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August 23rd, 2003

Civic Center

Butte, Montana

Attendence; 3,655



Opening Match:

"Beauty & The Beast" Lord Valmont & Menele (/w Sherry Valmont)


mystery opponents

"Rainbow Express" Lenny Lane & Lodi


  Before the match Lord Valmont gave strict instructions to his wife and valet Sherry to stand near their corner and to stay out of the match. He slapped Menele across the chest and told Sherry that the big guy would be watching his back in this match.  The fans popped big for the surprise appearance by Lenny & Lodi, who were as "flaming" as usual. As they strutted and pranced for the crowd they were attacked from behind by Menele.

  With the initial advantage from the sneak attack Menele went to work on Lenny Lane with a series of dangerous looking suplexes, and then a full nelson slam that yielded a two count. He tagged out to Valmont who continued the pressure with a camel clutch and then a series of blatant chokeholds and a chop to the throat. With Lane trying to protect his throat he was open season for Valmont to sneak under with a devastating overhead suplex for another near fall. Finally Lane managed to use a dragon legwhip to gain a few seconds to make the tag out to his partner Lodi.

  The fans got back into the match as Lodi went to work with punches and kicks, stunning Valmont. When Menele tried to intervene he was greeted with a back body drop and rolled out of the ring. Lodi began to work the shoulder of Valmont with a leg shoulder breaker and then locked in the crossface chickenwing. Menele though made the save.

  As referee Buddy Lane led Menele out of the ring, Lenny Lane came off the top with a splash onto the still prone Valmont. He had no sooner rolled off then Lodi followed suit with a standing moonsault. This time Menele could not get back inside, and Lane counted the 1, 2, before Sherry Valmont reached in and pulled Lodi off of her husband. Lenny Lane went right after Sherry chasing her around the ring. Menele came into the ring and nailed Lodi with a spear as he rose to his feet. Lane tried to get Menele to leave the ring as Lodi lay knocked out in the ring. Instead of going for the pin though, Valmont staggered out of the ring to try and help his wife who was still being stalked by Lane. Valmont charged Lane from behind, who deftly moved out of the way, and once again caused the groom to kiss the bride, forehead to forehead.

Lane rolled Valmont back into the ring where Lodi was waiting. Menele left the ring and chased Lane away from Sherry Valmont, and then helped the lady to her feet. In the meantime, Lodi rolled up Lord Valmont and made the pin.

[Rainbow Express beat Beauty & the Beast by pinfall at 8:19 when Lodi pinned Lord Valmont with a victory roll]


No Disqualification
Norman Smiley  v  Jesse Hennig
Jesse came out dressed in cowboy gear including boots, spurs, a lasso, and a black stetson. He took the mic and promised the crowd that he would lynch Smiley tonight right here in the Heartland of America. He drew heated jeers from the crowd. However, the crowd errupted into cheers when Norman Smiley came out also all "duded" up including a white stetson.
Jesse left the ring when it was charged by Smiley, and forced the Brit to chase him out of the ring where he caught him with a clothesline. Immediately Hennig went to an attack of keeping Smiley on his back, laying in a series of stomps, boot chokes, and an absolutely brutal looking kick to the head that caused Smiley to turn right over, face down.
Hennig went and grabbed the ringbell, and while he was gone Smiley tried to crawl away, his head dripping blood as he crawled. When Hennig saw his condition he dropped the ringbell, walked over and began to kick at Smiley with light kicks to the ribs and head. He then got down on his knees and began to smash Smiley's head into the floor, time and again. When he got back to his feet Smiley was laying face down, unmoving.
Jesse then went and grabbed his lasso. He straddled Smiley from behind, mocked him with his version of the Big Wiggle, and then went to wrap the lasso around Smiley's neck. But he was caught off guard when the Brit raised his back up, and bucked Hennig forward off of him. Smiley rolled over, grabbed the ankle of Hennig and bought some recovery time by locking on the ankle lock submission.
Hennig finally managed to kick his way out of the hold, but the damage was done. Smiley was groggy and bleeding, but for the time being Hennig was having trouble standing. The two used the apron to pull themselves up and traded punches and kicks. The lethargic brawl then made its way around the ring, using the ringsteps and announce table as props of destruction.
The match went into the crowd where Smiley took control by running with Hennig in a headlock, leaping over the guardrail while Hennig continued on, head first into the rail. It was a devastating move that put Smiley into control of the match.
Inside the ring for the first time in the match Smiley punished Hennig further with an inverted facelock brainbuster. Referee Jimmy Appleseed wasn't happy when Smiley lifted Hennig up instead of taking the 3 count, but it is no disqualification. Smiley then locked on the Norman Conquest and got the win when Hennig could not respond.
[Norman Smiley defeated Jesse Hennig by submission at 7:48 with the Norman Conquest]


Falls Count Anywhere - Grudge Match
Dr. John Manfried  v  Asp Evergreen
Asp entered the ring first. He came down with Eddie Chavez and the duo were roundly jeered by the crowd. Referee Jimmy Appleseed though sent Chavez to the backstage area, drawing out a temper tantrum from Evergreen. Appleseed and Evergreen grew impatient waiting for Manfried, and the ref left the ring and went to the timekeeper's table to ask about Manfried's whereabouts. Then the cage, suspended from the rafters for tonight's championship match between Vendetta and Manny Silva began to lower.
As it lowered Evergreen became more and more agitated, and soon left the ring, making his way slowly up the rampway. He grabbed a metal chair and continued to walk, keeping an eye on the backstage area. Manfried though came in from behind Evergreen, from the crowd, and nailed Evergreen in the back with a flying forearm. The fight was on, both grapplers on the ground. Manfried grabbed the early advantage, and eventually managed to take the metal chair off the ground and ~waffle~ Evergreen across the cranium. The youngster's legs buckled and he crumpled to the ground. Manfried scooped him up in a fireman's carry and took him to the ring.
Manfried slid under the cage which had stopped, 3 feet above the ground, and dragged Evergreen under and into the ring. Appleseed signalled for the bell, and the match officially began, with Evergreen unconscious and wearing the proverbial crimson mask of blood.
The killer from Texas reached into one of the pockets of his cargo pants and produced a small garrot of metal twine. He wrapped it around Evergeen, both choking him and drawing a trickle of blood from his neck. Next he delivered a powerbomb, and a flying kneedrop. He went for the cover and got the 1, 2, ..but pulled him up before the 3 count. Manfried continued the inhuman punishment with a DDT, and then reached into his pockets and pulled out an electric razor. Eddie Chavez ran in from the backstage area, but Manfried saw him coming and took him out with a double thrust to the throat, followed by a single arm DDT. He then threw Chavez against the steel cage. The crowd cheered as Ron Simmons came out and scooped up Chavez, carrying him to the back and out of this match.
Manfried positioned Evergreen in a sit-up position, putting his knee into the youngster's back, and turned on the razor. Evergreen though was playing possum and struck upward with a fist that caught the Texan square in the chin. Evergreen began to stomp away at Manfried and then grabbed the electric razor. He tried to cut Manfried's hair but the Texan intercepted his arm, and then gave him a nasty headbutt. Manfried went on the attack once more with a flying clothesline, pumphandle slam, armbreaker, and then a key-lock armbar submission.
Unable to get Evergreen to submit, Manfried went to the top turnbuckle, and after a bit of hesitation climbed up the cage. He came off with an elbowdrop from half way up the cage, but Evergeen of course rolled out of the way. Both men were down but Asp was on his feet first at the count of 7. He went to work on Manfried with a standing moonsault, hurrincanrana, and a fisherman suplex but only got a 2 count. Next he resorted to smashing his opponent's head into the steel cage and rubbing his forehead across the links. Manfried was now busted open as well. Evergreen nailed a double underhook piledriver, and then climbed the cage.
The crowd was on their feet as Evergeen hung near the top of the cage, poised to drop an elbow, but then Manfried staggered to his feet. Evergreen began to climb down the cage, but Manfried began to climb up right under his opponent. Evergeen landed a nasty kick to the head of Manfried as he tried to get down the cage wall, but the Texan hung onto the cage. He managed to avoid further kicks, and then grabbed a hold of Evergeen by the waist so he was pulling him free from the cage. Holding the weight of both wrestlers was not an option for the much smaller Evergreen so he had to let go. Both men fell backward from the wall of the steel cage, with Evergreen's back landing first, and the back of Manfried's head smashing hard into the crotch of Evergreen. Both men were down, but one of Manfried's shoulders was resting on Evergreen's leg, so only the youngster was in a pinning prediciment, and Appleseed laid down the 1, 2, 3.
[Dr. John Manfried defeated Asp Evergreen by pinfall at 10:30 after both men fell from the cage wall] 


WWA Mid-American Tag Team Championship Match
Union Jack & Gabriel Argos (champions)
The Great Canadians: Eric Scott & Vincent Regliatti
Scott & Regliatti basically resorted to their typical game of old school cheating, with double teams, using the ring rope to choke, not breaking until the 5 count, and so on. Normally Jack & Argos would manage to combat these tactics with their superior ground game, but seemed to be missing a gear tonight.
The crowd grew pretty quiet, only coming around when Argos managed a spirited comeback as his partner Union Jack was knocked out from a cheapshot off the ring apron. Long time inept referee Jurgen Hermann took a bump out of the action and much to everyone's surprise the Spinebusters, Bryan Caruthers & Jerry Orth ran in from the backstage area. Orth nailed Argos in the face with a chair shot. The man from Cyprus had just recovered from his shattered and broken nose, but the chair shot seemed to damage it again as his face was a bloody mess. Holding his hands to his face he turned right into Caruthers who nailed him with a spinebuster slam. The Great Canadians, who were on their feet, just watched all this transpire with shock. Their eyes locked with the Spinebusters as Caruthers motioned to his waist as if they wanted the belts, and then drew his finger across his throat.
Scott left the ring and made sure that Union Jack couldn't recover, while his partner Regliatti layed into Argos with a piledriver as Hermann was recovering.
[The Great Canadians beat Union Jack & Gabriel Argos by pinfall at 6:19 when Regliatti pinned Argos following a piledriver, with help from outside interference]
[The Great Canadians win the WWA Mid-American Tag Team Titles]


3-way Six Man Tag Team Match
Al Hardamann, Sam Holiday, & Ron Simmons
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & Adam Riggs (/w Tylene Buck & Kim Kanner)
Tiger Khan, Gregor Kitnitsov, & The Patriot (/w Sammy Yip)
The rules of the match were that one man from each team was legal at a time, so there were always supposed to be 3 men in the match. It soon became obvious to the fans, and to referee Buddy Lane that it was going to be impossible to control the match.
Either the Wolfpack or Global Warning always seemed to have a 2nd man in the match interfering, and if not then either Sammy Yip or one of the Wolfpack girls was getting involved.
The faces were in big trouble during the first few minutes of the match as they were simply outgunned. Buddy Lane made his first move when he sent Yip, Kanner, and Buck to the dressing room. Yip tried to leave with the girls to take them backstage, but they then flattened the weasel with a double kick to the groin.
Both Hardamann and Simmons took turns playing Ricky Morton, but the Wolfpack and Global Warning would not let each other pick up the pin that easy. A brawl ensued outside the ring between the two factions as the faces took the time to rest and regroup.
The Wolfpack decimated Global Warning, but when they returned to the apron they were in return attacked by the faces. Sam Holiday dragged Scott Hall into the ring and went to work on him with a series of forearms, a flying clothesline, backbreaker, and then went to the top rope for the Holiday legdrop. Nash & Riggs rushed the ring to try and take out Holiday before he could nail his finisher but they were met dead on by Simmons & Hardamann. Holiday nailed the legdrop and was going for the finish but the Patriot had recovered enough to reach into the ring and drag Holiday out to the floor.
Riggs and Nash outbrawled Simmons and Hardamann sending Simmons to the floor and dropping Hardamnn inside the ring with Big Sexy's jacknife powerbomb. Big Sexy stood in the ring keeping everyone else out as Adam Riggs climbed to the top rope. The crowd was on their feet to watch this almost 7 foot monster hit his moonsault. But at the last second Hardamann managed to get his knees up and Riggs took the damage square to the stomach. Nash turned to go after Hardamann but had his feet taken out from under him by Sam Holiday reaching into the ring.
Everyone else was outside the ring brawling, seemingly oblivious to what was happening inside the ring.
Hardamann turned Riggs over and pinned him with ease.
[Al Hardmann, Sam Holiday, & Ron Simmons defeated The Wolfpack and Global Warning by pinfall at 15:31 when Hardamann pinned Riggs]
As the victors celebrated they made a wise decision and vacated the ring to take their celebration to a safer spot backstage. The Woflpack in the meantime went nuts and started to destroy Global Warning. The fans actually cheered the Wolfpack as Nash powerbombed Khan, Riggs hit the top rope moonsault on the Patriot, and Hall nailed the Outsiders Edge on Kitntisov.
Then as the 3 headed to the back, Hall & Nash turned on Adam Riggs. They gave him a short, unspirited beatdown of kicks and punches before leaving him on the ground as the Outsiders went backstage together.


Match can only end by pinfall or submission
WWA Mid-American Heavyweight Championship
"Vicious" Manny Silva (/w Kimberly Page) (champion)
The two men went right after each other before the bell had sounded. Silva got the better of Vendetta in a punch-out. He then went to work on the right arm of Vendetta with armbars, and wrapping it around the top rope. The champ would toss in the occasional kick or punch to the head to keep the challenger dazed while he worked the arm. Next he went after the hand of Vendetta, stomping it, biting it and smashing it across a turnbuckle which he exposed by ripping off the covering. Silva continued disecting Vendetta by taking his finger and wrapping it through a link in the steel cage and then pulling on it. Vendetta's hand was a bloody mess.
Finally, the Haitian managed to fight back, with a hard headbutt, followed by a kick to the gut, and a one armed DDT, that didn't seem to pack too much punch coming from his off-side. Gingerly using his hand where he could he continued to punish the champ with a gourdbuster, and then a crowd popping somersault bodyblock from the top rope. He covered the champ but only got a 1 count.
Getting to their feet Silva took back control with a poke to the eye, and then lashed out with a kick right to the groin. Coates saw and admonished the champ, but could not disqualify him. She tried to get the champ to back off and give Vendetta time, but Silva refused, dragging him to his feet with a handful of dreadlocks. Bodyslam, kneedrop, slingshot into the corner, another kneedrop, and then a cover only brought the champ a 2 count.
The crowd was really into this one now, as Silva nailed two consecutive hanging vertical suplexes, but when he went for the pin the Haitian kicked out before Coates could even slap her hand down for the 1 count. Both men got to their feet and Vendetta rolled underneath a clothesline attempt by the champ, and then caught him turning around with a dropkick to the chin. He grabbed the leg and got a quick 2 count before Silva kicked out. Both men scrambled to their feet, and this time Silva ducked under a clothesline attempt, grabbed Vendetta and took him down with a waistlock suplex.
The match then degenerated to a punches and kick brawl with the occasional suplex thrown in for good measure. Silva slowly started to take more control of the match, and busted Vendetta open by smashing his head into the steel cage. The Haitian though returned the favor using the exposed turnbuckle from earlier on. Kimberly Page threw a roll of coins into the ring which Silva put in his fist and used to nail a resurging Vendetta with square in the forehead. The coins exploded out of his hand and the ring was littered with them, but again Coates was powerless to do anything about it.
However, while Silva was going for the pin, instead of counting she chose to admonish Silva instead. By the time she began counting Vendetta was able to kick out at 2. Silva dragged Vendetta to his feet, but then suddenly dropped him, turning quickly and grabbing Coates, and then drove her into the mat with a DDT. He spat on her, gave her a stomp and then turned back to the challenger.
But he was too slow, and Vendetta took him down with a double-leg takedown. He straddled the champ and began to lay in the punches, each one splattering more of Silva's blood. The challenger dragged Silva to his feet and then dropped him with a full-nelson forward Russian legsweep. He then smashed Silva's head repeatedly into the mat. He went for a pin before realizing that Coates was knocked out. So the Haitian dragged Silva by his feet  to the corner of the ring leaving a bloody skidmark along the path. He then climbed the cage to an elevation of around 10 feet and came straight down with a spectacular kneedrop to the head. Silva was completely knocked out but still no referee.
As Vendetta tried to awaken Coates, long time inept refereel Jurgen Herman ran down to the ring, had the officials open the cage and stepped in as the official. Vendetta looked so horrified at Herman's appearnace that he forgot about Silva laying prone. Finally he seemed to regain his composure and went for a pin but of course only managed to get a 2 count.
Silva tried his best to fight back, with any dirty placed kicks and pokes he could think of, but Vendetta was on a roll now. A powerbomb yielded a 2 count, followed by an inverted DDT which also only yielded a 2 count from a champion who could feel the belt slipping out of his grasp but was determined to try and hold on for as long as possible. Silva crawled to the cage and then facing the back waved his arms calling for reinforcements. Kimberly Page ran to the back.
Vendetta laid in a bodyslam, and then put on his finisher the Haitian deathlock (Indian deathlock). Silva tried to hang on as long as possible, and then from the back came The Outsiders with Kimberly Page. They got to the cage, shook it in their hands, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, shook it again, threw up their hands in defeat, and then left, with Page in-tow. The fans were going absolutely nuts at this point finally sensing a change of ownership of the region's top title held since February by Silva.
The champ's last desperation move was when Herman was checking on Silva the champ reached out, grabbed him by the collar and attempted to knock him out. Herman's self preservation instincts kicked in and he managed to move out of the way and out of the grasp of the champ. Within seconds the champ's shoulders were on the mat, still in the deathlock, and Herman laid down the 1..2..3 !!!
[Vendetta defeated Manny Silva by pinfall at 21:31 when he was counted out while in the Haitian Deathlock]
[Vendetta wins the WWA Mid-American Heavyweight Championship]
Sam Holiday, Al Hardamann, Ron Simmons, amongst others came to the ring to help Vendetta celebrate. Holiday wrapped the belt around the new champ's waist and he and Simmons hoisted the champ on their shoulders as the crowd cheered. Silva slunk away, walking down the ramp, his head held high, his eyes looking very glazed, and his face covered in blood.


Shawn Michaels


Dan Severn

<<< cue "Sleep When I'm Dead" by Warren Zevon >>>
President Larkin comes to the ring to a mix of cheers and boos, and is accompanied by none other then Bob Backlund!
<<< cue "Sexy Boy" >>>
Shawn Michaels comes to the ring to a tremendous ovation by the fans.
<<< cue "Princes of the Universe" by Queen >>>
Dan Severn comes down to the ring amidst a chorus of jeers from the fans.
Former WWWF Heavyweight champion Bob Backlund was on-hand as a special guest of President Jack Larkin. Backlund and Larkin participated in a pre-match ceremony in which both wrestlers, Severn and Backlund were presented with special commenmorative rings for the occasion.
Main Event
60 Minute Legends IronMan Match
"Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
"The Beast" Dan Severn
The match begins with Severn playing mind games and stalling for time. He accuses Michaels of grabbing trunks and of hitting him in the throat. Head referee Buddy Lane though doesn't buy it and urges the match to continue.
Severn grabs a headlock from a collar-elbow hookup, and shakes off several attempts of Michaels' to throw him off. Eventually he grounds Michaels, and the fans become impatient as he works the hold. With the fans cheering Michaels begins to tap his leg before getting to his feet. He tries to take Severn back with a backdrop but the Beast manages to push his weight forward and keep his footing. Michaels goes for it again, but this time brings him back down instead of trying to go all the way back, and lowers Severn across his knee for an atomic drop. This breaks the hold, and Michaels goes to work immediately with a clothesline.
It's all Michaels now as he presses the attack with kicks, punches, a European uppercut, flying cross body block for a 2 count, flying headscissors, and a standing dropkick. He tries to put on a figure-four but Severn rolls through it and reverses the pressure. Michaels is near the ropes and grabs them to break the hold.
We're about 7 minutes into this match now, and then it goes into a series of short, undeveloped advantages by both men, trading control back and forth.
Severn takes control with a pair of backbreakers and then a camel clutch on Michaels whose back is beginning to hurt still relatively early in this match.
Unable to get a submission, Severn makes the mistake of sending Michaels to the ropes for a clothesline, but Michaels counters with a crucifix, roll up, and gets a surprise 3 count.
**Shawn Michaels pins Dan Severn with a crucifix at 12:43**
**Michaels leads the match 1-0**
The pace in the match seems to pick-up after the lead forces Severn into action. However, the quicker pace seems to favor HBK who presses his advantge in the match. Finally, following a hotshot off the ropes, Severn walks right into some sweet chin music.
**Shawn Michaels pins Dan Severn after a superkick at 16:55**
**Michaels leads 2-0**
With the momentum on his side Michaels continues to attack, feeling like he can create an unbeatable 3-0 lead. However, he is too aggressive and Severn dives out of the way of a cross body block. He then works the legs of Michaels with stomps to the back of the thigh, and then leglocks. The Beast then turns his attention again to the back of HBK, with punches, a series of headbutts to the lowerback, a bow and arrow submission, and finally a sharpshooter of all moves. Right in the middle of the ring HBK can't risk further damage so he taps out.
**Dan Severn submits Shawn Michaels with the sharpshooter at 22:02**
Severn risks DQ by refusing to break the sharpshooter as HBK continually slaps the mat, asking for the break. Finally, Severn realizes that Buddy Lane can be pushed no further and releases the hold. Lane sends both men to their corners but Michaels can barely crawl to his. He orders the match to start again, and it's all Severn. The beast seems to take his time, punishing Michaels, especially the back but not going for a pin. Michaels makes a dramatic comeback fueled by a float-around into a waistlock suplex, and then a crossface chickenwing. But on the break Severn nails HBK with a lowblow and takes the lead back as the fans boo him whole heartedly. Severn tries to get HBK to submit again to even the match-up but this time HBK takes the punishment instead of tapping out while in a minute long Boston crab. Unable to take any more punishment Michaels tries to buy some time by leaving the ring. Severn though smells blood and goes right after Michaels. He bulldogs him to the ground and then follows up by ramming Michaels' repeatedly back first into the edge of the ring apron. The animal in Severn is really coming out now in this match, as he scoops up Michaels and bodyslams him across the steel ringsteps!
Referee Buddy Lane comes out, and steps between Severn and his prey, ordering him back into the ring. Lane then enters the ring and begins to apply the 10 count. It is a very slow 10-count and Michaels JUST manages to roll inside in time to break the count. He tries to roll out again but Severn grabs him by the hair and pulls him back inside.
We are just past the 30-minute mark in the match at this juncture.
It's all Severn now as he punishes Michaels with an Argentine back breaker rack, a face first powerbomb, and a belly to back hammerlock suplex. After a series of stomps to the back Severn lifts Michaels up and applies an inverted belly to back bearhug. Michaels screams in pain but won't submit so Severn turns it into a sitdown powerbomb, drapes his feet across Michael's arms and goes for the pin. Lane counts 1, 2, KICKOUT by Michaels that brings the fans to their feet again. Severn goes right after Michaels, but HBK ducks under and backdrops Severn. It hurts his back though more then it does Severn, who is on his feet first, gets Michaels from behind and tries for a cobra clutch. Michaels though counters with a jawbreaker. He then goes to work on Severn with several kicks to the stomach, a hanging vertical suplex, and a fisherman suplex for a 2 count.
The match goes back and forth now for a good 10 minute stretch, and action picks up once again. Severn is hurting, Michaels seems fresher but his back is obviously killing him. The match spills outside a couple more times where HBK manages to hold his own. Severn catches Michaels re-entering the ring with a kick to the gut, pulls him into the ring and nails a swinging neckbreaker. Severn tries to pin HBK with the Japanese Dog Roll but Michaels kicks through the move, bridging Severn and nearly getting the pinfall himself. Both men scramble to their feet, Michaels takes Severn down with a single leg takedown. He tries to twist the leg but Severn pulls Michaels down by the ankle, and then catches him by surprise with a well planned belly to back roll over cradle for the pin.
**Dan Severn pins Shawn Michaels with a belly to back roll over cradle at 48:18**
**Michaels & Severn tied 2-2**
The fans are standing as the two great warriors do all they can to pick up the deciding fall. Michaels comes close with an apron dive sunset flip, and Severn nearly gets the fall after a full-nelson slam. The action goes outside again where Severn gains control and puts Michaels through the announce table with a piledriver!! Back inside the ring, the announcement is made for 5 minutes remaining, when Severn goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count.
Severn drags Michaels to the middle of the ring and goes for the sharpshooter again. He has it locked in and Michaels is screaming in pain. However, Severn rocks back too far on the hold, and allows Michaels to reach back, grab a hold of the Beast's ankle and yank him to the ground. Both men get to their knees, and are back to back. Severn tries to pull Michaels over, but HBK resists, and lashes out backward with a headbutt (back to back) that stuns Severn long enough for Michaels to roll hm forward. However, Severn manages to roll sideways out of the pin, breaks the hold, and goes for a victory roll but Michaels breaks that hold. Both men scramble to their feet and Michaels gets behind Severn and takes him to the ropes, coming off with a reverse roll up. He gets the 1 , 2, Severn is fighting it, and Michaels is wavering, and then he steadies himself with a handful of tights, as Lane finishes the count with 3.
**Shawn Michaels pins Dan Severn with a reverse roll-up at 56:13**
**Michaels leads 3-2**
Severn loses his composure, complaining to the ref about a trunk hold. Michaels vehemently denies pulling the trunks and is caught off guard when Severn quickly abandons the argument to sneak in a punch to the throat of the Sexy Boy. Severn tries to get in as much punishment in the next 2 minutes as he can. He puts on a camel clutch but breaks it after only about 30 seconds when the announcement is made of 1 minute remaining. Severn attacks with an inverted face lock elbow drop but only gets a 1 count. Running powerslam brings a 2 count. 30 seconds remain in the match.
Severn climbs to the top rope, and using his knee drives the face of Michaels into the mat. The final move of the match is a reverse Russian legsweep into a cradle, but again Michaels kicks out at the count of 2, and time expires.
[Shawn Michaels defeats Dan Severn 3-2 in a 60-minute IronMan Match]
Severn is furious with referee Buddy Lane and with Shawn Michaels. HBK offers a handshake to Severn, who just shakes him off and leaves the ring giving Michaels the one-finger salute on the way out. Michaels is joined in the ring by new Mid-American Heavyweight Champion Vendetta. The two embrace and raise each other's hands in victory as the fans cheer, and we