American Pro Wrestling

Mar 12/03: Wednesday Night Rage

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Bismarck, North Dakota
Bismarck Civic Center
Attendence: 1,829



The show opens with someone knocking on the office door of President Larkin. He is beckoned to enter which he does. Larkin is sitting at his desk. On a couch elsewhere in the office is head of security Ron Simmons. The camera pans to the newcomer, and its a young Asian man.

Young man] Mr. Larkin, hi, I'm Scott, we talked on the phone?

Larkin] Yes, Scott come on in, meet Ron Simmons.

Young man shaking Simmons hand] Its a pleasure sir to meet someone of your stature in the business.

Simmons] So, I've heard that you think you're tough enough to compete in GPW? Just because your some sort of reality TV star doesn't mean a damn thing inside that ring.

Young Man] I know sir.

Larkin] And thats why I've assigned you Ron Simmons to train young Scott here. You're going to make sure that he reaches his full potential.


Simmons gets a bit of a disgusted look on his face.


Young man] But Mr. Larkin, you'll have to find me a new trainer soon, because Mr. Ron is going to win the NWA World Title at Cyberwar, and then hell be far too busy traveling to train me.


This brings a big smile onto the face of Simmons, who puts his arm around Scott.


Simmons] Lets go then Scott, Ill go around and introduce you to the guys.


Tonight we are having a 4-man mini-tournament to decide who will get the shot at the NWA TV title at Cyberwar.

Semi-Final #1

Boss Strickland (6'3 256 lbs., St. Cloud, MN)


Rulon Gardner (6'2 262 lbs. Afton,  WY)

This is a re-match from Feb 12th Rage which saw Strickland win by DQ by fooling the ref into thinking Gardner had hit him with a chair. Cael Sanderson came down to the ring to second Gardner but after Strickland put up a fuss, referee Jimmy Appleseed sent the rookie to the back.

The match went back and forth, and for the first time Gardner looked like he might be able to solve the dirty tactics of Strickland. But just as he was pressing the advantage, down came Mr. Wrestling from the back. He distracted Gardner enough to allow Strickland to attack him from behind. With the Boss in charge once again Appleseed forced Mr. Wrestling to the back. Strickland pressed the advantage but on a release German suplex, the flying leg of Gardner caught Appleseed flush in the head. With the ref down and out, from the back again came Mr. Wrestling. Strickland held onto Gardner and ordered Mr. Wrestling to nail him with the chair. Mr. Wrestling wound up but brought the chair crashing down on the head of Strickland instead!

A surprised looking Strickland fell face down to the mat. Mr. Wrestling rolled Gardner on top and revived the ref. Applessed counted a very slow 1, 2, 3.

[Rulon Gardner defeated Boss Strickland by pinfall at 12:12 after outside interference]



As Gardner and Mr. Wrestling celebrated in the ring, and a befuddled looking Appleseed and Strickland looked on, another Mr. Wrestling ran down to the ring and started to jump up and down and complain to the ref. The first Mr. Wrestling pulled off his mask to reveal Cael Sanderson. Strickland and Mr. Wrestling went nuts. Sanderson and Gardner tried to convince Mr. Wrestling to unmask but of course he would have no part of it.


Semi-Final #2:

Union Jack (5'10  234lbs., Liverpool, England)


Den Graves (6'3  260lbs., Wiggan School of England, via Potsdam, Germany)

The heated rivalry between Union Jack/Gabriel Argos and Den of Thieves continued in this match. Like in the previous match referee Melissa Coates chose to send Den Scarrman and Gabriel Argos to the backstage area.

This was a scientific match where the two men traded sleeperholds, getting their opponent in a sitting position for extra leverage while locking on the sleeper.  Whenever Graves did it he would slip the forearm down to a choke position. The match pace picked up near the end. UJ tried for a reverse neckbreaker but Graves fought through it to nail UJ with the reversal. He then locked in the STF and got the tap out victory.

[Den Graves beat Union Jack by submission with the STF at 15:35]



Chrome is being interviewed by Deane Moore. Chrome says he is one of the top contenders for Manny Silva's title and will do whatever it takes to secure the top contender spot. From nowhere comes Menele running into the picture carrying a trash can that he smashes over the head of Chrome. The biker is busted wide open, and Menele locks in a cobra clutch until security come in to break it up.

As security attempts to restrain Menele he screams "I'm the top contender you stupid idiot. It was me who was last in the 8-ball with Silva. No one tries to take what is mine."

Lord Valmont (6'0  250lbs., South of France) w/ Sherry Valmont


Dirty Don Spartan (6'2  285 lbs. Detroit, MI)

Valmont has gained quite a reputation lately for his lack of "stick-to-it-ness", and he seemed ready to flee when he saw veteran brawler Spartan would be his opponent. But instead he stayed and fought, and along with every old school dirty tactic he could muster including managerial interference, eye gouges, nail rakes, boot chokes, tag rope chokes, and finally feet on the ropes for the pin he stole a victory.

[Lord Valmont beat Don Spartan by pinfall after a piledriver at 8:27 with his feet on the ropes for leverage]



Six-Pack Junior-Heavyweight Match

Winner gets shot at NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title at Cyberwar

NOT elimination style first pinfall wins

Armand Rougeau Jr.  v  Cael Sanderson  v  Greg Pawluk v

Mentello  v  Shane Madison  v  Dave Mysterio


Sanderson looked a bit like a fish out of water as he tried to ground and pound the high flying competition. Wrestlers flew in and out of the ring. Shane Madison came close to winning the match on two occasions getting near falls over Mysterio.

Then Asp Evergreen and Eddie Chavez came down and all hell broke loose. Evergreen is pissed off that he was not entered into the event. He and Chavez attacked the competitors. With the ref and security involved in that, the Insane Clown Posse ran in from the crowd and sprayed Madison with the fire extinguisher. Mentello was "Johnny on the spot" and landed a moonsault. Seeing this referee Buddy Lane left the big fracas and entered the ring to make the count.

[Mentello wins the Six-Pack match when he pins Shane Madison after a moonsault and outside interference at 12:30]



Chrome comes down to the ring, his head is bandaged. He rants on Menele, saying that if he says he is the #1 contender then he is the #1 contender, and theres not a damn thing "Menele the Mental Midget" can do about it! This brings out the psycho to the ring. He goes to take the mic from Chrome and suddenly Chrome strikes out with his left hand which had been hidden at his side. He is wearing brass knux and drops Menele with one punch.  Chrome says if Menele wants more, then he can come get more at Cyberwar.


The next match was between former PWI rookie of the year Raymond Bingham and Lash LeRoux. This was set up at Alive when Bingham and Funk punked out LeRoux, their partner, during a six-man tag match. Last week LeRoux got some revenge by beating Funk, now he turns his attention to Bingham.


Raymond Bimgham (6'2 235 lbs. Tampa, FL)


Lash LeRoux (5'11 221 lbs. New Orleans, LA)

These two really turned it up a notch. The match wasnt long, but was filled with attack, counter-attack, and reversals. LeRoux had Bingham on the mat but when he tried for a springboard splash, Bingham brought his knees up. On his feet Bingham lifted LeRoux up only to take him down with a standing dropkick. He followed this up with two flying dropkicks, a snap suplex, and a series of mounted punches. But as he delivered the punches he lifted himself up too much and LeRoux was able to bring his legs up and hook Bingham, rolling him backwards, and getting the 1, 2, unbelievable kick-out by Bingham. The two scrambled to their feet, LeRoux went for a front facelock, but Bingham countered with a jawbreaker. Kick to the gut, front faceslam and the pin.

[Raymond Bingham defeated Lash LeRoux by pinfall  after a front faceslam at 6:53]

Main Event
Winner gets shot at NWA TV Title at Cyberwar
Rulon Gardner (6'2 262 lbs., Afton, WY)
Den Graves (6'3  260 lbs., Wiggan School of England, via Potsdam, Germany)
Tough fought match, almost exclusively down on the mat. Then after about 6 minutes both wrestlers spilled out of the ring. Graves got in a kick to the groin, then hotshoted him off the ring apron. After rolling back in the ring to break the count, Graves tossed Gardner into the ring apron, his head disappearing under the ring. When Graves pulled Grdner out from under the ring his head was busted wide open. Referee Buddy Lane assessed the situation and quickly called for the bell and for medics from the back.
[Den Graves defeated Rulon Gardner by referee stoppage at 7:35]
With a few minutes left in the broadcast the announce crew quickly went over the Cyberwar line-up for Saturday's big show. Then turned their attention once again to the paramedics who were busy immobilizing the neck of Rulon Gardner.
Suddenly from the back came Boss Strickland!! He knocked over a couple of the paramedics and began to slug it out with security trying to get to Gardner. Finally Cael Sanderson came from the back and managed to tackle Strickland, float over and put him in a rear naked choke.
Sanderson had Strickland tapping out for dear life as we went off the air.