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American Pro Wrestling

February 3, 2007

Opening Bout:
Robert Blaze Bayley defeated Sean Waltman by pinfall after a Blaze Bomb at 5:50
-fairly easy victory for Bayley
Brock Lesnar (/w Rena Mero) states the obvious. Since he beat Blaze Bayley last week he is the new #1 contender and awaits the winner of Petey Williams and Adam Riggs tonight. But Lesnar's venom is actually pointed toward Riggs over what happened last week. Lesnar says he screwed Riggs' chance for a title win last week because Riggs interfered with Mero's match against Hunter. Lesnar laughs at Riggs saying he never knew the Irish thug was beholden to a piece of ****. He tells Riggs to stay out of Mero - Hunter's rematch tonight, if he wants a fair chance to beat Williams.
Bout #2
Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak defeated Dustin Rhodes & Javier Reyes by pinfall when Jindrak pinned Reyes after a springboard clothesline at 6:47
-Reyes was the weak link in this match and Rhodes showed his disgust for his partner openly.
Bout #3
MAPW Women's Championship Match
April Hunter defeated Rena Mero by pinfall after a frankensteiner at 6:56
[April Hunter retains the MAPW Women's Title]
-the best match of the night so far, and that's not saying much. Hunter took it to Mero for most of the match, and at times it looked like Mero was looking for Brock who was not there to help her out.
Bout #4
Six Man Mixed Tag Match
Dan Severn, The Stalk, & Dana Hamm defeated Asp Evergreen, Eddie Chavez, & Joanie Laurer by pinfall when Severn pinned Laurer after a German suplex at 13:59
-Laurer didn't seem to be trying too hard to make a difference, and Hamm has improved so much that this seemed like a 3 on 2 handicap match for most. In the end though the sick Dan Severn got his hands on Laurer and decimated her.
As Laurer lay injured and the tag champs looked after her, Sean Waltman came into the ring with concern on his face. But Waltman rubbed the tag champs the wrong way. While Asp was slugging it out with Waltman before Chavez could help him out Laurer suddenly revived, wrapped her arms around the back of Chavez's neck and kissed him. Asp managed to drive off Waltman while Chavez kneeled in the ring in disbelief.
[end of first hour]
Bout #5
Four Corners Match
Nigel McGuinness defeated Jerry Orth & Sam Holiday & Trent Arion by pinfall when McGuinness pinned Holiday after hitting him with an iron at 11:25
-as could be expected tempers ran out fast in this unofficial #1 contenders match for the TV title. Jery Orth especially had a strong outing tonight, and Arion looked good as well. Holiday seemed to still be nursing injuries, and McGuinness seemed to avoid contact whenever he could but took the first opportunity to use that iron of his to pick up the win.
Bout #6
MAPW Heavyweight Championship Match
Adam Riggs defeated Petey Williams by pinfall after a Phenomenal performance at 11:02
[Adam Riggs wins the MAPW Heavyweight Title]
-Williams started strong but as could be expected ran into trouble against the pure viciousness and size of Riggs. When Williams refused to be pinned though and started to make a comeback April Hunter came down to the ring to try and distract things. She did a good job, but then Brock Lesnar came down to the ring to even things up. Petey Williams climbed to the top rope...only to have Brock Lesnar jump up and club him from behind...dropping him like a bad habit. The fans went from shock to outrage in about the three seconds it took referee Buddy Lane to count, 1, 2, 3, and declare the new champion.
Main Event:
Chain Match
Kurt Angle defeated Brandon Myers by pinfall in a chain match at 15:45
-both men were a bloody mess by the five minute mark, and the last couple minutes were extremely slow as the two were so worn down they had to take short rests between every attack. The two men struggled to the top rope but Angle was able to wrap the chain around Myers neck and then hoisting him on his shoulders Angle slammed him down to the mat for the win.