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Mar 15/03: CYBERWAR

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"It will be virtual annihilation"

Grand Forks, North Dakota

7:00pm Bell Time




Opening Match:

Chrome (6'9 328 lbs., Black Hills, South Dakota)


Menele (6'0 255 lbs., parts unknown)

The card started with a bang when couldn't wait for Chrome to get in the ring. The two met on the apron and started to trade punches. Eventually Chrome ducked under a Menele punch and then tackled him off the apron, both men crashing into the floor. The action stayed outside the ring for awhile as both men took turns using the guardrail and the steel steps. Menele was busted wide open. When the match finally got inside the ring it was a pure brawl. It was not until Chrome took control of the match that some power moves were traded. Chrome nailed Menele with a powerbomb, held on, pulled him up, and drove the 255 pounder back down to the mat again. Somehow Menele managed to kick out. Chrome nailed a chokeslam but again Menele kicked out. The big man from the Black Hills took Menele to the top for the Chrome Driver, but Menele punched his way out of it, and took Chrome down with a top-rope DDT. He would have got the 3 count but Chrome managed to drape a foot over the bottom rope. Both men were looking exhausted and Menele was wearing the proverbial crimson mask. Chrome blocked a suplex attempt and countered with a brainbuster, but again could only get a 2 count. He took Menele up top and this time nailed the Chrome Driver for the tough win.

[Chrome beat Menele by pinfall after the Chrome Driver at 9:00]




Flag Match:
The Patriot (6'4 251 lbs., Columbia, SC)
Gregor Kitnitsov (5'10 225 lbs., the former USSR)
Kitnitsov came to the ring with his manager Sammy Yip. Both men presented their flags to officials and they were attached to poles on two seperate turnbuckles. The first one to bring down his own flag would be declared the winner.
Before the match could officially start though Sammy Yip nailed The Patriot across the back of the calfs with the flag pole of his North Korean flag. Kitntisov was all over Patriot working on his legs, clipping him and stomping away. Patriot could only stand with help from the ropes or his opponent. Kitnitsov then went to work with a series of 3 snap suplexes and then some mounted punches. His first mistake in the match was trying to take off the mask of the Patriot. The difficulty allowed Patriot to punch Kitnitsov and then knee him off. Patriot climbed on top and started to pepper the Russian with punches. He tried to stand but his legs gave out on him. So back down on the mat the Patriot locked in a front facelock for a bit, before turning it into an armbar, and then a surfboard. Patriot's shoulders were down on the mat for this move causing Sammy Yip to plead with referee Melissa Coates to count to 3, but pinfalls can not win this match, nor can a submission. Patriot finally released the hold and crawled over to the corner where the US flag hung. Using the turnbuckle for support the Patriot began to climb up. However, as Kitnitsov hung on to Coates trying to drag himself to his feet, and by doing so distracted her, Sammy Yip wrapped a large strap around the foot of the Patriot and then tied the other end to the turnbuckle under the ring. The Patriot was stuck, with not enough slack to pull the strap off his foot, he had to leave the ring to undo the strap. Kitntisov was on his feet now and slowly making his way to the USSR hammer and sickle. Yip tried to slow down the Patriot but was easily punched out. Patriot got the strap off and then ran around the ring to the other side. Kitnitsov was climbing the pole when the Patriot climbed up the other side, wrapped the strap around the neck of the Russian and pulled him down to the floor below!! Both men hit with a sickening thud. Patriot was on his feet first and went for his flag. As he climbed up the turnbuckle Kitnitsov rushed him from behind and nailed the back of his leg with the edge of a steel chair. Patriot went down and could not get back to his feet. Kitntisov went to his corner, climbed the turnbuckle and retrieved his flag.
[Gregor Kitnitsov beat The Patriot in a flag match by retrieving his flag at 10:20]


Grudge Match - Taped Fists
Sam Holiday (6'9 302 lbs., Odessa, TX)
"Sinister" Stan Baker (6'2 300lbs., Kansas City, KS)
A decade of hatred was renewed and exploded all over the arena. This was a straight ahead brawl that favored Baker but Holiday's guts and determination held him strong. They fought all over the ringside area and into the stands. Back inside Holiday reversed strategies and began to actually wrestle Baker, including a vertical suplex, abdominal stretch, and a pair of inverted atomic drops each followed by a stiff looking clothesline. Two running clotheslines later and Holiday attempted the Holiday legdrop (from the top rope) but Baker managed to roll out of the way. Baker rolled out of the ring and pulled out a bucket from under the ring. The bucket contained a mix of sticky resin and glass and when Baker emerged his left hand (he's a southpaw) was covered in glass. Inside the ring he nailed Holiday twice in the head busting him open. The blood began to spread quickly and Holiday looked woozy. Baker helped Holiday to his feet and lined him up for the heartpunch. But Holiday alertly grabbed the arm of Baker and twisted it behind his back in an armbar. He then heaved on the arm lifting Baker into the air, before bringing him back down, wrapping his arm around the neck of Baker and taking him down with an inverted DDT.
[Sam Holiday beat Stan Baker by pinfall after an inverted DDT at 8:31]


NWA World Junior-Weight Champion
Juventud Guerrera (champion)
The fans initial excitement over seeing a world title match quickly disapated as the match turned into a spotfest,  not really in the traditional kind of action expected by GPW fans. After about 5 minutes of spots the two got down on the mat for a few pinning sequences after each man traded DDT's, then brainbusters.
Juvy got the advantage and nailed Mentello with an exploder suplex that looked very dangerous as he dropped the local challenger on his head, bringing down the wrath of the crowd. He tried for the pin but Mentello kicked out at 2. Mentello managed a comeback with a facecrusher and then went to work on the legs with a hanging kneebreaker and then a series of kicks. He nailed a gourdbuster but only got a 2 count.
Juvy fought back with a kick to the groin, an eye rake, and then a ground cobra twist into a pinning cradle for the win.
[Juventud Guerrera beat Mentello by pinfall after a ground cobra twist at 8:41]
[Juventud Guerrera retained the NWA World Junior-Weight Championship}


NWA World Television Championship
Vic Grimes (champion)
Den Graves
Graves used his typical ground and pound attack to neutralize and frustrate Grimes early in this match. However, after several failed attempts to pin the champ or make him tap out Graves got a bit more aggresive. This allowed some brawling comebacks by Grimes. Ultimately Graves made the mistake of being too aggressive. He climbed to the top rope for a knee drop but Grimes rolled out of the way and quickly put Graves in a figure-four. This brought Den Scarrman into the ring to break up the hold and cause the disqualification.
[Vic Grimes beat Den Graves by disqualification at 12:51 when Den Scarrman interfered].
A Den of Theves double team on the TV champ was broken up by Union Jack and Gabriel Argos who came in to clean house.


NWA World Tag Team Championships
Villanos IV & V (champions)
Great Canadians (Eric Scott & Vincent Regliatti)
Before the match could begin the Great Canadians came out wearing the GPW Tag Team titles. They got on the mic and declared themselves to be the best tag team in the NWA. They said it was beneath them to have to challenge for tag team belts which are nothing but a sham. They accused the Villanos of rotating family members and friends in and out of the masks and asked where they won their titles "Rio de Janiero"? They asked the Villanos who were under the masks today, Dusty Rhodes? Roddy Piper? Barry Windham? Chris Champion? The Villanos grabbed a mic but as they turned they were attacked by the Great Canadians who nailed them in the head with the title belts. The Great Canadians continued to hit the Villanos repeatedly in the head with the title belts until crimson blood flowed from under the masks and pooled on the worn canvas mat.
It took GPW security led by Ron Simmons and even Jack Larkin's presence to pull the Great Canadians off of the visiting champions. The match was declared a no-contest as it never got underway.
[Villanos IV & V retain the NWA World Tag Team Titles]


NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Texas Lightning (champion)
Ron Simmons
The match started with a handshake between the two men, but soon the match degenerated into a knock out, drag out, fist fight. The ring could not contain these two warriors who stood toe to toe at the railing trading punches even as they had to use their off hands to steady themselves on the rail.
Head referee Buddy Lane cut both men a lot of slack with slow counts, but even then had to encourage them to re-enter the ring. President Jack Larkin came down to ringside and slipped a chair into the ring. Ron Simmons went to grab it but Texas Lightning also grabbed a hold of it. The two men began to struggle over the chair but TL suddenly let go, and the chair flew up and smashed Simmons in the face. Larkin jumped up on the apron and called for the bell. After some heated discussion with Buddy Lane and a disgusted TL, Lane gave in and declared Simmons the winner by DQ.
[Ron Simmons defeated Texas Lightning DQ after TL "hit" Simmons in the head with a steel chair at 10:54]
[Texas Lightning retains the NWA World Heavyweight Title] 


Main Event
"Total Destruction" Steve Riley
Vendetta started strong in this match. His efforts to outpunch Riley didn't work but a few well placed boots and a swinging neckbreaker and he held the advantage. Immediately he began to use the cage to his advantage, rubbing Riley's face across the cage and smashing it into the cage until he was a bloody mess. Vendetta nailed a pair of inverted DDT's but both times Riley kicked out after a 2 count.
Unsure how to attack next  Vendetta went to a front face lock, but Riley managed to punch and then power his way out of the hold. He devastated Vendetta with 2 back suplexes, and then a piledriver. But he wasted time posing for the crowd and only got a 2 count. Next the big man from Denver used a couple of hand holds of Vendetta's dreadlocks to swing him around and smash him into the cage.
Riley had been using his wrists to wipe the blood from his eyes but now his vision was severly hampered and his arms were also a bloddy mess. He wasted time to get passed a towel from one of his entourage through the cage. As he was wiping his face with the towel he was attacked from behind by Vendetta who drove him into the cage. the Haitian Voodoo warrior went on the attack using the bloody towel to choke Riley as he stood on the bottom rope for extra leverage. Riley managed to turn around, nail Vendetta twice in the gut and then hotshot him headfirst into the cage wall.
Both men were down and when they got up at the count of 9 Vendetta too was bloodied.
The men traded brawling and power moves for the next few minutes neither gaining an advantage. Finally Riley surprised Vendetta with a standing sidekick that stunned him, and then nailed him with a spear. Riley peppered the bleeding head of Vendetta with mounted punches before dragging him to his feet by the dreadlocks. He scooped him up and slammed him down to the mat, but the Haitian upset Riley by pulling him down by the ankle and rolling him up for a near fall. Vendetta followed up with 4 consecutive running clotheslines and got another 2 count.
At this point several members of the Riley entourage began to climb the steel cage walls. One by one Vendetta had to bodyblock them off the wall. But when he turned around after knocking one of them off he was met by Riley and a big belly-to-belly suplex.
Riley was in charge again and began to work over the back of Vendetta with punches and power moves. He worked him over for a good 5 minutes but the Haitian managed to hang in there. Riley sent Vendetta to the cage wall, but he surprised Riley by bouncing back with a springboard back elbow. Vendetta quickly followed up with a float behind and when he cinched it on Riley began to turn. But Vendetta also turned to maintain the cinch and nailed a belly-to-back suplex.
Next Vendetta went to the top, climbing the top turnbuckle. But Riley recovered and went after him. So Vendetta began to walk the ropes, and then sprung off catching a still sleeping Riley from behind. Vendetta managed to get the big man in a headlock then used his feet to spring off the cage wall, and bulldogged Riley's head into the ground.
Referee Melissa Coates counted the 1, 2, 3.
[Vendetta defeated Steve Riley by pinfall after a springboard bulldog at 22:16]
Vendetta celebrated in the ring and told Manny Silva that he was coming for the GPW Heavyweight title next.