American Pro Wrestling

RAGE, June 5th, 2004

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2 Hour Edition of Rage
Taped Wednesday June 2nd
Air Date Saturday June 5th, 2004

From the campus of Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Hilton Coliseum


Attendence; 3,806


The NWA logo flashes quickly on the screen, followed by the MAPW logo..followed by,


"Tomorrow America and its neighbor Canada and the rest of the free world, remember the fallen heroes of 60 years ago, who stormed the beaches of Normandy, and took back our freedom, paying the ultimate price."


A silouette is on Brooke Hogan in the middle of the ring. The arena is dark except for the occasional flash bulb as she belts out "America the Beautiful."







Joe Aiello] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the company that believes in tradition, where old school is not used as a gimmick or a punch-line. Welcome to the heartland of America, welcome to Ames, Iowa, and the campus of Iowa State University!!!


Linley Tolbert] Thats right, only in America do we have the freedom to name a village like this one after a failed TV sitcom actor like Willie Aames.


Aiello] You really have no idea what you are talking about do you?


Tolbert] Do you?


Aiello] Ames has consistently made prestigious lists of the top 50 places to live in America,


Tolbert] mean if you're dead right?


Aiello] And is a world reknown center of biotech research and development...


Tolbert] And Charles is in charge right?


Aiello] Oh give me a break,


Tolbert], is this where I'm supposed to call someone a ham and egger?


Aiello] Folks, we have a lot of great action coming your way tonight, not the least of which will be the crowning of our tag team champions, as the Hardamann brothers clash with the Spinebusters.


Tolbert] And dont forget Joe we have the pleasure of hosting an NWA Heavyweight Tournament match here tonight as Nic Cross tangles horns with Orlando Jordan.


Aiello] So without further adieu lets go to the ring.


NWA Heavyweight Tournament Preliminary Match


Nic Cross  v  Orlando Jordan


This match started with Cross in control, but Jordan soon roared back and picked the tempo up a notch. Both men seemed very uncomfortable facing each other, and the match was very tight with little fluidity. However, tempers soon began to rage and the match spilled out of the ring. Referee Jimmy Appleseed got knocked out when Cross reversed a whip and sent Jordan flying into the MAPW referee. Cross seized the opportunity to nail a distracted Jordan with a running clothesline. He then set up the PCW star for the pedigree on top of a steel chair outside the ring. However, the crowd erupted when Adam Riggs came flying out from the back. Cross saw this in time and released the hold, and Riggs and Cross exchanged punches. Riggs got the better of it by poking Cross in the eyes. By this time Jordan had recovered, grabbed the steel chair and would have wrapped it around the head of Cross if it weren't for Riggs who shocked the crowd by grabbing the chair away from Jordan. Cross flew into the picture and took Jordan down from behind clipping his leg. "The Game" then rolled Jordan back inside the ring and went to work on the leg for a minute before nailing a high knee lift, and then the pedigree. Riggs had already left for the back, and Appleseed regained his consciousness to officiate the end of the match.


Nic Cross defeated Orlando Jordan by pinfall with the pedigree at 11:07.


The announce crew make mention of our own MAPW stars who will be traveling around the globe to participate in NWA World Tournament matches this week. They wish the best to Adam Riggs, Shawn Michaels, Vendetta, and Manny Silva.


In-Ring Interview;

Joe Aiello is in the ring with the West Hollywood Blondes, Lenny Lane & Lodi. Usual stuff of challenging the winner of tonight's tag team championship match, claiming to be the #1 contenders. The fans cheer them on and they thank the fans for their support. This brings out the Sheepherders, Jim Nancy and Sexton Cage. Nancy tears into the WHB calling them a bunch of west coast fags, and says they will beat the tar out of them, and then go on to win the belts. Cage tells Nancy to be careful as that ain't tar coming out of them. The fans get on the 'herders case chanting "Naaannncyyy Booyyyy". The WHB have seen and heard enough and attack the 'herders. But in this kind of brawl they are no match for the double tough New Zealanders who quickly introduce Lane to the steel post, and then Lodi to the broadcast table.


The next match was set-up last week when Raymond Bingham told Joe Aiello to pick any name from the MAPW roster and he would beat him the following week to prove he deserves to be the #1 contender for the Heavyweight title. Aiello picked the "World's Most Dangerous Man", Ken Shamrock, and Bingham was either too stupid or too cocky to show any displeasure at the choice. In fact he claimed he would make Shamrock tap out to his own Ankle lock submission hold.


Prior to the match tonight, Commissioner Bob Backlund sent out his assistant for the week, Tylene Buck, one of 3 lovely ladies taking a turn as apprentice, and all vying for the position as Executive Assistant. Buck energizes the crowd with her camouflage bikini top which quite clearly does not do the intended job of making anything hard to see, and a pair of tight white shorts, Buck announces that this match has so intrigued Mr. Bob Backlund that he has decreed that in fact, the winner of tonight's match will get a shot at the MAPW Heavyweight champion!!


Raymond Bingham comes to the ring wearing his "2001 PWI Rookie of the Year" t-shirt and reminds the audience of not only that prestigious award but also the 2003 WWA wrestler of the year award.


Raymond Bingham  v  Ken Shamrock


This may have been the best match we have seen in this short re-birth of MAPW as Bingham pulled out all the stops to try and get the win over Shamrock. A flurry of flying, standing, and missile dropkicks, aided by a handful of tights or a well placed boot on the bottom rope rendered a couple of near falls. Shamrock had his moments and dealt out some punishment too with German suplexes, a superplex, and several variations of armbars and armwringers, but overall Bingham won the first 15 minutes of this match on points. Bingham rocked Shamrock with a jawbreaker, a jumping neck snap reminiscent of Curt Hennig, and a pair of swinging neckbreakers but could still not get Shamrock to stay down for the count. Bingham seemed to be on the verge of one of his usual temper tantrums which would see him lose control and likely the match, but much to everyone's shock he regained his composure. He applied a front facelock, then a DDT, and got another 2 count. At this point we were 16 minutes into a 20 minute time limit match. He nailed a snap suplex and then his front faceslam finisher, but again only got a 2 count. This time Bingham did lose his temper, kicking the bottom rope and screaming at referee Buddy Lane, threatening him with a closed fist. Shamrock pounced on Bingham from behind delivering a kick to the back of the thigh, and then a short kick to the ribs, and another to the back of the head. Buddy Lane counted, 1, 2, kickout. Shamrock stomped repeatedly on the ankle and the fans cheered in anticipation of what was next, the ankle lock submission. However, before he could apply it Shamrock fell victim to a sneaky kick to the groin and then a leg whip. Bingham rolled towards Shamrock, grabbed a leg, and remarkably got to his feet in the middle of the ring with the ankle lock submission firmly locked on the "World's Most Dangerous Man". Referee Lane asked Shamrock who kept saying "no", but he got too close and as Shamrock managed to topple Bingham, the cocky young star's head smacked into Lane's head. Shamrock recovered and locked the ankle lock submission on Bingham a few seconds after the announcers had called out last minute remaining in this match. The fans went nuts as Bingham began to tap wildly on the mat, but Lane was out cold. Finally Shamrock gave up, released the hold and tried to revive Lane. However, it was futile as the last few seconds ticked off the clock, Bingham managed to literally crawl away as he couldn't stand on his ankle, and the bell sounded with Shamrock still trying to wake up Lane. Shamrock called for help from the back and the paramedics came to attend to the fallen referee.


Raymond Bingham and Ken Shamrock battled to a 20-minute time limit draw.





We see WWF young stars, the Hartbreakers, Michael Shane & Teddy Hart walking around backstage, being followed by a cameraman who they are prompting to follow along. They walk to the dressing room door of Commissioner Bob Backlund and knock rather loudly.


Backlund from far inside the room] Who the hell is it?


Hart] Ahh..just a couple of jobbers from up north you ordered. We just need help finding something.


Backlund] I'm kind of busy right now boys, why dont you come back later? Much later.


Hart] Oh this won't take long, and we dont want to tie up your valuable time Mr. Backlund, I'm sure your assistant Tylene Buck could help us out just fine.


Hart & Shane giggle to themselves and pat each other on the back.


Backlund] Well, to tell you the truth boys..shes kind of busy at the moment too.


Hart & Shane look at each other bewildered before a look of understanding crosses their face.


Shane] Okay, Mr. Backlund, it's just that my uncle Shawn Michaels sent me


Backlund] Well why didn't you just say so, wait just a minute.


There is some rustling and banging sounds like moving furniture, and then Tylene Buck opens the door just far enough to peak out, a towel covering her chest.


Buck, whispering] What do you guys need?


Shane] Oh just the key to my Uncle's dressing room. We know he's not here but I have a gift from his mother...


Shane holds up a crucifix dangling at the end of a gold chain.


Shane] ...that she wanted me to leave with his gear. I know he would  be very disappointed if he didn't get it.


Buck] Sure, I understand, just a second.


Buck closes the door, and opens it a few seconds later handing them a key, and pointing across the hallway to an unmarked doorway. She closes the door.


We watch as the boys cross the hallway and open a door just a few yards down. Inside the very small room are several equipment bags, but Shane immediately spots the one he is looking for and opens it up. He pulls out some of Shawn's ring attire and smiles at his partner. Hart turns and smiles at the camera, turns again so his back is to the camera, and unzips his pants. We hear the unmistakable sounds of two men taking a whiz.



Re-Match: Grudge Match Rules (No countout, No DQ)


Ron Waterman  v  Bam Bam Bigelow


These two big men waste no time reuniting and the match soon spreads to outside the ring. The fans boo as Bigleow gets the upper hand smashing Waterman through a table. Jeers turn to cheers though as Waterman fights back inside the ring and denies Bigelow a victory by nailing the Waterbomb practically out of nowhere.


Ron Waterman beat Bam Bam Bigelow by pinfall after the Waterbomb at 6:49.


Post-Match: A very frustrated Bigelow tastes his own blood in the ring as both his and Waterman's foreheads had been busted open. We go to break with Bigelow pounding his fists into the mat in frustration.




Teddy Hart & Michael Shane are getting ready to get into a rental car, and are just giving some final goodbyes to the camera and a message to HBK to take them more seriously, as they are the future, he is the past. Hart laughs and says not only are they the Hartbreakers, but if need be they will be the backbreakers. But before they can exit, Pistol Greg Pawluk comes into the picture, wandering by. He says hi to Hart who bursts out laughing which stops Pawluk in his tracks. Shane asks Hart if he knows this putz, and Hart says that he was a student in the Hart Dungeon. Hart tells Shane with a lot of desdain that Pawluk tried to make a name for himself in the indy circuit for years trying to pass himself off as a nephew of the Hart family. Shane begins to laugh, which then sets Hart off laughing as well. Pawluk is insulted and starts to tell the pair off until Hart lashes out with a kick that catches Pawluk in the gut. Hart and Shane are quick to the attack laying in the punches and kicks to an overwhelmed Pawluk. Shane slams Pawluk onto the trunk of the rental car, before the Hartbreakers jump in and squeal away, sending Pawluk tumbling off the car smashing into the concrete parking lot.


<<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>>


The fans are shocked and get to their feet when they hear the familiar music of DDP. The air comes out of the arena like a giant balloon however when Kimberly Page makes her way down to the ring wearing shorts, a tank-top, kneepads, and wrestling boots. She gets into the ring with a mic.


Kimberly Page] Last week Bob Backlund made the biggest mistake of his stay here in MAPW. He dismissed me from consideration for the Executive Assistant position, claiming I wasn't loyal enough. Well Bob, you'll have to excuse me because unlike Kim Kanner, Tylene Buck, and Debra McMichaels I have gone over your head, as opposed to just reaching your head. I know a way to get onto the good side of the big guy himself, Jack Larkin. And that way is to embarrass a little twerp in the back by the name of Asp Evergreen! So Evergreen, if you're in the back, and I know you are because I can smell your Brute cologne from here, then come on down and lets get it on!


<<< cue "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit >>>


Derek St. Holmes, ESQ comes down to the ring apron with a mic. He tells Page she has no business in the ring with a great wrestler like his client Asp. He says they won't take the challenge because they have nothing to gain. Page tries to goad him into the match by calling them chickens, cowards, etc. None of this has any effect as Holmes walks away, almost reaching the top of the ramp before Page makes one last desperate attempt.


Page] I tell you what then Holmes. You tell Asp, that if he wins I will throw in a box of Oxy-Pads, and I tell you what, he can have this.,


Page bends over and touches her toes, wiggling her backside at Holmes, who trips on his jaw, and drops his mic on his toes, as the crowd cheers and whistles.


Holmes however regains his composure, wiggles his finger no, and backs of the ramp, as the crowd boos.


<<< cue "Asp" by Savatage >>>


Asp comes walking down the aisle dressed in blue jeans and a grey hoodie, with Holmes trying to hold him back. Asp has a wild look on his face and pushes past his manager. He enters the ring and goes right after Page, grabbing an early advantage and a handful of hair.


Asp Evergreen (/w Derek St. Holmes)  v  Kimberly Page


Evergeen grabs the advantage and keeps it as referee Jurgen Hermann comes down to the ring to officiate. Asp could have tried and probably got an early pin but his fascination for Page's backside distracted him constantly. Finally Page fought back with a kick to the shin, then one to the groin, a chop to the throat, and then a "hairacarana", that left Asp grabbing at his head. He was reeling and walked right into a DDT. Derek St. Holmes tried to rush the ring but was suddenly taken out from behind as Eddie Chavez came running from the back. Inside the ring Page blew a kiss to referee Hermann and gave him a wink that caused him to count possibly the quickest, 1,2,3, in NWA history.


Kimberly Page beat Asp Evergreen by pinfall after a DDT, and assisted by a wink and a smile, at 5:12.



A camera is set up in Bob Backlund's office, where he is seated ready to make some sort of statement. Standing over him is Tylene Buck.
Backlund] Next week on Rage...
The door bursts open and referee Jimmy Appleseed enters.
Appleseed]] Boss, boss,
Backlund] Calm down Johnny, calm down, what's wrong?
Appleseed] It's Jimmy sir, not Johnny.
Backlund] You interrupted me to tell me your name?
Buck] No Bob, he interrupted you first, then you got his name wrong, but then he thought...
Backlund gives her a quizzacal look that causes her to stop talking.
Backlund] Haven't you done enough damage already for one night?
Backlund turns to Appleseed and mutters] If only those were brains. Now what the hell is wrong?
Appleseed] It's Buddy, they had to take him to the hospital, he might have a concussion. He's scheduled to referee the main event tonight between the Hardamann's and the Spinebusters for the tag titles.
Backlund] Oh dear that is a problem isn't it...CONSIDERING I HAVE 3 OTHER REFEREES...
Appleseed] Well I guess there is that but,
Backlund] But your right Johnny, those Spinebusters are a devious lot aren't they! I need a man inside the ring that can keep control, that can dish it out as well as take it, a man of integrity.
Appleseed has a big smile, and is puffing out his chest.
Backlund] But where could I possibly find such a man?
Buck] Well I know one man, who is strong, fair, and as tough as the day is long.
Backlund] Yes I know but I am far too busy with administrative matters to ref a match!
Buck] I meant Sam Holiday, I saw him wandering around backstage earlier tonight.
Backlund] That's brilliant!! You may just have turned this night from being a total disaster for your job chances to being a possible home run! Sam Holiday will be the referee for tonight's main event. Thanks for dropping by Johnny.


"Extreme" Jack Voight  v  Al Collins (/w Sable)


Sable wore a devious smile, and very little else down to the ring. Collins seemed taken aback and embarrassed by Sable's outfit and her flirting with the crowd, but still helped her into the ring feeling sorry for her after her act last week that seems to have made him smitten.

As the match began Sable took a seat at the announce table, actually on the announce table, actually it turned into a bit of a table dance. She did manage to speak enough to tell Bob Backlund to take his Executive Assistant job and shove it up his backside, and that he could eat his heart out, cause there was nothing on her that he could, that sentence was cut short by Joe Aiello.

Inside the ring Collins would have a tough time with such a ruthless animal like Voight on the best of days, but add in the distraction of his own new valet and he was lost in this match. Voight punishes Collins with a bearhug, continues working on the back with a couple of backbreakers, and takes Collins down with a short lariat that literally knocks one of Collins' boots off and tumbles out of the ring. Voight locks on the cobra clutch and Collins submits.


Jack Voight beat Al Collins by submission with the Cobra Clutch at 4:35.



Sable joins a dazed Collins in the ring and helps him to the back, looking very concerned about his well-being, or at least she would if it wasn't for the smirk on her face which seems to come and go.


In-ring promo;
<<< cue "Diamonds and Rust" by Judas Priest >>>
Mist, darkness, mixed with flashes of light bring Diamond Rhodes and Paisley to the ring. He is dressed in a black trenchcoat and boots, she is wearing a purple latex catsuit. Once in the ring she gets down on all fours and cozies up to his leg as he speaks. He mutters more of the same stuff about being the hardest force in the universe, and about being every women's best friend. Then Rhodes says that he has spotted the "Rust" that will ideally compliment his own agenda. Soon enough he promises his new partner will be unveiled. The crowd doesn't really seem to care though, and chants of "freak" are heard sporadically thoughout the venue.


Main Event
MAPW Tag Team Championship Match
Special guest referee Sam Holiday
Al & Luke Hardamann
v The Spinebusters; Bryan Caruthers & Jerry Orth
The Hardamanns start strong, taking the style of the Spinebusters and shoving it right back down their throat with quick tags, cutting the ring in half and using some double-teams on the tags. Caruthers plays Ricky Morton for a few minutes until the Spinebusters manage a double team hotshot on Al and take control. Now it's the Spinebusters turn to use the same tactics, and Luke begins to lose his temper on the apron. He misses a sure tag when Al finally does fight free because he was inside the ring trying to intefere but Holiday would have none of it.
Soon the match deteriorated into a four man brawl, a series of 2 on 1's, and then some real good tag team chain wrestling that brought the fans to their feet. The Spinebusters managed to grab control again when Orth held Al's neck under the bottom rope, yanking up in a slingshot position, and then Caruthers came off the apron with a knee drop right onto the prone forehead of the "Wild Thing".
Luke lost his temper and tried to interfere again, and once again Sam Holiday called it right down the middle struggling with Luke to put him back out of the ring. However, while his back was turned Orth put Al into a piledriver position, Caruthers slid a steel chair into the ring and then climbed to the top rope. "Plan B" Caruthers then came off the top to aid Orth in piledriving the younger Hardamann brother onto the steel chair. After that the pin was a foregone conclusion.
The Spinebusters beat the Hardamann Brothers by pinfall when Jerry Orth pinned Al Hardamann after a stuffed piledriver onto a steel chair at 13:45.
The Spinebusters win the MAPW Tag Team Titles.
Luke continues a heated debate with Sam Holiday, and when the two get into a shoving match a bloodied and wobbly Al has to try and step between them. Immediately both men forget their differences for a minute to help Al, only to begin to argue again over who is going to help him to the back. Finally Sam Holiday throws his arms up and leaves it to Luke.
Meanwhile, the Spinebusters grab their newly won tag team belts and celebrate standing on top of the announce table, as we 

Fade to Black