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Night of Champions 2, part 2

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Taped: Wednesday, July 28th
Air Date: Saturday, August 7th, 2004
From the Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, Minnesota
Attendence; 6,092


the Commish, Bob Backlund

Opening Segment;
The announce crew, Joe Aiello, Linley Tolbert, & Steven Regal welcome us back to MAPW Rage and to part 2 of the Night of Champions 2.
In the ring is standing Commissioner Bob Backlund, and flanking him a step behind is head referee Buddy Lane to one side, and referee Jimmy Appleseed on the other.
We are reminded of how last week's part 1 ended, with Team Extreme winning both the NWA & MAPW tag belts from the Spinebusters when Jimmy Appleseed came down to ringside and replaced Buddy Lane.
We see the Spinebusters who are eagerly standing beside the ring, one hand on middle strand as if ready to rush the ring, their title belts noticeably absent. We see no sign of Team Extreme and are told by the announcers that they are believed to have left the building. The announce crew tell us that Backlund and the refs have been conferring for about 10 minutes over the decision. A short break was given in the evening's festivities so Backlund could then go and confer with NWA officials.
Backlund] Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your patience. After careful review with both MAPW and NWA officials the following decision has been rendered. MAPW has a clear decision making process that allows for referee decisions to stand, and for an altenate referee to replace the referee of record if needed. Therefore, it is the decison of the MAPW championship committee, that the record stands; Team Extreme are your new Mid-American Tag Team Champions!!
The crowd actually boo's the decision and the Spinebusters are going nuts on the outside but Backlund waves them off and tells them to stay put as he has more to say.
Backlund] Furthermore after talks with the NWA officials it is clear that the NWA has very similar rules in this regard as does MAPW. However, the NWA does stipulate that all NWA matches must be presided over by an NWA approved official. MAPW has two referees that have been certified by the NWA board to officiate over NWA World title matches. The first official is Buddy Lane, the official of record tonight. The second official is veteran official Jurgen Hermann. Therefore, while the match result stands, the NWA does not recognize the match as a title match as it was not presided over in finality by an approved official. The Spinebusters remain the NWA World Tag Team Champions!!
This draws a mixture of cheers and jeers. The Spinebusters celebrate and embrace outside the ring.
Backlund] The NWA head office also has a message for Team Extreme. You have until the next MAPW TV taping to bring back the NWA World Tag Team Title belts and to hand them to me. That taping unfortunately isnt until August 18th. At that taping we will hold a rematch between Team Extreme and The Spinebusters and once again both sets of belts will be on the line. But, Carson and Germany, if you fail to show up or to hand over your belts, you will face a lifetime ban from all NWA sanctioned events.


Vincent Regliatti

MAPW Heritage Championship Match
Vincent Regliatti (c)  v  Ken Shamrock
Shamrock goes right after the young champion who immediately grabs some air sticking his head through the ropes. Referee Jurgen Hermann steps in to back Shamrock away.
Forced into action Regs is taken down by Shamrock with a legsweep. The World's Most Dangerous Man goes to work with forearms, fists, and elbows. But when Shamrock goes for a kneebar the champion blocks it. The two then take turns blocking and countering, and they break, with Regs having earned a bit more respect from Shamrock.
Shamrock is able to score with punches and slaps but Regs is able to avoid any big moves. Then the champion has his turn on offense with a Russian legsweep and a back suplex. Regs resorts to a chokehold and is forced to break it at the count of 5.
Shamrock is really pissed off now and fires back full force. He nails a legsweep, armbar takedown, a pair of spinkicks, and an armbreaker.
The champ flees the ring but Shamrock follows right after him. He runs the champ shoulder first into the ringpost and then throws him back inside.
Regs though catches Shamrock with a boot to the stomach and then goes to work with a double underhook faceslam, and a Canadian backbreaker. Shamrock counters a DDT attempt with a backdrop.
Ron Waterman comes down to ringside.
The two men exchange the advantage several more times inside the ring before the match once again dumps to the outside. Shamrock gains control and runs the champ into the ringsteps and guardrail.
Ken Shamrock is in the zone now.
Shamrock goes for a clothesline but Regs ducks it, and then counters a Yakuza kick attempt with a legsweep. He takes Shamrock back down with a DDT and is now in control of the match. He takes a couple seconds out to taunt Waterman at ringside.
Regs punishes Shamrock with kicks and then a piledriver which gives only a 1 count. He whips Shamrock into the corner and goes slamming in, but Shamrock lifts his legs and feeds his knees to the champ. Shamrock hits a snap suplex but then has another kick attempt countered with a dragon screw. Regs then locks on a blatant chokehold. Hermann counts to 5 and Regs releases it only to reapply it again. Regs sends Shamrock to the ropes and then backdrops him high into the air. He lifts Shamrock back up and powers him down with his Centerfold Staple (brainbuster) finisher. He covers and gets 1, 2, Ron Waterman reaches in and drapes Shamrock's foot over the bottom rope. Hermann sees it just in time and calls for the break.
Regs goes to send Shamrock to the buckle but it's reversed and then Shamrock follows up with a Frankensteiner. Shamrock locks on the ankle lock but he's too close to the ropes and the champ reaches the bottom strand after only a few seconds of pain.
The match switches gears back to a punching contest which Regs can't win, so he delivers a thumb to the eye instead, followed by a knee to the groin that was missed by long-time inept official Jurgen Hermann.
Regliatti nails a tilt-a-whirl suplex and gets 1, 2, kickout by Shamrock. The champ calls for the Centerfold Staple again and once more Ron Waterman decides to help Shamrock. This time he reaches under the bottom rope and grabs a hold of the ankle of Regliatti and trips him down to the ground. This time though his actions are spotted by Jurgen Hermann who calls for the bell.
Raymond Bingham defeated Ken Shamrock by disqualification due to outside interference at 15:30.
[Raymond Bingham retains the MAPW Heritage Title]
As could be expected once Shamrock had revived and figured out what happened he was very upset with Waterman. The two exchanged heated words and left it at that with each man walking seperately to the back.


Brandon Myers  v  Jack Voight
It was like 1999 all over again for this much anticipated clash of former WWA/PWA greats.
Myers controlled early and got a kneelock submission that forced Voight to the ropes. A diving shoulderblock followed by a half-Boston and Myers was looking good. The two men exchange punches and chops, and slowly Voight gets back into this. The fans are solidly behind Myers.
Voight hits a bodyslam but can't get much going and Myers strikes again with a kneelock submission attempt. A jumping DDT and Myers goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count.
Voight fights back, but once again Myers ends a short flurry and then puts Voight in a bow-and-arrow submission. Voight's frustration level is rising quickly. Voight fights back once again, this time though it's a lariat attempt that is countered by Myers into an armbar submission. Voight is growing tired already.
"the Extreme" gains his first sustained advantage of the match with a facerake, an earringer, belly-to-belly suplex, and a cobra clutch. Myers gets to the corner for the break and then Voight stands him up against the turnbuckle and goes to work, including nailing a lowblow. Voight covers but only gets a 2 count.
The former IPW star sets up Myers for a fallaway slam only to have it countered with a forearm smash followed by a faceslam. The match spills to the outside and this is where Voight has a distinct advantage. He goes to work on Myers, hotshotting his throat off the top of the guardrail, and then suplexing him against the edge of the ring apron.
Back inside the German goes to work with a roundhouse right, inverted powerbomb, and a backspin DDT. He goes for the cover but somehow Myers manages to kick out at 2.
The match continues for a few more minutes at a more even handed pace. Voight almost gets the win when he follows up an inverted powerslam with a tombstone piledriver, but Myers sticks his foot under the bottom rope for the break. Voight applies the clawhold but Myers punches his way out of it. Myers picks the pace up a lot with a pair of back heel kicks, followed by a faceslam, another back heel kick, and then another faceslam. Voight staggers to his feet only to fall flat, facedown a second later on his own accord.
Myers hits a spinning elbowdrop and gets a 2 count. Myers sends Voight to the ropes but the German ducks a clothesline attempt and puts Myers into a bearhug. It works to wear down Myers while giving himself a bit of a reprieve. Voight takes Myers down with a legsweep faceslam, and then works him over after draping him across the 2nd rope. He leaves the ring and takes a running charge, and elbows Myers right in the skull as he lays across the middle strand.
Back inside Voight nails a spinebuster slam, and goes for the pin. But he doesn't hook a leg or even lie down, he sits up, and it allows Myers to raise an arm at the count of 2. Voight scoops up Myers for a slam but the cagey WCW star counters with a cradle and nearly gets the 3 count. Both men scramble to their feet. Myers blocks a Voight attempt to kick, and spins him around full circle, nailing him with a springboard bulldog. Myers locks in the cobra clutch and referee Melissa Coates lifts Voight's arm 3 times, and it falls 3 times.
Brandon Myers defeats Jack Voight by submission with the cobra clutch at 18:29.
Myers has his arm raised by Coates, and when he turns to leave the ring finds himself suddenly propelled in the air by a charging Kai Hanson. Myers is knocked down hard onto his back. Hanson stomps away and then whips Myers across the ring to a waiting Dan Severn who puts Myers down with a DDT, and then locks in the STF. Myers is out cold and Severn is trying to tear his muscles away from bone. Finally Goldberg rushes the ring and the Germans take off.


Classic MAPW Wrestling:
RAGE September 27/03: Night of Champions
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Dreadknocks (Ratt & Scavenger) (NWA World champions)
Great Canadians (Eric Scott & Vincent Regliatti) (Mid-American Champions)
The Dreadknocks were a house of fire, showing that they have been a tag team for many years. They kept the action in their half of the ring and made frequent tags. The Spinebusters came down to ringside to watch and cheered on the NWA champs. They taunted the Great Canadians by taking the Mid-Am tag titles off the announce table and trying them on for size. Finally the Canadians made a comeback in the match with some dirty tactics, including a devastating stuffed piledriver on Ratt. This drew the ire of the Spinebusters who jumped on the ring apron to complain. Referee Jimmy Appleseed came over to get the 'busters to leave the ring area, but they argued with him, and then Orth hotshoted Appleseed's throat across the top strand.
With Appleseed out of commission the Spinebusters went and grabbed a chair which they were going to pass to Scavenger, to help him fend off the 2 on 1, since Ratt was still out from the piledriver. But instead they feignted the chair pass and tossed it up to a surprised looking Scott who then hammered Scavenger across the head. Appleseed recoverd, and he counted, 1, 2, but somehow Scavenger managed to drape a foot over the bottom rope. The Great Canadians did their best to hold off the champions' momentum but the Dreadknocks were too strong and took back control of the match. After throwing Regliatti out of the ring the Dreadknocks pulled a doomsday device out of their bag to finish off the challengers.
[The Dreadknocks defeated the Great Canadians by pinfall after the Doomsday Device at 10:52]
Despite trying to help the Canadians win the titles, the Spinebusters returned to the ring and attacked the Mid-American champions from behind after the Dreadknocks had left the ring. They laid them out, and in a repeat from last week, used the title belts to knock them down again. And like last week, they laid the belts gently onto the chest of the fallen champs.


#1 Contenders Match for the MAPW Tag Titles
Diamond Rhodes (/w Paisley) & Bam Bam Bigelow (/w Tylene Buck)
Sam Holiday & Al Hardamann
Holiday and Bigelow get this one started by locking up. Holiday tries to bodyslam Bigelow, but he can't get him up fast enough and the big man rakes Holiday's eyes. Bigelow elbows Holiday and then devastates him with a powerbomb and almost gets an early 3 count.
Bigelow is trying to end this one early. He nails a powerslam, but Holiday lifts a shoulder at 2. He nails a moonsault but Holiday snakes a foot out over the bottom rope at 2.
Holiday fights back with a backbody drop, and a lariat on the way to tag in Hardamann.
Hardamann makes the same mistake as his teamate, going for a reverse neckbreaker but the big man blocks it and rakes the face of Hardamann. Rhodes is tagged in and Diamonds & Rust use the opportunity for a double clothesline.
Hardamann fights back against Rhodes gaining back control with a hotshot and a clothesline knocking Rhodes out of the ring and into the arms of an adoring Paisley.
Rhodes continues to have his problems with Hardamann so he tags in Bigelow. The tide is turned once again by a double team, this time a double dropkick by the large duo of Rhodes and Bigelow. Hardamann holds his own though and when he tags out to Holiday they return the favor with their own double dropkick.
Biglelow though gains control over Holiday and gets another nearfall after a Gorilla Slam. Headbutts and a back suplex follow by Bigelow. The Beast from the East throws Holiday out of the ring where Rhodes works him over while Paisley and Tylene Buck get in the way of a save attempt by Al Hardamann. Back inside Bigelow now has total control over Holiday.
Bigelow nails a pair of running clotheslines and then tags in Rhodes. Hardamann tries to get into the action but he's dealt with by the referee allowing more double teaming on Holiday.
Rhodes makes the mistake of telegraphing a backdrop and Holiday makes him pay with a knee to the head. Holiday fires away with an elbow and then nails a jawbuster. He tags in Hardamann and then double team Rhodes with a double lariat. When Bigelow tries to interfere and is being escorted out of the ring by referee Jimmy Appleseed they nail another double team move, this time a double powerslam.
Hardamann takes Rhodes to the top turnbuckle and then brings him down most unsportsmanlike with a belly-to-belly superplex. Instead of going for the pin he positions Rhodes and then makes the tag to Holiday. While Sam Holiday climbs the top rope, Al Hardamann heads across ring to take out Bigelow who was already climbing through the ropes. Holiday comes off the top rope with the Holiday legdrop and gets the 3 count while Hardamann keeps Paisley and Buck from trying to enter the ring.
Sam Holiday & Al Hardamann defeated Diamond Rhodes & Bam Bam Bigelow by pinfall when Holiday pinned Rhodes after the Holiday Legdrop at 12:47.


MAPW Classic Wrestling
RAGE September 27/03: Night of Champions
NWA World Heavweight Title Match
Nic Cross (/w Jenna Jameson) (NWA Champion)
Vendetta (Mid-American Heavyweight Champion)
Nic Cross showed his usual disdain for Mid-America. He complained to the ref about a seam in the mat, and had the ref get down on his knees and look at it. Head referee Buddy Lane was not impressed, and when Cross left the ring Lane began to count him out. Finally the champ got back into the ring only then to complain about the lighting, claiming it was too bright in his eyes. Jenna put a pair of sunglasses on him but Lane made him take them off. The entire time these shenanighans were going on Vendetta stayed calm and loose in his own corner, Finally though he couldn't take it any longer and approached Buddy Lane to speed things up.
This was the opening that Cross had been waiting for and he struck with a finger poke to the eye. He immediately went at Vendetta with a series of kicks and punches, and Lane called for the bell to start the match. The champ again showed his disdain for the heartland by refusing to break out any wrestling moves, instead relying totally on kicks, punches, stomps, slaps, and an occasional eye gouge. At one point he took a breather, lounging across the top turnbuckle while Jenna massaged his shoulders.
Finally though Vendetta struck back. Doubled over from yet another kick to the gut, the Haitian reached out and got under Cross, taking him to the air in a fireman's carry and bringing him down with a flapjack. Both men were down, but Cross was up first at a 7 count. He tried to drag the challenger to his feet with a handful of dreadlocks but the Mid-American champion retaliated with a punch of his own. On his feet now the challenger delivered several knife edge chops, backing the champ to the corner, before whipping him across the ring with such force that Cross flipped over the top turnbuckle and wrecked on the floor below.
Vendetta took control of the action out of the ring, and then again inside the ring. A couple pin attempts though only brought a 2 count for the challenger. Cross bailed out of the ring and Vendetta pursued. Unwilling though to shove Jenna Jameson out of the way, the pornstar valet shielded her man from the onslaught of the challenger and bought him some time. Vendetta had to retreat to the ring to break the count, and when he left again to go after the champ he was greeted by a stiff right hand. Vendetta dropped like a rock, and Cross passed a pair of brass knux back to his valet.
Cross brought the local champ back into the ring, but instead of pinning him, he taunted him and the fans. By the time he finally did go for the pin on the busted open challenger, he only got a 2 count. Still Cross seemed pretty calm, and after a series of knees to the gut he went for his Pedigree finisher. Vendetta though managed to power out of it, backflipping Cross. He then tried to put Cross into the Haitian deathlock but Cross was not as stunned as the challenger thought, and the champ managed to roll across and take Vendetta down and into an ankle lock submission. Vendetta managed to reach the ropes but Cross dragged him back into the center of the ring. Buddy Lane would not allow this though and forced Cross to break the hold with a 5 count. But after a moment's break he reapplied the ankle lock. Vendetta once again crawled to the ropes for the break. Again Cross tried to drag him back into the middle of the ring,but this time the Haitian held onto the bottom rope with both hands, and while Cross held onto one foot, the challenger fed him the other foot to the chest and then again to the face.
The crowd was on their feet as Vendetta nailed Cross with a DDT right in the middle of the ring. As he staggered to his feet Jameson entered the ring once again, but Buddy Lane intercepted her. Vendetta went after the champ but was then struck with a lowblow from Cross. Lane returned to action to see Cross setting up Vendetta for the pedigree.
But amazingly, for the second time in this match, Vendetta managed to counter by back flipping the champ. This time though Cross managed to hold onto Vendetta and roll him up. He grabbed a handful of tights just to make sure.
[Nic Cross pinned Vendetta at 18:30 assisted by a handfull of tights]


NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Benoit (c)
Well Vendetta was unable to capture the title from Nic Cross in 2003 but most of the fans here in St. Paul were hoping to see him succeed in 2004.
The two men met in the middle of the ring for instructions from head referee Buddy Lane, after which they shook hands.
Vendetta took Benoit down with a snapmare, but when he tried for a springboard back elbow the champ countered with a belly-to-back suplex.
Both men feel each other out and go for early pins to no success. Benoit nails the Haitian with a clothesline but when he goes for another it's countered with a hiptoss and then followed up by Vendetta with an Asai leg lariat.
Vendetta nails Benoit with a spear followed by a German suplex into a pin which yields a solid 2 count. Benoit blocks a DDT attempt and goes to kicks to the midsection.
Benoit tosses Vendetta out of the ring and then prevents his re-entry with a baseball slide. He then follows Vendetta outside and goes to work on the challenger with a couple of blasts into the ringsteps. Vendetta though fights back and sends Benoit into the guardrail and then nails a running clothesline which sends the champ over the rail and into the crowd.
Back inside the ring Vendetta maintains the advantage until he goes for another spear which is read well by Benoit who counters with a kneelift. A belly-to-back suplex yields a 2 count for the champ. Benoit then nails a back suplex before the two men trade elbowsmashes, blocks, and more elbows. Benoit sends Vendetta into the ropes but the challenger comes off with a kick to the gut, and then quickly nails a senton to get a nearfall.
Vendetta strikes with kicks, but then Benoit fires back with kicks to the leg of Vendetta taking him down. Benoit continues to attack mostly with kicks and chops, forearms, and the occasional suplex. The advantage trades back and forth a couple more times before Benoit takes over.
The champ nails Vendetta with a bodyslam, chops, elbows, and kneelifts. The match goes outside the ring once more where Vendetta takes control for a scant few seconds. It's Benoit in control again though after a German suplex on the floor. Back inside he nails a shoulderblock and then slaps on the Crippler Crossface. Vendetta though uses his large reach to grab the bottom rope for a break.
Vendetta fights back though and gets a 2 count after a German suplex of his own. However, when he goes for a headbutt Benoit blocks it and then delivers a stunner. Two inverted atomic drops follow from the champ but when he tries to muscle Vendetta to the top turnbuckle he is frustrated by the challenger blocking.
Vendetta goes for a kick, Benoit blocks, but then receives an enzuigiri to the back of the head. Both men are down, but Vendetta is back on his feet first at the 7 count.
The two men continue to wage war with neither man nailing a big enough move to finish the match. Benoit tries a clothesline which is countered by Vendetta with a Gorilla Press Slam. Venetta puts Benoit in the Haitian deathlock and the champ is in big trouble. It's not the most steady move though and Benoit manages to rock and shake the challenger. This forces Vendetta to stabilize the move by kneeling down. Benoit then reaches Vendetta with a right to the head, followed by a headbutt. Vendetta falls backward, but bridges, maintaining the deathlock. Benoit is in a lot of pain and shifts strategies and slowly makes his way to the ropes. He reaches the ropes after a full minute in the hold.
Vendetta drags Benoit to the middle of the ring and has to support him as Benoit can't stand after the damage inflicted by the deathlock. He brings him up though just so he can drive him back down with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Vendetta reaches down to grab the legs of Benoit, and somehow the champ manages to grab the arm of Vendetta and pull him down. Benoit works the arm until he has Vendetta in the Crippler Crossface. Vendetta manages to power his way to the ropes after about 20 seconds in the hold. Benoit is obviously not anywhere near 100% strength.
Benoit continues the assault with a headbutt followed by a German suplex, which he holds on afterward and then nails a second German, followed by a third. He pauses regaining his bearings before making the pin, and the delay costs him as he only gets a 2 count.
Vendetta is backed against the turnbuckle and lashes out with a series of chops and then a snap suplex on Benoit. Vendetta strikes with chops and kicks, and then whips Benoit into the ropes. Benoit nails Vendetta coming off the ropes with a kick to the gut. He slams Vendetta's head into the top turnbuckle. Benoit bodyslams Vendetta to the mat and then climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle and drops a knee. He covers but only gets a 2 count. Benoit climbs to the top rope but Vendetta gets up in time to catch him perched on top. Benoit though flips himself behind Vendetta, ducks a back elbow, and takes Vendetta over with a textbook German suplex. This time he hits it hard enough to pick up the win.
Chris Benoit defeated Vendetta by pinfall with the German Suplex at 28:50.
[Chris Benoit retains the NWA World Heavyweight Championship]
Benoit and Vendetta shook hands and embraced in the middle of the ring.
The fans cheered the two great warriors,
as we