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September 1986
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September 13, 1986
River City Wrestling #252
Regina, Saskatchewan
Opening Bout:
The Destroyer defeated Nick DeCarlo by pinfall after a flying crucifix at 4:45
-standing ovation for the masked legend's return to action
The Destroyer has his sites firmly fixed on regaining the heavyweight title. However, he says that Bob Backlund should have first dibs on title shots against the cheating Steve Disalvo. Destroyer says he will climb the ladder once again to get his title shots.
Bout #2
Phillip Navarre defeated Steve Blackman by pinfall after a bridging back suplex at 6:06
-very even and competitive match but Navarre is a bit bigger, a bit more experienced, and just seems to be more of a natural singles wrestler. For whatever reason not mentioned Great Gama was not at ringside for Blackman.
It's been an annual RCW event since the days of wrestling in Salisbury School Gym in 1980...the September #1 contenders Battle Royale.
This year it will be held September 27th from Calgary Alberta, that's in two weeks time. Special guest participants to be named later in the show.
"Everyone loves a parade...and everyone loves a battle royale"
Bout #3
Great Gama defeated Jeff Gillies by submission to the Calcutta clutch at 1:58
-even Gama seemed genuinely surprised at his quick victory over the very green looking rookie
Ben Bassarab is interviewed about his upcoming title defense next week against the crazy man Manny Silva. Bassarab says he's not worried about it, he'll just prepare hard and do his best. After some prodding though the calm facade of Bassarab cracks a bit and he goes off on Silva. He says Silva keeps arguing he gets no respect, but its just an act, like the bully in kindergarten who justs wants attention. Bassarab says he paid his dues in RCW, doing his talking in the ring where it counts, not in the dressing room or on the mic. Bassarab says you can't win titles on the microphone.
Bout #4
#1 Contenders Match
Sherri Martel defeated Candi Divine by pinfall after a roll-up with her feet illegally on the ropes for leverage at 6:52
-these two are no strangers with their history against each other in the AWA being acknowledged by the RCW commentators. They fought hard and dirty from the start with no feeling out process. There were slaps, hair pulls, and nail rakes a plenty. In the end Martel required cheating to get the win.
Sherri Martel pants and screams through an interview telling how she will rip Misty Blue Simmes from limb to limb. Martel says she isn't one of these lipstick and spandex girls from GLOW, she's a real wrestler, a real tough SOB head slapping wrestler from a proud family of wrestlers. She says Simmes is going to be caught off guard when they meet and predicts an easy victory.
On tonight's evening news
-Kremlin case against United States reporter Nicholas Daniloff for alleged espionage, presented in news conference by spokesperson Gennady Gerasimov
-Failure of major savings and loans in Texas, Western Savings, examined. Recent failures of Florida's Sunrise Savings and Loan and of Tulsa's Central Bank and Trust noted
-President and Nancy Reagan reported making joint TV appearance tomorrow night to campaign against drug abuse
-Move to legalize marijuana in Oregon examined
-Bears v Eagles preview, Rivalry between former Bears coach Buddy Ryan and current coach Mike Ditka examined
[end of first hour]
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Bout #5
Chris Markoff & Barry Orton defeated Irish Pat Barrett & Moe Malone by pinfall when Orton pinned Barrett after a bulldog from the 2nd rope at 7:07
-Markoff and Orton seemed to make an impressive duo for a first time outing, using quick tags and double teams. The end came when Markoff was working a side headlock and tagged in Orton. While Orton climbed to the 2nd buckle Markoff viciously drove his thumb into the throat of Barrett, who grasping his throat then made an easy mark for Orton coming off the buckle.
Markoff and Orton do the usual running down of American and Canadian wrestlers, calling them weak and spoiled by MTV, bad detective shows, and frozen dinners.
For the first time in an RCW ring, the Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff is coming to the Battle Royale September 27th. Clips of the Russian superstar are shown from his run in the United States, including NWA World title reigns along with his uncle Ivan Koloff, and action against the legendary Road Warriors. RCW brings to you the most hated wrestler in all of pro wrestling.
Bout #6
RCW Tag Team Title Match
Texas Tornado Match - Brass Knux on a Pole Match
Longriders (champions)  v  Kid Gallahad & Chris Lyon
This match still required a pinfall or submission but the brass knux were legal. All other foriegn objects were like a regular match and could result in disqualification if used.
A complete brawl of course with the 'riders controlling early, seperating Gallahad and Lyon. Lyon did manage to bust open Wild Bill though and then slammed him on the announce table, where he slid off and was grabbing his back in pain. For a couple minutes it was two on one with Scott Hogg trying his best to stop either opponent from climbing the pole, but this also exposed him to attack time and again from behind or the side. Finally Chris Lyon was able to start climbing the pole, but Wild Bill had recovered and started to climb the pole from the outside. The two stopped to trade headbutts, and then as Lyon grabbed the knux both men fell down, with Lyon bouncing off the mat inside the ring, and Irwin falling farther to the floor. Lyon lost the knux on the bounce and Scott Hogg was able to get them first. He smashed Gallahad with them and went for the pin, but it was broken by Lyon kicking him in the head. Lyon then tried to wrestle the knux from Hogg, even placing his hand on the mat and stomping on them but Hogg would not relent. While this was going on Irwin climbed to the top rope and came off with a flying clothesline taking out Lyon. Gallahad recovered and took both riders out with dropkicks. Scott Hogg recoverd and swung the brass knux, but Gallahad ducked and Hogg flattened his brother instead. Hogg was so shocked that Gallahad was able to just grab the knux off his extended hand by surprise. He wound up and leveled Hogg, and pinned him 1, 2 Kickout.
Lyon had recovered now and he and Gallahad sent Hogg to the ropes for a double team backdrop. They covered with both of them lying on top but Hogg was still able to kick out. They went for another double team but this time Wild Bill had recovered enough to grab the feet of Lyon from underneath him. Gallahad telegraphed the backbody drop so Hogg planted him with a faceslam. A 4 man brawl then errupted. Wild Bill put Lyon into a full nelson and Scott Hogg wrapped Gallahad's arm around his own torso then drove him fist first (with brass knux) right into the face of Chris Lyon. Wild Bill made the cover and got the 1, 2, 3!!
The Longriders defeated Kid Gallahad & Chris Lyon by pinfall when Wild Bill pinned Lyon after a brass knux shot to the face at 8:24
[The Longriders retained the RCW Tag Team Titles]
Superstar Billy Graham will make his return to RCW for the September 27th Battle Royale, and says that he will be staying in the territory for several months afterward. He assures the fans they could have no greater champion then the Superstar. He follows this with several poses until the clip ends.
Main Event
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Strangler Steve Disalvo (champion) (/w Lisa Caress)
Bob Backlund
As previously arranged by Marty Goldstein the referee for this encounter was Buddy Lane.
The match started with Bob Backlund wrestling an ultra defensive strategy. The announcers wondered if he was injured or possibly a bit afraid of the power of Disalvo. But it became apparent that he was just trying to frustrate the more aggressive Disalvo. Backlund would only counter moves by the champ, and often used a rope break. Finally Disalvo backed into a corner, indicated by pretending to wrap a title belt around his waist that he was the champ, and told Backlund to come get him. Backlund though refused, just standing in the opposite corner. Disalvo couldn't believe it and Backlund ignored Lane's instructions to lock-up. Disalvo then had Lisa stand on the ring apron and mock Backlund being a chicken, all to no avail. Even when many of the fans began to boo the former champ he refused to budge. Finally Lane began a 10 count, threatening to throw the match out. Both men locked up and Disalvo was full of pent up rage. He hammered Backlund down to the mat with sledgehammer like forearms to the back. Backlund though used his leverage for a single leg takedown and began to work the ankle of the champ. The champ wailed away on his back like an upended turtle further fueling his rage.
He went right after Backlund after a rope break and fell victim to a drop toehold takedown and into a crossface. Backlund controlled the next couple of minutes before Disalvo caught him with a clothesline to turn the tide. But there was bad blood between Disalvo and Lane and the champ slowed down to argue with Lane constantly instead of pressing his advantage. He did manage to punish Backlund for a couple minutes with bodyslams, backbreakers, and headbutts to the lower back, but didn't seem interested in putting him away.
The action got hotter when it spilled to the floor and the two men exchanged punches until Backlund was able to grab Disalvo by the trunks and pull him head first into the outside of the ringpost.
Back inside Backlund worked a standing surfboard, an abdominal stretch, and then a sleeperhold to slow down the pace of the match. Disalvo rammed Backlund into the corner to get out of the sleeper. He then intentionally whipped Backlund out of the corner right into Lane. Backlund was able to put on the breaks to avoid a collision, but Disalvo followed through with a running football tackle. Backlund though was able to dodge at the last second and Disalvo carried through and nailed Lane to the mat, knocking him out cold.
Backlund showing his superior leg strength dipped down and brough Disalvo up into an airplane spin and then slammed him to the mat. He followed up with his atomic drop finisher, but there was no ref to count.
Marty Goldstein came out and slid into the ring, he counted, 1, 2, shoulder up!!!
Backlund put Disalvo in the crossface but the champ refused to submit. Finally after about a minute in the hold Goldstein lifted Disalvo's arm into the air, once, twice, three times. He was out cold.
Bob Backlund defeated Steve Disalvo by submission with the crippler crossface at 15:31
But Buddy Lane was getting up now and calling for the bell. He waves Ron Strong over and informs him that Disalvo is being disqualified for abuse of official. Strong informs Lane about Goldstein's count, but Lane just shook his head and said his decision was final.
Bob Backlund defeated Steve Disalvo by disqualification for abuse of official at 16:00 (unofficial time)
In the meantime Goldstein had retrieved the belt and wrapped it around the waist of Bob Backlund.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


September 20, 1986
River City Wrestling #253
Edmonton, Alberta
Opening Bout:
Chris Markoff & Randy Orton defeated Jeff Gillies & Shawn Cummings by pinfall when Markoff pinned Gillies after a hotshot at 5:02
-squash match
Markoff and Orton are steaming mad. They have been in RCW for two weeks already, have won two straight matches but still don't have a title shot. Markoff says all Canadians and Americans are brain dead from watching too much boob tube. Orton goes off on a tangent about how no one wants to recognize him as being from the greatest family in wrestling history. His legacy alone should cause doors to open for him, but instead all he gets is doors closed in his face. Ron Strong ends the interview by calling them delusional.
Promo: Featured videos tonight on Good Rockin' Tonite are,
"Stuck With You" Huey Lewis, "Walk This Way" Run D.M.C., "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)" Glass Tiger, "Heartbeat" Don Johnson, and "Heaven In Your Eyes" Loverboy.
Bout #2
The Destroyer defeated Two Rivers Running by pinfall after a flying crucifix at 3:45
-squash match
-during the match Steve Disalvo came out to ringside to scout it. This cost the Destroyer some momentum he had built up, but he quickly grabbed the advantage back and had no problems taking out his opponent. When he looked up after the win Disalvo, with title belt in hand, had his back turned and was walking to the back.
Destroyer is interviewed and says that Disalvo must be smarter then he thought. Its a good move to scout out potential opponents. However, he says if the purpose was to intimidate him then he doesn't know him very well at all. Destroyer says he has wrestled too much in RCW to be intimidated by anyone, no matter how big and strong they are.
Attention is then turned towards the debacle at the end of the show last week. Destroyer is asked his opinion, and after hanging his head, a slight pause and a big sigh he reluctantly gives his opinion. Destroyer says it comes down to what you believe in, justice or law and order. Himself he says that without laws then can be no justice in the long term. He feels that the original referee's decision, Buddy Lane's decision to call it a disqualification while perhaps not just, nor what the fans want, is the right call. However, Destroyer ends it by saying that he is still pulling for Bob Backlund 100%.
Reminder that next week is the annual #1 contenders over the top Battle Royale.
Bout #3
Candi Devine defeated Shelly Salter by pinfall after a DDT at 6:15
-decent enough match but Devine is temporarily anyway out of the Women's title picture
Candi Devine is interviewed and says that it doesn't matter to her who ends up holding the women's title, her arch nemesis Sherri Martel, or a women she respects very much Misty Blue Simmes. Either way she is waiting in the wings for a title shot. The interview then turns to recounting a painful memory for Candi. A couple years ago she suffered a very nasty injury when she and her opponent Amy Monroe collided head to head in a monkeyflip. Devine says she had to have major reconstructive surgery on her jaw, and she almost died from loss of blood. She considered quitting wrestling but came back to the sport she loved to perform in front of her loyal fans.
Dirty Dick Slater sends in a promo asking fans if they remember him from when he butchered Larry Hennig after he butchered his son Curt in Oregon. Well he's coming back, but only for one night at the Battle Royale. He has no intentions of sticking around the indred hillbillies that pay to watch River City Wrestling.
Bout #4
Phillip Navarre defeated Great Gama by countout when Gama left the premises rather then face a certain loss at 6:20
-Navarre controlled most of the match except for a few flurries of cheating by the East Indian.
Phiilip Navarre expresses his disgust with the cowardice of Gama. Great Gama actually comes out to confront Navarre calling him a coward. Navarre says he didn't call Gama a coward, he said that his actions in that match were cowardly. Gama though is mad and says he will prove he is no coward. He challenges Navare to a no disqualification match, which Navarre accepts. Ron Strong says that match will have to take place in two weeks, as next week's card is already filled up by the Battle Royale and other matches already signed.
On tonight's evening news;
-Possible progress in United States-USSR negotiations over reporter Nicholas Daniloff. United States demands linked to upcoming summit, put forward by Secretary of State George Shultz to foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze
-Status of Anatoly Karpov-Gary Kasparov world chess championship
-Background to upcoming Iranian arms smuggling trial here in which Israel is implicated with defendents Samuel Evans and others
-Marshall Zolp's alleged bilking of investors like Frank Vevra through dummy company, Laser Arms Corp., with self-chilling soda can
-Impact on athletes of NCAA's new regulation setting minimum academic standards necessary for participation in college sports
[end of first hour]
Marty Goldstein comes to the ring with Buddy Lane. It's obvious that while Goldstein doesn't like it there isn't much he can do about it. So he announces that under RCW rules, the official of record, in last week's title bout that was Buddy Lane, his rule is final. So the result of last week's match is that Steve Disalvo was disqualified and will retain his title. This brings out a chorus of jeers from the crowd.
It also brings out a smug looking Steve Disalvo with Lisa Caress and the Heavyweight title. Disalvo basically tells Goldstein he is powerless, then asks if Goldstein has shared the other news with the fans yet. Goldstein just looks disgusted as Disalvo tells the viewers that Bob Backlund has reinjured his back last week and will not be available for a title rematch for several weeks. Disalvo then tells Goldstein that because there is no new #1 contender until next week's battle royale he has decided to show the fans he is a fighting champ and put the title on the line right now against a guy he has been watching the past couple weeks and is very impressed with; Moe Malone.
Bout #5
RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Steve Disalvo (/w Lisa Caress)  v  Moe Malone
Malone actually does a decent job in this match, power versus power he actually has Disalvo matched. So the champ resorts to cheating, choking, and outside interference by Lisa Caress to control the match. With this added edge the young powerlifter turned wrestler doesn't stand a chance.
Steve Disalvo defeated Moe Malone after a running clothesline at 7:01
[Steve Disalvo retains the RCW Heavyweight Title]
Just a reminder that the most hated wrestler today, the Russian Nightmare, Nikita Koloff is coming for next week's Battle Royale, and is also signed for singles action that night.
Just a reminder that Superstar Billy Graham makes his return to River City Wrestling at next week's Battle Royale. He too is also signed for singles action. He gets a long awaited rematch against Chris Lyon!!
"Dallas" returns for a new season this coming Frid
ay, September 26th with "Return to Camelot".
As Bobby emerges from the shower in Pam's house, she discovers how long her dream was and she can't believe he's not dead. J.R. makes a promise to Mandy to get Sue Ellen off Southfork. Ewing Oil and other companies face a crisis caused by OPEC policies. Ray wants to start his own business. Pam and Bobby go ahead with their plans to marry, which makes J.R. and Cliff angry. Cliff steals a business idea from Jamie and then presents it as his own. J.R. tells Bobby they need to get rid of Jack.
Bout #6
RCW Television Title Match
Ben Bassarab defeated Manny Silva by pinfall at 8:10
[Ben Bassarab retains the RCW TV title]
Silva started this match very strongly going right after the smaller Bassarab. He backed him into a corner and peppered him with bodyshots. He then choked him, standing on the lower turnbuckles for extra leverage. Referee Jurgen Hermann was his usal lenient, incompetent self. Silva worked some reverse chinlocks with lots of extra headslaps, and knees to the back for good measure. Finally Bassarab managed to fight his way back into this match, but after some good aerial moves he tried for his crossbody block, but Silva caught him and powerslammed him to the mat. Silva covered for a 2 count. The challenger then tried for his finisher Wheelbarrow suplex, but his foot must have slipped on something as his feet slipped out from underneath him as he lifted the champ into the air. Bassarab landed hard on Silva, possibly knocking his head off the mat or knocking the wind from him, because he got the easy and fluke cover 1, 2, 3.
Manny Silva was livid. Ron Strong tried to interview him but he scared Strong away. He then chased off the camera man from behind the tripod. With the camera set still he went on a tangent about Bassarab getting a fluke victory because some redneck Edmonton fan threw a piece of popcorn or ice into the ring causing him to slip. He says Bassarab is nothing but a fluke champion, and that was nothing but a cheap, fluke victory.
"The Facts of Life" returns for its 8th season next Saturday night September 27th with "Out of Peekskill".
Mrs. Garrett must decided between her two loves, the girls or Bruce, a man she falls for and who asks her to go to Africa with him.
Dan Kroffat & Brady Boone came down to the ring first for their title shot against The Longriders. But before the match could start Chris Lyon & Kid Gallahad came out of the stands and attacked the challengers with no provocation. By the time help came Kroffat and Boone were already pretty badly beaten. After a short break it was decided to postpone the Kroffat and Boone title shot until they had a fair chance to compete.
With no challengers in sight the fans jeered as it looked like there would be no main event. The Longriders were in the ring now with Marty Goldstein who refused to allow Lyon & Gallahad to earn another shot at the champions under these conditions despite the Longriders wanting to tear them apart.
From the back came Chris Markoff & Barry Orton looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. They were in the right spot at the right time and Goldstein seized the opportunity to give them a title shot.
Main Event
RCW Tag Title Match
The Longriders (champions)  v  Chris Markoff & Barry Orton
The 'riders started off strong against Orton isolating him for the first couple minutes of the match. Markoff eventually tagged in then started to play "hard to get". By the time he locked up Orton had recovered enough to grab the feet of Wild Bill and allow Markoff to hit a clothesline. Now it was the challengers turn to isolate an opponent and they worked him over through several tags. They raked his head across the top rope, used the tag rope to choke him, and nailed him with thumbs to the eyes and throat. Finally Wild Bill was able to tag out after ducking away from a double team. Scott Hogg took the hot tag and worked over both his opponents. He then came off the far ropes, but Markoff standing on the apron lowered the top rope sending Hogg flipping over to the floor below. It looked like the challengers would win by countout but Markoff rolled Hogg back inside to avoid that outcome. Orton worked a sleeperhold that he kept cheating down, making it a chokehold. Then Markoff tagged in and twice hit Hogg with that taped thumb to the throat. Finally Wild Bill could take it no longer, entering the ring and going after the challengers. He refused to listen to any of Buddy Lane's instructions to leave the ring, and then after a quick 5 count was disqualified.
Chris Markoff & Barry Orton defeated The Longriders by disqualification for double teaming at 7:40
[The Longriders retain the RCW Tag Team Titles]
The four man brawl continued after the bell and after we went off the air.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!!


September 27, 1986
River City Wrestling #254
Calgary, Alberta
Tonight's main event is the annual September Battle Royale with the winner to get a Heavyweight title shot.
The announcers tell us that unfortunately there has been a problem between Nikita Koloff, the NWA, and RCW that has resulted in Koloff not being able to compete in RCW tonight or the near future. Due to the short notice that was given it was impossible for RCW to replace Koloff. The announcers apologize to the fans for the change.
Opening Bout:
Moe Malone defeated Nick DeCarlo by submission to the bearhug at 4:52
-the veteran DeCarlo started strong but once Malone was able to exert his sizeable strength advantage there was no chance for DeCarlo.
Moe Malone gives his fist ever interview, sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles, and genuinely just happy he got a win.
Bout #2
Irish Pat Barrett defeated Johnny K-9 by pinfall after an Irish Whip and roll-up at 4:20
-the fans jeered through most of this match due to the no-show
[Nikita Koloff no-showed this contest]
Chris Markoff and Barry Orton spend some time to bad mouth the Russian Nikita Koloff as well as Russian in general. But just as the fans being to cheer their words they then bad mouth the stupid, lazy, TV worshipping idiots of Canada and the USA.
Bout #3
Dick Slater defeated Jeff Gillies by pinfall after a piledriver at 3:59
-squash match
Dick Slater tells the rednecks of Alberta to shut up while he tells them just how he is going to win the Battle Royale, win the title, and then head back to the United States.
Chris Lyon is interviewed and tries to convince Ron Strong that he isn't scared or apprehensive about stepping back into the ring with Superstar Billy Graham.
Bout #4
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Chris Lyon by disqualification for outside interference at 8:09
-Lyon had his share of control over this match as the two actually wrestled each other. However, as soon as Lyon made the mistake of turning the match into a brawl the Superstar took over. Lyon was saved from a pinfall loss when his partner Kid Gallahad hit the ring to attack Superstar.
Superstar Billy Graham has no problem clearing the ring of both Gallahad and Lyon.
Superstar Billy Graham says he had been looking forward to taking on Nikita Koloff in the Battle Royale and had been a bit dejected when he yellowed out. But now he has a new reason to look forward to the battle royale, ripping Chris Lyon and Gallahad limb from limb.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
North American Women's Title Match
Misty Blue Simmes defeated Sherri Martel by pinfall after an inside cradle at 7:19
-good challenge for Simmes in a high temp match complete with hairpulls and faceslaps.
[Simmes retains the North American Women's Title]
Dan Kroffat & Brady Boone are interviewed about their participation in the Battle Royale.
The Longriders are interviewed about their participation in the Battle Royale.
Manny Silva is interviewed about his participation in the Battle Royale.
Strangler Steve Disalvo is interviewed about waiting upon the winner of the Battle Royale.
Main Event:
20-Man Over the top
Battle Royale
In order of elimination
20. Nick DeCarlo (sub for Nikita Koloff) (elim by Kroffat) 2:23
19. Irish Pat Barrett (elim. Markoff & Orton) 2:55
18. Great Gama (elim. Malone) 4:02
Great Gama was furious about being eliminated by Moe Malone and re-entered the ring to attack him. It didn't work though and Moe quickly ejected Gama back out of the ring.
17. Steve Blackman (elim. Boone & Kroffat) 4:34
16. Wild Bill (elim. K-9, Orton, Gallahad) 6:21
15. Barry Orton (elim. Hogg) 6:46
14. Phillip Navarre (elim. Slater) 7:30
13. Ben Bassarab (elim. Lyon, Slater) 7:35
Ben Bassarab had been attacked by Manny Silva at the start of the match. Silva threw Bassarab out of the ring (not over the top) and followed him to the floor. Despite the best efforts of RCW officials to break them up they brawled outside until Silva was able to get the better of Bassarab with a piledriver. Silva then slid him inside the ring and Lyon and Slater pounced on the carcas and threw him out.
12. Johnny k-9 (elim. Scott Hogg) 7:44
11 & 10. Chris Markoff & Moe Malone (elim. each other) 8:52
9. Dan Kroffat (elim. Silva & Slater) 9:31
8. Dick Slater (elim. Graham) 10:44
7. Chris Lyon (elim. Graham) 11:05
6. Scott Hogg (elim. Silva) 12:19
5. Kid Gallahad (elim. Graham) 14:00
Superstar Billy Graham after a slow start was really dominating the match at this point.
4. Brady Boone (elim. Silva & Graham) 16:54
3. Manny Silva (elim. Destroyer & Graham) 19:21
Two fan favorites remained in the ring and Destroyer was clearly the choice of the fans to win, although Superstar had quite a strong following as well.
2. Superstar Billy Graham (elim. Destroyer) 22:39
Winner: The Destroyer 22:39
The Destroyer wins the Battle Royale and will get his title shot next week against Steve Disalvo.
That's it for another edition of River City Wrestling.
See ya next week!!