last week their shot at the tag titles to Angel of Death and Mike Sharpe, Nick wanted a little vengeance, even though it was Lisa's fault they lost due to some botched interference. This time he gave her strict instructions not to interfere in the match. Kiniski started strong in the first minute and had Aof D reeling but the bigger man then took over and punished Nick for the next 4 minutes. The match turned suddenly in Nick's favor when Lisa reached in and tripped up A of D coming off the ropes (unseen by the ref). Nick caught the big man with a knee lift and then quickly finished him off with a DDT. The fans gave Nick and Lisa a mixed reaction.
Promo: Coming to RCW television next week will be a match between two of the world's greatest female wrestlers.
LeiLani Kai, a 7 year veteran, a featured star at WWF's Wrestlemania last year, former WWF women's champion having beaten Wendi Richter.
will take on
Misty Blue Simmes, a former NWA Women's United States Champion.
Bout #4
The Longriders (Scott & Bill Irwin) defeated Chris Basset & Monty Black by pinfall when Bill Irwin pinned Basset after a superplex at 2:14
-Bill started the match against Black and aftter beating him up for a minute threw him into the corner to tag in his partner Basset. Irwin then went to work on Basset, overpowering him immediately and finished him off with a superplex. Scott never stepped foot into the ring.
Promo; This week on "Moonlighting"
starring Bruce Willis & Cybill Sheppard
"North by North Dipesto" (Jan 21st)
A restless Ms. Dipesto gets a chance for danger and excitement when she gets a piece of paper from a mysterious man while attending a ball in Dave and Maddie's place
[end of first hour]
Promo: March 15th, Winnipeg Arena...RCW brings you its Hall of Fame & St. Patrick's Day Special. Watch in the coming weeks for match announcements as well as the Hall of Fame committee's decision on who, if anyone, will get a spot in the RCW Hall of Fame.
~1984 saw the innaugural induction of The Destroyer
~1985 saw a controversial decision by the commitee to have no inductees
Who is being considered for enshrinement in 1986??
Bout #5
Non-title Match
The Fabulous Ones defeated Brian Jewel & The Red Demon by pinfall when Steve Keirn pinned Demon after a superplex at 3:46
-squash match, that Keirn chose to end using the superplex. Mid-way through the match the Longriders came down to the ring to observe. They got into a bit of a confrontation with the Fabs, and tried to make their way over to the announce table where the tag belts sat but RCW officials were quickly on the scene to escort the brothers to the back.
Mike Stone tried to steer the interview with the Fabulous Ones over to the challenge of the Longriders. Stan Lane was quite hot at the brothers for their little skit last week, but Keirn was calm. He says the Longriders know they have no chance to beat the Fabs, the world's best tag team, and that they are trying to divert the Fabs' attention away from next week's title shot against Angel of Death and Mike Sharpe which will be a real challenge itself. Keirn says those are two big men they face next week, dangerous men because they will throw the rulebook right out the window. Keirn says the Longriders probably hope the Fabs drop the titles next week so they have a chance to win them against Sharpe & Angel instead of the Fabs.
Promo: Coming to theatres across the nation this weekend, TriStar Films is proud to present "Iron Eagle" starring Louis Gossett Jr.
When Doug's father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state, no one seems able to get him out. Doug finds Chappy, an Air Force Colonel who is intrigued by the idea of sending in two fighters piloted by himself and Doug (Jason Gedrick) to rescue Doug's father after bombing the MiG base. Their only problems: Borrowing two fighters, getting them from California to the Mediteranean without anyone noticing, and Doug's inability to hit anything unless he has music playing. Then come the minor problems of the state's air defenses.
"Break the sound barrier. Break the speed barrier."
Bout #6
Ben Bassarab & Chris Lyon defeated The Destroyer & Robbie Royce by pinfall when Bassarab pinned Royce after a flying crossbody block at 8:22
-fast paced and exciting tag team match. Destroyer held his own, and predictably the villians tried to prey on the less experienced but very capable Robbie Royce. In the end though they used double teams to do just that and got the duke.
Bassarab and Lyon are interviewed. It is apparent that these men have an uneasy alliance and do not consider themselves to be friends. They are in fact both jostling to try and get a TV title shot at the Destroyer next week.
This brings out the man himself, the Destroyer. He's still hot over the tactics of the villians during the tag match. He says he could beat them both. They tell him to put his money where his mouth is next week, in a handi-cap match, with the TV title on the line. Destroyer doesn't even pause before agreeing to the match.
Promo: On tonight's Evening News
-Space shuttle Columbia's landing at Edwards AFB, California, after trouble-plagued mission
-Official outcome of President Reagan's physical exam yesterday, follow-up to last year's cancer surgery
-Possibility South Yemen President Ali Nasser Mohammed has been overthrown and flown to Ethiopia
-Congress delegation leaving Hanoi today said invited to return to personally investigate reported sightings of Americans in Vietnam
- Increased traffic congestion in suburbia examined
-Prime Min. Margaret Thatcher and President Francois Mitterrand reported agreeing to construct undersea rail tunnel linking Britain and France via English Channel
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Dr. D David Schultz (champion)  v  Bob Backlund
The match started with Backlund offering a handskake which was accepted by Schultz. After a couple hook-ups which went to the ropes Bob tried for a single-leg, which Schultz blocked by driving his knee into the back of Backlund's neck. He then locked on a front chancery. The champ continued to punish Backlund with a bodyslam, a pair of knee drops, and then a side headlock from the mat. Backlund managed to reach up with his legs and take Schultz over with a headscissors to turn the tide of the match. Backlund worked a series of standing headlocks with Schultz trying to push Backlund off but the Minnesota native slammed on the breaks using his leg strength each time to hold on. Finally they got too close to the buckle and got the break. Schultz attacked Backlund quickly off the break, sneaking a forearm shot in. Tempers flared as Backlund fired back. They clutched on the ropes but when referee Buddy Lane called for the break a clean break was indeed made.
The fans rose to their feet as the Longriders came down to ringside.
Inside as Schultz was yelling at the Longriders Backlund nailed him from behind with a forearm to the back, and then a back suplex. He made the pin and only got a 2 count. Schultz got up mad at Backlund for having attacked him from behind and took him down with a bull rush. The two men rolled over to the edge of the ring apron. Scott Irwin distracted the referee while Bill pulled both men out of the ring. He began to stomp away at both of them, but couldn't keep them down. Scott ran over to help his brother and Buddy Lane saw the brawl and called for the bell.
David Schultz and Bob Backlund battled to a no-contest at 6:01
[David Schultz retained the RCW Heavyweight Title]
The brawl continued with Scultz and Backlund getting slightly the better of the newcomers as we went off air.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!


January 25, 1986
River City Wrestling #223
Edmonton, Alberta
Opening Bout:
Croatian Giant defeated Ron Ritchie by pinfall after a powerbomb at 5:45
-decent win for Giant over the more experienced Ritchie
David Schultz & Bob Backlund, still appear to be friends. They are mad at the Longriders for breaking up their title match last week and throw out a challenge tonight to meet them in a tag match.
Bout #2
Phillip Navarre defeated Brian Jewel by pinfall after the coup de grace at 2:23
--Navarre picks up his second win in as many weeks, taking apart Jewel and nailing the finisher that has everyone in RCW talking
Phillip Navarre says he has proven himself now to the fans of RCW that he is more then a squire, he is indeed a knight. Navarre says it is time to progress from vanquishing goblins to something more akin to Dragons..or perhaps a Giant.
Bout #3
TV Title Match - Handi-cap match
The Destroyer defeated Ben Bassarab & Chris Lyon by disqualification when Lyon refused to break a choke hold at 9:02
[The Destroyer retains the RCW Television Title]
- a fairly long match. Destroyer managed to hold his own in the first few minutes but soon fell to numbers. However, dissension grew between his two opponents as whomever got the pinfall would win the belt. In the end the Destroyer was making a comeback and Lyon just lost it, he snapped. After the match Bassarab and Lyon exchanged heated words as Bassarab wasn't happy about them losing the golden opportunity to take the Destroyer's belt.
Bout #4
Kid Gallahad defeated Robbie Royce by pinfall after the Gallahad Lance (missile dropkick) at 5:12
-many matches this week and last that help determine the pecking order amongst the mid-carders and the curtain jerkers. Tonight Gallahad joins Navarre and Croatian Giant in stepping up a rung on that ladder.
The Fabulous Ones are shown standing outside a bar, the same bar that the Longriders used when cutting their promo two weeks ago. The Fabs say they weren't pleased at being mocked by the Longriders. If they want to look like poor rednecks then go ahead but the Fabs have style; style like Miami Vice, style like Bon Jovi, style like Chuck Norris. Stan Lane says that next week RCW is being pre-empted, and the following week Feb 8th the Fabs won't be around. However, they promise a treat for the RCW fans on Feb 8th, the rest of the footage as we step into this biker bar, the hang out apparently for the Longriders. They think they are so big and tough and we're a couple of sissies, well we're going into that bar across the street and show them exactly how tough we are.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
Special Attraction Women's Match
LeLani Kai and Misty Blue Simmes battled to a 15 minute draw
-the match began to overstay its welcome towards the end. Simmes was clearly the fan favorite and the first 5 minutes was filled with slow spots highlighting each girls role as villian or fan favorite. The middle 5 minutes was faster paced which benefited Simmes. The home stretch included a lot of brawling and heel tactics by Kai to keep the match going. By the end the fans had lost interest and some jeers were heard.
Promo; Rufus R. Railroad Jones gives a barely understandable promo about his returning to RCW on February 8th.
Promo; A review of the 1984 Hall of Fame induction for The Destroyer, his subsequent loss to Chris Lyon in a loser leaves RCW match, and then his secret reappearance as Tod Hestrerey. Also a review of the class of 1985 where both Marty Goldstein and Chris Lyon were considered for induction but neither was chosen by the Hall of Fame committee.
Who is on the Hall of Fame committee this year, and who is being considered for induction at the March 15th Hall of Fame & St. Patrick's Day Bash? Tune in two weeks from today for more information.
Bout #6
RCW Tag Team Title Match
The Fabulous Ones defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Angel of Death by pinfall when Stan Lane pinned Mike Sharpe after a superkick at 10:56
[The Fabulous Ones retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
-solid match, and the Angel acquitted himself well but Sharpe proved to be the weak link. Very few ever doubted that the Fabs would pull this out.
Promo: River City Toys' newest product "Throwdown in River City" is now available to be purchased by mail order from River City Wrestling Corporation.
Throwdown is a unique wrestling strategy game which combines the luck of the dice, the draw of the cards, and your own ring savvy, to help you step into the boots of your favorite River City wrestler of today or yesteryear, as well as some special guest wrestler appearances. Or if you prefer create your own wrestler and take him to the very top; the River City Heavyweight Championship.
The game is mobile and simple enough to be taken and played anywhere, including the backseat on those long family driving vacations.
Throwdown has three levels of play; basic, intermediate, and advanced, each level building on the previous with additional optional rules.
In addition the game has both a one-fall to a finish match mode, and a federation mode which is an ongoing campaign with multiple wrestlers for one player or many.
Game includes ring board (optional for game play), rulebook, two special RCW Throwdown decals, two decks of cards (move set & random), two dice, 48 pre-selected wrestler cards (including the Destroyer, Abdullah the Butcher, the Crusher, Jim Brunzell, the Fabulous Ones, Bob Backlund, David Schultz and many more), as well as 12 blank cards for you to create your own future legend.
For ages 10 & up.
Main Event
The Longriders defeated David Schultz & Bob Backlund by pinfall when Bill Irwin pinned Bob Backlund after a superplex at 9:00
-even match, lots of brawling despite Backlund's attempts to make it more civil. In the end Schultz lost his temper and had to be restrained by referee Buddy Lane which allowed Scott Irwin to ambush Backlund from behind. A quick double team followed by Bill's ringpost shuddering superplex and the Longriders had a big victory.
The Longriders left the ring victorious while Schultz came over to check on his partner. The fans began to boo (maybe Schutlz but also maybe the exit of the Longriders), but Schultz took it to be booing him and retaliated by shouting at the crowd in anger.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya in two weeks!!!