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American Pro Wrestling

February 17, 2007

Opening Bout:
Jerry Orth defeated Sean Waltman by pinfall after a spinebuster at 8:46
-Orth firmly puts himself back into the TV Title hunt with this big victory. Waltman on the other hand looks rudderless.
Chris Champion comes out with more executive orders. He announces some big matches for tonight including the tag titles on the line with Evergreen & Chavez taking on the Natural Born Thrillers. Also Kurt Angle will wrestle against Tajiri, and a big tag match between Bayley & Holiday and Myers & Arion. Champion then starts to address the situation between Petey Williams and Adam Riggs, and says that the powers that be were not too happy with their actions last week. He says Riggs crossed the line when he assaulted both Joe Aiello, and later Linley Tolbert the announcers.
<<< cue "Phenomenal" by LL Cool J >>>
The crowd jeers loudly as MAPW Heavyweight champion Adam Riggs comes down to the ring. He takes the mic from Chris Champion and reminds him that because he is the champion he is also the commissioner and able to make spot decisions when required. So before Champion can do any more damage to the show, Riggs drops the mic and goes after him. But Champion was ready and retreats through the ring ropes and scurries away.
Riggs just laughs and says that as the commissioner he is now going to announce the final two matches for the night.
First a handi-cap match will be held with Brock Lesnar facing off against both Dan Severn and the Stalk.
Secondly, tonight's main event will see Petey Williams get his return match for the title but it will be a gimmick match. Riggs calls out April Hunter and Dana Hamm who come out dressed in stockings, tux and tails like magician assistants, and carry with them a roulette style wheel.
Once they set the wheel up inside the ring Riggs says that Williams will decide his own fate with the spin of the wheel. Riggs shows some of the slots which include steel cage match, coal miners glove match, ladder match, Texas Death Match.
Riggs then calls out Petey Williams who comes with some apprehension. After some back and forth between the two, the former champion says he doesn't care he'll fight him in any kind of match. He wants Riggs to demonstrate the wheel to make sure it isn't "Rigged". So Riggs does that spinning it several times and each time it comes up something different.
Finally Williams steps forward and spins the wheel. As it begins to slow down, it suddenly stops with a jagged motion right on "Streetfight" as April Hunter seemed to pull a lever or something on the back of the wheel. Williams goes to protest only to be attacked from behind by Riggs. The beatdown is on, and it continues until Kurt Angle rushes the ring and sends Riggs running for the hills.
Bout #2
Brandon Myers & Trent Arion defeated Blaze Bayley & Sam Holiday by pinfall when Myers pinned Bayley after a brainbuster at 10:08
-Bayley and Holiday controlled much of this match but Holiday came up limp after an awkward landing outside the ring. This prevented them from operating at 100% and soon Myers and Arion expolited this with some double teams on Bayley that lead to the win.
Bout #3
Dustin Rhodes defeated Javier Reyes by pinfall after a bullodg at 6:40
-Rhodes dominated most of this match, showing up his former protege.
Rhodes continued to beat on Reyes, stomping away, until Sam Holiday came out to make the save.
Bout #4
MAPW Tag Team Title Match
Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez defeated Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak by disqualification for use of a foreign object at 9:32
[Evergreen & Chavez retain the MAPW Tag Team titles]
-This was a very even match with the momentum switching back and forth and neither tem having a sustained advantage. If anything Jindrak was looking to be the weak link in the match. Finally in a moment of frustration Jindrak hit Evergreen outside the ring with a steel chair to get disqualified.
[end of first hour]

Television champion Billy Kidman comes out. Even though he held onto his title he is fuming that Nigel McGuiness feels the need to bring out and use that iron of his in matches. Kidman says if he wants it so bad, bring it next week, and we'll put it on a pole in the ring and have an iron on a pole match.
Bout #5
Kurt Angle defeated Yoshi Tajiri by pinfall after an Angle Slam at 10:10
-After Angle got off to a quick start, Tajiri took over the match and held the advantage for about 7-8 minutes pressing for the victory. Angle took a lot of punishment and kept coming back. Angle blocked a kick attempt and almost finished Tajiri off with an anklelock, and then moments later hit the Angle slam to pick up the win.
Bout #6
Handi-cap Match
Brock Lesnar defeated Dan Severn & The Stalk by pinfall when he pinned The Stalk after an F5 at 6:59
-Typical handi-cap match with Severn and Stalk doing lots of double team cheating but the monster prevailed in the end.
Main Event
MAPW Heavyweight Title Match
Adam Riggs (champion)  v  Petey Williams
Riggs played some games with Williams refusing to come to the ring, making Williams come out to the ramp to fight him, and then nailing him with the tag belt. Riggs pummelled the smaller challenger for several minutes until finally he made a mistake going for a splash on Williams laying across the guardrail. Williams moved out of the way and Riggs appeared to have injured his ribs. Williams went right after the rib cage and then put on a crossface chickenwing, then a sleeper to try and take advantage of his restricted airflow.
Riggs battled back and the two brawled into the stands. Williams was in trouble until he threw a beer into the face of Riggs and then nailed him in the crotch. Williams took the match back to the ramp and was setting up for the Canadian Destroyer when he was suddenly attacked by Trent Arion from behind. Arion layed into Williams until Brock Lesnar came out and speared Arion.
Riggs got back up and went nose to nose with Brock. Williams stuck his nose into it at this point, only for a redfaced Brock to surprise him, scooping him up and delivering an F5. Riggs looked shocked as Brock walked away, and the champion wasted no time in applying the pin.
Adam Riggs defeated Petey Williams by pinfall in a streetfight at 11:00
[Adam Riggs retained the MAPW Heavyweight Title]