American Pro Wrestling

June 04/03: Wednesday Rage

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Brookings, South Dakota

Frost Arena, South Dakota State University

Attendence: 3,139


Opening Segment:

<<< cue "Wolfpack Theme">>>

The crowd comes to their feet immediately as the wolf howl resonates throughout the building. Manny Silva, Adam Riggs, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Kimberly Page all come down to the ring wearing their red and black Wolfpack t-shirts.

Kevin Nash grabs a mic and tells the fans from South Dakota to shut up and listen. Last week there may have been some dissension in the ranks of the Wolfpack. These things will happen when you have the 4 greatest wrestlers going today, living under the same roof, per say. Since last Rage we have hit the road together, as a unit, done the house shows and pulled back together. Riggs is passed the mic by Nash. He says that Larkin tried his best to make the Wolfpack implode, but it just isn't going to happen. Riggs congratulates Silva on retaining his title and wishes him good luck in winning the NWA World Title at Nothing Else Matters.

<<< cue "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" by Warren Zevon >>>

President Jack Larkin comes to the top of the ramp, accompanied by Ron Simmons. First off he says he can tell, and the people can tell, that all is NOT well within the Wolfpack. Methinks you doth protest too much! Larkin says tonight will help spell the end of the Wolfpack. First off he says, that the match stipulations were not very clear last week, but upon legal council reviewing the verbal and written contracts, it would appear that although Silva hung on to his title Riggs won the match by DQ. Therefore, the winner of the match was supposed to get the title shot at the NWA Champ. That's right, the winner of the match, not necessarily the holder of the GPW title. Therefore, it is the decision of GPW that "the Phenom" Adam Riggs, NOT GPW Heavyweight champion Manny Silva will go on to "Nothing Else Matters" to face the NWA champion, Konnan!!!

Furthermore, tonight, right here in Brookings, South Dakota, Ron Simmons will get a match against Adam Riggs. If Riggs is going to order his security forces to interfere for him then they might as well start up close. Larkin makes this match a lumberjack match with Riggs' security (the crew that was once under the leadership of Ron Simmons) surrounding the ring. Larkin says we will see once and for all how well the security forces respect or fear the reign of Adam Riggs as head of security. Also, since Manny Silva does not have a match at "Nothing Else Matters" now that the NWA title shot went to Riggs, he will face the #1 contender at the PPV. Tonight we will crown the #1 contender with a match between Kevin Nash of the Wolfpack, and Vendetta!!

Larkin tells the Wolfpack to sell lots of t-shirts in the parking lot during the show tonight, because as of the end of the week the Wolfpack will have completely imploded.



Tiger Khan defeated Hombre Muerto Recorre by submission with the Calcutta Clutch at 6:36.


Den Graves came out, accompanied by fellow Den of Thieves member Den Scarrman. Graves was pissed off and said that V.P. Dale Kuentz was making him defend his belt tonight against Chrome, even though Chrome had failed to win the #1 contender spot. Graves said that at Nothing Else Matters he has a shot to win the NWA Television championship, so once he wins that he will leave the GPW and be rid of these bush league tactics once and for all. With that he throws down the mic and waits for the big man from the Badlands.
Chrome defeated Den Graves by disqualification when Graves would not release a triangle choke hold on Chrome at 4:48.
This was a short match that saw Chrome dominate with his power attack. The first chance that Graves got he put on the choke and refused to let go until he was disqualified.
Den Scarmann enters the ring and he and Graves begin to lay the boots to a downed Chrome. From the back comes Dave Batista!! Graves manages to get out of the ring but Scarmann is not so lucky. Batista whips him into the ropes and catches him with a kick to the gut and then a belly-to-belly suplex. Batista then lifts Chrome to his feet and delivers a brainbuster. The Leviathan stands alone in the ring as we break to commercial.


<<< cue "Oh Canada" >>>
The fans boo as the Great Canadians come to the ring. We haven't seen the duo of Eric Scott and Vincent Regliatti in a few weeks, since the injury to Scott caused the Canadian duo to be stripped of the tag titles.
Scott grabs a mic and says it's good to be back. He says there are no bad feelings regarding having the titles stripped from them, that's just business. He hands the mic to Regliatti. "The Playboy" says that time off has given them time to reflect upon some of the bad, or even, heinous acts they have perpetrated in the past here in GPW. Regliatti says they are not proud of their past actions, but they want to be proud of what they do from this day forward. And the first order of business is to get the belts off of Gabriel Argos and Union Jack, by any means necessary. If you thought we were S.O.B.'s in the past, you won't even recognize us when we get to back to regular action. We were like choir boys with a penchant for pranks, but now those choir boys have grown up, and awoken the demon inside to lead us to victory. The fans boo the duo as they leave the ring.


<<< cue "Ain't Going Down 'till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>
The fans stand and cheer as Sam Holiday runs to the ring, wearing a black and red GPW t-shirt, black trunks with a wide white stripe, and boots and kneepads with the inverse color scheme of white with black stripe. He removes his shirt and mounts all 4 sets of turnbuckles, posing for his many fans. He is handed a mic. He says that due to events last week on Rage, a match has been set between himself and newest member of Global Warning, the turncoat, Patriot. He says that not only is he going to beat the Patriot tonight but he will remove that "bastard" dark mask of his and take it as a trophy for the American way of life.
<<< cue "Star Spangled Banner" by Jimi Hendrix >>>
The fans boo as The Patriot comes to the ring, wearing his dark mask, and accompanied by Korean manager Sammy Yip. Yip grabs a mic and is going to start in on one of his usual diatrites but is cut off when Holiday launches himself out of the ring via a tope, and takes out both Yip and the Patriot. The bell is souded as Holiday tosses Patriot into the ring.
Sam Holiday  v  The Patriot (/w Sammy Yip)
No sooner is Holiday inside the ring then he tosses the Patriot out to the floor. He starts to whip him from pillar to post. Soon the other members of Global Warning, Gregor Kitnitsov and Tiger Khan come storming down to the ring, but they are sent to the back by Sammy Yip as he doesn't want them suspended or fined by Larkin.
The Patriot is busted open under the mask.
The match alternates between inside and out of the ring, and soon the blood is flowing out of the eye holes of the Patriot who is having trouble seeing. Sammy Yip manages to interfere a couple of times with well placed trips to help out his charge, but it's still an uphill battle for the turncoat.
Finally, The Patriot can't take it any more and he removes his own mask so he can wipe away the blood. The fans cheer as he has to remove his mask, and they see the crimson river of blood that flows off his face.
The match stays inside now as Holiday takes him down with 4 consecutive flying clotheslines. After a 2 count, he takes him up and back down with a hanging vertical suplex, for another 2 count. He tries to throw the Patriot between the ropes but the Patriot manages to hold himself inside the ropes by grabbing the second strand. Not anticipating this happening Sam Holiday closes in, expecting to follow Patriot, and walks right into a mule kick to the groin from the Patriot. It's all Patriot now as he nails Holiday with 4 consecutive flying clothesline as revenge, and then nails the missile dropkick form the top rope. Incredibly though Holiday kicks out after a 2 count!
This time the Patriot takes the match outside where the 2 men brawl. Patriot gets the better of Holiday and slams him on the concrete floor. He rolls Holiday back inside the ring and then is handed his mask by manager Sammy Yip. He tries to wave Yip away, but the little manager grabs him by the arm and forces him to look inside the mask. The Patriot gets a big grin on his face and puts the mask on. Back inside he slams Holdiay to the mat again and climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle. Patriot comes off the 2nd buckle with a diving headbutt and gets the 3 count on a knocked out Sam Holiday.
[The Patriot defeated Sam Holiday by pinfall at 12:52 after a diving hedbutt from the 2nd turnbuckle]
Kitntisov and Khan come walking down the ramp to the ring with evil intentions on their faces. But before they can reach the ring the Kutlu Warrior Jon Stewart comes running from behind them and uses his Singapore Cane to double clothesline them to the back of the neck. He then whacks each of them across the back with the Cane. Inside the ring The Patriot and Yip think better then to stick around and head through the crowd. Jon Stewart enters the ring to attend to Sam Holiday who is still knocked out and busted wide open.


Shane Stevens & Norman Smiley defeated Insane Clown Posse (Shaggy & Violent J) by pinfall at 7:59 when Smiley pinned Shaggy after a German Suplex.
ICP had called out Stevens and challenged him to a match. Stevens brought out a surprise challenger, Norman Smiley. "Screamin" Norman was by far the most talented grappler in the ring and controlled this match from start to finish.


Statement from the JumboTron:
Vice-President Dale Kuentz appears on the JumboTron. He says that after what occured last week between Sable and Asp Evergreen in the paddle match, including Sable giving referee Melissa Coates a DDT, President Larkin was deeply concerned. After all it was Larkin who had put his fist down against such over aggresive tactics, and now it was his own executive assistant breaching those conditions. In light of what transpired Larkin asked Kuentz to handle the fallout, including any discipline required. He wants everyone to understand that this was an independent investigation.
Kuentz says his findings and rulings are as follows. First off, for her actions in hurting a referee Sable has been fined an undisclosed but significant amount of money. In addition, her stipend and duties as an executive assistant to President Larkin have been taken  away from her effective immidately. As for Asp Evergreen, his actions, and sexual advances on Sable during their match were an affront to all the hard working people on staff here in GPW. Such behaviour is not condoned or accepted in this workplace. As such Asp has also been fined heavily, and warned that any further sexual content as we witnessed last week will cause suspension and possible, no make that probable, termination.


#1 contender match for the GPW Heavyweight Title
Vendetta v Kevin Nash (/w Kimberly Page)
This match started off as a slugfest, and surprisingly Vendetta held his own against the bigger man. Nash though managed to catch Vendetta with a knee to the gut and took control of the match, manhandling Vendetta in the corner. Nash tried to finish things off early with the Jackknife powerbomb, but Vendetta countered with an earringer. Vendetta pulled hard on the leg of Nash to bring him to the mat, and then began to work over the legs in preperation for the Haitian deathlock. Vendetta used elbows, pulls, and stomps to weaken Nash's knees which have been ravished by injuries in the past. By the time Nash was able to fight back after a lowblow, he was barely able to stand. He whipped Vendetta into the ropes and went for the big boot to the face. But his leg gave out, unable to lift it that high, and Vendetta took him down with a flying shoulderblock on the second pass. He locked in the Haitian deathlock and Nash was forced to tap out.
[Vendetta defeated Kevin Nash by submission at 12:03 with the Haitian Deathlock]


<<< cue "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who >>>
Boss Strickland and Cael Sanderson come down to the ring. These two just joined forces last week after Sanderson turned on Rulon Gardner following their amateur rules matchup.
Strickland has a mic and says that Sanderson has made the right choice to abandon that boy scout Gardner, who got Sanderson's career stalled before it even started. He  laughs at Gardner saying it looks like Gardner may have won most of the battles, but he has won the war against Gardner.
Rulon Gardner comes out to the top of the ramp with a mic to answer Strickland. He tells Strickland that he is going to pay for poisoning the young mind of Sanderson. He challenges them to a tag match, and they accept. Gardner brings out his partner, veteran and former GPW Heritage champion, Vic Gate!
Rulon Gardner & Vic Gate
Boss Strickland & Cael Sanderson
Garnder and Gate control the majority of this match, keeping their opponents off guard with fast tags. They try to win by submission several times only to have their opponents break it up with the illegal man in the ring.
Finally Strickland has had enough and when Gardner comes off the ropes, the Boss is on the floor below and whacks Gardner across the back with a steel chair. Referee Jimmy Appleseed happens to be looking the right way for a change and calls for the bell.
[Gate & Gardner defeated Strickland & Sanderson by disqualification at 7:12 when Strickland hit Gardner with a chair]
Strickland and Sanderson continue to lay the boots to Gate & Gardner after the match. Finally Union Jack and Gabriel Argos rush the ring to send the villains to the hills.


<<< cue "Sable's Theme" >>>
The crowd errupts as they hear the roar of the cat, and see the latex clad Sable make her way down the ramp to the ring with a microphone.
Once inside she wastes no time in venting her anger. She blames Asp for what happened last week, for her losing her temper. She apologizes to Melissa Coates and hopes she is resting well at home, but offers her a piece of advice. Next time control the match within the boundaries of human decency and things won't get out of hand. Many fans are starting to have a mixed reaction to Sable's comments, a trend that is not lost on the vixen. Next she turns to talking about President Larkin. She calls him a gutless coward who had to hide behind Dale Kuentz to act as if he had nothing to do with this decision. She tells Larkin that if he wanted an executive assistant like Kimberly who doesn't have a brain in her head, an original thought, or the gumption to defend herself, then he picked the wrong women in Sable, so the parting of ways is a good thing. She says she was sick and tired of Larkin's constant need for attention, and massages. It's hard to massage a man with no spine she says.
Finally, she turns her venom back to Asp Evergreen. She says he likes to bump and grind so much, he wants a sex show, then he should have one. She challenges him to a match at "Nothing Else Matters", a special lap dance match! If Asp beats Sable she says she will give him a lap dance that he will never forget. But if she beats Asp then he will have to give his buddy Eddie Chavez a lap dance, right in the middle of the ring following the match.
She calls out Asp Evergreen who comes to the top of the ramp, he's wearing a "I saw your wife's skany ass on MILF" t-shirt.. He says he accepts the challenge match, and tells Sable he wants his lap dance done in lingerie, not a bikini. Oh, and he'll bring the baby oil for the girnd baby.


Main Event
Lumberjack Match - GPW security surrounding the ring
Ron Simmons  v  "the Phenom" Adam Riggs
This match was a series of out of the ring encounters. First Simmons was thrown out, and the crew rolled him back in. Next the same thing happend to Riggs with the same result. Inside the ring it was a brawl, taken over by Simmons. The next time Riggs got thrown out of the ring, he tried to stop security from tossing him back in by calling for a time-out. His own security forces refused and tried to get him back inside the ring. He went ballistic on them and started to reign down punches at will on the hapless rent-a-cops. Within a few seconds he had a half dozen of them laid out. Simmons came to their aid and the result was Riggs and Simmons fighting all around ringside. Riggs got the better of that action sending Simmons head first into the rail. Finally, security managed to get between the two men and force them back into the ring.
Back inside Riggs continued to press his advantage, with a sideslam, flying clothesline, and an incredilbe moonsault! However, he wasted time before going for the pin jawing with the security and this allowed Simmons to kick out at a 2 count. Simmons kept trying to battle back, but Riggs used lowblows, a chop to the throat, and a chokehold to hold onto the advantage.
Finally, the tables turned when Riggs came off the ropes and one of the security guys reached in and tripped up Riggs. When the Phenom got back up he was more worried about security then his opponent, and when he turned around he was rocked by a spear out of the 3-point stance. Simmons made the pin as 2 security guards held down the feet of Riggs on the 3rd count when he tried to kick out.
[Ron Simmons defeated Adam Riggs by pinfall at 10:44 after Simmons hit Riggs with a spear, and with the help of some outside interference]
As security celebrated Riggs took out Simmons with a shot from behind. He then chokeslammed him to the mat. Riggs grabbed a mic and told the entire security team that they were all fired. He said that he would have an all new security team in place by next Rage.