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American Pro Wrestling

February 10, 2007

Opening Bout:
Sam Holiday defeated Javier Reyes by pinfall after a Holiday Legdrop at 8:18
-despite the vast experiene difference Reyes did all right in this match
Dustin Rhodes comes to the ring. He calls Javier Reyes back to the ring and berates the youngster for losing to Holiday. He then tells Reyes he is fired.
Bout #2
Jerry Orth defeated Trent Arion by submission to the sharpshooter at 6:30
-the youngster Arion controlled most of this match but once again the veteran prevailed and snuck in a roll-up victory.
Adam Riggs comes to the ring wearing his newly won MAPW Heavyweight title belt, but instead of looking like he is happy he grabs the mic, pushes Pamela Paulshock out of the ring, and tosses the Heavyweight belt down to the ground.
"Shut the hell up, you bunch of mid-western hog farmers. I'll come into the audience and kill each and every one of you sons of bitches. Bow down to the God of pro wrestling, Adam Riggs...WWA World champion, European champion, PWA champion, and now MAPW champion...Barry Windham may have called himself the champion of champions but he was nothing more then a hlaf-baked pedophile. You would think I would be happy, on top of the world, but instead I am pissed off once again. First of all the Overlords have let me down again. Other then April no one else seems to have what it takes to win gold. Trent, may still have time to develop but you didnt win the TV title, and now you lost to some old cowboy..pathetic. Severn and Stalk what the hell is that losing to those idiots Evergreen and Chavez...I've held more titles then they've held women. Those guys probably couldn't even hold their ***** right, never mind tag team gold. PATHETIC.
Myers...you were supposed to be the ringer, but instead you lose to Kurt Angle, an amateur wrestler!!
But what's bugging my ass the most right now is that Brock Lesbian thinks I need HIS help to beat Petey Williams who's a hundred and fifty pounds when he's covered in man juice on a Saturday night. And he's CANADIAN of all things.
Brock, get your roided up ass out here now and beg me for forgiveness with an explanation as to why you stuck your fat face into my business!!
The fans boo but Lesnar does not appear. Finally Riggs grabs the title belt, and leaves the ring. He pauses by the announce table and out of the blue ~waffles~ announcer Joe Aiello in the head with the belt.
Bout #3
Yoshi Tajiri defeated Brandon Bricks by pinfall after a brainbuster at 4:45
-squash match
Chris Champion comes to the ring. He says in light of what has happened betwen Brock Lesnar and Adam Riggs a special match is signed for later tonight. It will be Adam Riggs and April Hunter teaming to take on Brock Lesnar and Rena Mero in a mixed tag match.
Petey Williams comes to the ring, and demands to have his title rematch against Riggs tonight. Champion says its true that Williams is entitled to an automatic rematch but that his orders from MAPW's managing committee is that title shot will not be tonight. Williams says he's the damn commissioner and he will make whatever match he wants. Champion counters that not only is that not in the purvue of the commissioner's current role, that is covered by the managing committee, but that no Williams lost the commissioner role when he lost the MAPW title.
The fans boo as Champion states that unfortunately Adam Riggs is now the commissioner of MAPW.
Adam Riggs slides into the ring and levels Williams from behind with a clothesline. He picks him up and delives a jackknife powerbomb. Chris Champion gamely tries to get Riggs to stop, but Riggs just pushes him to the side. Riggs picks up Williams and nails a second jacknife powerbomb.
Bout #4
Robert "Blaze" Bayley defeated Vampiro by pinfall after a Blaze Bomb at 11:00
-best match of the night by far as both men could go, and both like to brawl. Vampiro got busted open on the ringpost at about the 7 minute mark and bled heavily the rest of the way. Vampiro had the match all but won but got cocky and Blaze caught him coming off the top rope with a fist to the gut, and then nailed a pair of snap suplexes before hitting the Blaze bomb.
[end of first hour]


The MAPW Tag Team champions Asp Evergreen and Eddie Chavez come to the ring. Asp is decked out in a powder blue tuxedo with ruffled shoes, and Eddie has on a black tux with a tuxedo t-shirt underneath. Asp is holding flowers, while Eddie has a box of chocolates and a small Victoria Secret bag.
They try and call out Joanie Laurer.
Asp] Joanie we need to know which one of us you like better.
Eddie] Joanie please, tell Asp that you like me best.
Asp] She's sweet on me..
Eddie] Is not
Asp] Is too
Eddie] Let the babe decide..please Joanie...
Asp] Joanie loves Asp...not Chachi
Eddie] You calling me Chachi ?
Asp] If the shoe fits wear it
Eddie] Your the one stuck in the mid to late 1980's not me...
Asp] I don't think she's coming dude
Eddie] I feel awkward
Asp] Can I have some chocolates
*Eddie begins to unwrap the chocolates*
Out from the back comes the Natural Born Thrillers Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak to a mixed reaction from the crowd.
O'Haire] You know I understand that the fans love you guys...and I respect that as underdogs you have managed to hold those tag titles for so long..but honest guys..I think the fans need champions they can RESPECT. So, as friends, I tell you guys that we are the number one challengers now for those belts and next week we demand our title shot.
Asp] Hey have you guys seen Joanie Laurer?
Eddie *standing on his tip toes*] She's about this tall, really cute..
Jindrak] I told you Sean...these guys are just idiots...we don't need to pander to them or the fans. Listen retards next week we're taking those belts from you.
Asp] Okay, well, if you see her let her know we're looking for her.
Bout #5
MAPW TV Title Match
Billy Kidman defeated Nigel McGuinness by disqualification for use of a foreign object at 9:21
[Billy Kidman retained the MAPW TV Title]
-Kidman frustrated McGuinness through much of this match that ended when the English rogue decided to try and use his iron, causing his dq.
Bout #6
Mixed Tag Match
Brock Lesnar & Rena Mero and Adam Riggs & April Hunter battled to a no-contest at 2:05
-Hunter wanted to start against Mero so the two women locked up. Hunter grabbed the advantage and worked over Mero before tagging in Riggs. The Irish thug put Mero's head between his legs in a standing headlock, and taunted Lesnar that he was going to powerbomb her.
Then Petey Williams ran in, grabbing Riggs' MAPW HW title off the announce table on his way and nailed Riggs in the back.
Lesnar grabbed Mero and the two of them left the ring. Hunter caught Williams with a clothesline, but Petey fired right back at her with forearms, before being driven in the back by a recovered Riggs.
Riggs and Hunter began to work over Williams while Mero and Lesnar left the ringside area. Mero tried to get Lesnar to turn around and help Williams but he refused and walked away, and Mero followed.
Finally Blaze Bayley and Kurt Angle rushed the ring to make the save.
Adam Riggs stand on top of the announce table while Bayley and Angle help Williams in the ring.
Linley Tolbert has been joined by Chris Champion at the table since Joe Aiello was whacked earlier by Riggs. Tolbert makes the mistake of singing the praises of Riggs, who then calls Tolbert a brown nosed, corporate sell-out and kicks him in the head from the elevated position of the announce table. Champion retreats into the crowd.
Riggs] Now Champion unless you have any objections I would like to try and save this abortion of a show you put together...I mean you call that a main event? The only thing main event about that match was it had me in it. Okay, Dan Severn and Brandon Myers come down to the ring.
The fans boo as after a few seconds the two Overlords come down and stand in front of the elevated Riggs.
Riggs] It seems that since you two have been on such a losing streak I need to set you up for an easy victory. So who to match you against? Well...maybe what we could do is make sure at least ONE of you gets a victory...so tonight's main event will be Dan "the Beast" Severn against Brandon Myers...one on one..right here...right now...James Beard if you would be so kind as come down and officiate this one right down the middle.
Severn and Myers are in shock but the fans applaud as Riggs motions for them to enter the ring. In the meantime Bayley and Angle have helped Williams out of the ring.
Main Event
Brandon Myers defeated Dan Severn by pinfall after hitting him with a pair of brass knuckles at 11:39
-they started off very tentative, but that lasted only about a minute before fists were flying. Neither man held back and James Beard seemed to be enjoying himself. Myers was in trouble so he managed to whip Severn into Beard and knock him out. The Stalk came down to the ring and tried to toss Severn a pair of brass knux. Severn missed them and as he tried to pick them up at his feet Myers struck with a DDT. He then nailed Severn with the brass knux, and with perfect timing James Beard woke up to make the count.
The Stalk entered the ring to help his trainer Severn, but Myers got into his face about trying to toss in the brass knux. The two were standing, jawing at each other as we