American Pro Wrestling

Mar 19/03: Wednesday Rage

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Brookings, South Dakota

Frost Arena, South Dakota State University

Attendence: 2,256



Opening segment:
The show opens with an interview from Vendetta. He declares himself to be the #1 challenger to the GPW Heavyweight title held by Manny Silva. He wants Silva on Rage or at Lock & Load on April 5th.
But from the back comes Chrome shaking his head. The two fan favourites go nose-to-nose as Chrome disputes Vendetta's proclamation as the #1 challenger. He says the last guy to do that was Menele and he got his ass handed to him at Cyberwar. Vendetta responds that he is no Menele.
Vice-President Dale Kuentz comes to the ring and tries to get things settled down. He tells the boys to calm down and the two can meet as gentlemen next week on Rage, in the main event. The winner of that match will be declared the #1 contender for Lock & Load.

Ron Simmons beat Johnny Rivale by pinfall at 3:28 after a running clothesline.
Simmons was seconded by "Tough Enough" Scott in this match. We saw a vignette of Simmons training a rather hopeless looking Scott. At the end of the vignette Simmons told Scott to come watch him on Rage and maybe he would learn more from watching an actual match then he is learning here in the gym. As it turns out Simmons squashed Scott's fellow Butte Wrestling school student Johnny Rivale.

Boss Strickland finds Mr. Wrestling backstage. He berates the masked man for letting him down on Rage last week. He can't believe that Cael Sanderson got a hold of a Mr. Wrestling mask and impersonated him that way. Strickland asks Mr. Wrestling what the hell he was doing, having a shower? Eating a bucket of chicken? Mr. Wrestling just shrugs his shoulders. Suddenly Strickland gets really aggitated and asks if that really is Mr. Wrestling under the mask, and then says not that it matters since he really doesn't know who the blue hell he is anyways. He tells Mr. Wrestling to unmask so he can see for sure that it hasn't been Cael Sanderson all along. Finally Mr. Wrestling speaks, telling Strickland he is paranoid. He tells Strickland to put his fears to rest and to second him to the ring now as he beats up on Sanderson. Strickland agrees.

Before the match can start we get an interview with Cael Sanderson backstage. He says that Rulon Gardner is doing all right. He had some minor swelling on the vertebrae but the doctors are just being cautious keeping him under observation for a few more days.
Mr. Wrestling pinned Cael Sanderson after an elbowdrop from the top rope (with Boss Strickland holding onto the feet of Sanderson). 11:18
Sanderson put up a good fight against Mr. Wrestling but the constant threat of Strickland outside the ring caused him too much distraction. In the end that threat turned into a reality as the sneaky Strickland managed to hold onto the feet of Sanderson to help Mr. Wrestling get the pin. After the match the two men beat down Sanderson until security including Ron Simmons came out to break it up.

The next match came about as fall out for Asp Evergreen and Eddie Chavez interfering in the Junior Heavyweight six-pack match that saw Mentello pick up the win and advance to take on Juvy at Cyberwar.
Greg Pawluk & Johnny Devine defeated Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez by pinfall when Pawluk pinned Chavez after the Pistol Pulverizer ( a top-rope tombstone) at 14:24.
Good match that saw Evergreen and Chavez come close to an upset.
The ICP hit the ring and helped Evergreen & Chavez beat up on Pawluk & Devine. ICP's manager Derek St. Holmes helped out making it 5 on 2 until Tenacious Z, Mentello, and Dave Mysterio hit the ring to even out the odds. Steve Chamberlain then entered to help put Evergreen's faction while Shane Stevens followed soon after to even the scales once again. Even with GPW security helping out it took almost 5 minutes to break this clusterfrick apart. During that time Tenacious Z made the mistake of getting too close and personal with color commentator and former all-around wrestling cheat Linley Tolbert who responded by DDT'ing Tenacious Z on the floor.
Before the skirmish was broken up Ron Simmons who was out leading his security forces was attacked from behind by Vicious Manny Silva who nailed him in the back of the head with the GPW Hevyweight title. Silva continued to punk out Simmons and several of his security forces until finally subdued. In fact so many of the security was required to subdue the champ that the main brawl got started again for a couple more minutes until security could subdue that brawl as well.

The 2nd hour began with President Jack Larkin making a rare in-ring appearance. He came out with several security officers and warned the likes of Silva and Steve Riley not to screw with him tonight. He said that what just happened was a disgrace to GPW, to the fans, and to pro wrestling. He singles out Linley Tolbert saying that announcers in GPW do not get into the action. He tells Tolbert he is fined 1 week's pay for his actions. He then turns his attention to "that little gnat" Asp Evergreen and his loser friends. He tells Evergreen that he is officially kicked out of Butte. He is no longer welcome there to learn the ways of a pro wrestler as he doesn't understand the first thing about being a "pro". He says Chavez gets the boot too. He tells Evergreen that he isn't playing with a full deck. Finally he turns his attention to Silva. He was warned about how "vicious" Silva could be (at this point the fans start to chant "Poodle" making Larkin break from his speach in laughter). But he says taht tonight Silva crossed the line.
Manny Silva then came to the ring to answer the charges. He goes face to face with Larkin and calls him a "pussy". Larkin gets red in the face, and then when one of them puts a hand on Silva's shoulder he turns around and kicks a security guard in the groin and follows up with a big knee lift. He then proceeds to thrash all 5 security guards and Larkin takes off up the ramp. Silva gives chase but as he reaches the top of the ramp he is coldcocked by Ron Simmons who appears from the backstage area with a 2x4.
Simmons then begins to wear out Silva with the wood. Larkin has a mic and tells Silva that in tonight's main event he will defend his GPW Heavyweight title against Ron Simmons.

Gregor Kitnitsov defeated Jason Pharo by pinfall after a Superplex at 7:44.
Kitnitsov and his manager Sammy Yip get a mic and begin to mouth off about America and how they have had their butts handed to them in every war starting with Yip's home country Korea.
Surprisingly it is not an American who answers the challenge but Gabriel Argos from Cyprus. He says the Americans have been good friends to his people over the years, and he feels obliged to pay back some of that goodwill. He charges the ring but the Russian and the Korean slip out under the ropes and run for cover.

Ron Simmons is walking around with a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other. He passes a card table where Damien Demento, Dr. John Manfried, and Menele are sitting playing cards. Simmons asks them if he can join their poker game. Manfried just looks at him with contempt before replying, "we're playing Cheat. Care to join us?". Simmons just shakes his head and says he knows when he is outclassed and walks away. Manfried lays down some cards and says "six four's". Demento calls "cheat" but when he tries to turn over the cards Manfried punches him in the head. The card table is over turned and the 3 men begin to slug it out.

Sam Holiday defeated Will Damon by pinfall after the Holiday Leg Drop at 6:54.
Raymond Bingham comes out after the match and from the top of the ramp gives Holiday a "golf clap". He says its really good for a veteran and former mid-American champ like Holiday to be beating a green rookie like Damon. But how about trying on someone his own level? He says its been a couple of years since he was a Rookie, and then reminds everyone that he was the PWI Rookie of the Year in 2000. Holiday invites Bingham to get it on now, but the villian just laughs and says he will get Holiday when the time is right.

Main Event
GPW Heavyweight Championship Match
"Vicious" Manny Silva (champion)
Ron Simmons
This was a knock down, drag out brawl. The most scientific move was a knee lift. The match alternated inside and outside the ring. Simmons worked over the back of Silva and wore him down but couldn't get the win. Silva turned things around with a clip of Simmons' knee. He continued to work the knee, and would later smash it into the steel ringpost on several occassions. Outside the ring Silva laid the steel guardrail across the leg of Simmons and then had a really obese couple from the audience sit on the rail. But as they sat and bounced up and down on the rail Silva came from behind with a diving double clotheslines to the backs of the obese fans. He began to stomp on them causing Buddy Lane to call for the bell.
[Ron Simmons defeated Manny Silva by disqualification at 17:04]
[Manny Silva retained the GPW Heavyweight Championship]
GPW security emerged from the back very quickly to come to the rescue of their fallen leader Simmons. Several of the security members brought batons and even blackjacks with them and began to take their vengeance on an outgunned Manny Silva. The champ lay on the ground being beaten by the security guards as the show came to a close.