American Pro Wrestling

Feb 1/03: Saturday Squash

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Saturday Morning Squash

Air Date: February 1st, 2003


Announce Crew: Joe Aiello (play by play), Linley Tolbert (Color Commentary), and President Jack Larkin (guest 3rd wheel).


Mr. Wrestling defeated Kenny Omega by submission with the crossface chickenwing. 3:31


Via e-mail President Larkin is asked;

What is your opinion on the WWA-NWA merger?

Larkins response was that it was a sad day to see the WWA brand name disappear. Despite PWAs claims to keeping the lineage alive he feels that PWA is by no means an alliance of any sort. He says that it seems that PWA wants to have an alliance of promoters and writers working for PWA instead of as independents. This way they control all the talent and can use whichever talents they want for the top shows. Larkin admits to suggesting to Fredrickson that he sue and remove the current PWA owners and step back into the role. A step back would be preferable to the current set-up. Regardless of how many shows they claim to be able to run, having over 200 wrestlers on the roster does a grave injustice to smaller feds. Larkin closes by admitting to being WWA in his heart and soul, but is still happy at the prospects of joining the NWA fraternity.

Ed. Note] These comments were taped before recent changes to the WWA-NWA alliance restricting the use of talent.


Sugarbear Baker defeated Eddie Chavez by pinfall after a top-rope splash at 4:34


Via e-mail Larkin is asked;

What is your opinion on the balance between Sports Entertainment and real wrestling?

Larkin says the bottom line is you have to market your product properly to the audience you are aiming for. He admits that his in-ring approach and old school angles may not have the potential for as high of ratings as the sensationalism you see in some other feds. However, its audience base is more stable, and less likely to take big hits due to competition and economic setbacks, and should go up and down based more on the product itself then these exterior factors.


Tony Gold defeated Will Damon after a backflip cradle at 7:01



Asp Evergreen is having a conversation with Eddie Chavez, Shane Stevens, and John Schoffner. He tells them that they are all being held down by the office, and that they really have to make their own breaks in this business. Stevens laughs at him and asks if being squashed by Vendetta is considered a break. Chavez tells Stevens to shut-up, that at least Evergreen made it onto the "A" show. Stevens walks away shaking his head. They ask Schoffner what he thinks, and he responds by pulling out a quarter and telling them hes going to call his Dad and ask his advice.


Via live audience question, Larkin is asked;

How have you fared financially during the recent economic downturns, and do you have any tips on how to make money this year?

Larkin says that he lost a lot of money initially, but grew wise early enough to make it all back by using shorts. He suggests staying in the market, but not to listen to the hands-off approach suggested by many brokers. The key to making money this year is having the right information about the right stocks. It is going to be a professionals market. As far as the wrestling market is concerned, well there is a saying that pretty much covers the economics of wrestling. The way to make a small fortune in pro wrestling, is to start with a large fortune. He says GPW is budgeted to lose around $800,000 this year.


Shane Madison and Shane Stevens battled to a no-contest at 3:34.

[Asp Evergreen entered the ring and laid both men out with chair shots]


Fade to Black