American Pro Wrestling

Mar 08/03: Saturday Squash

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Your hosts for Saturday Morning Squash, as always are Joe Aiello (play by play) and Linley Tolbert (color commentary). Today's special guest in the 3rd chair is none other then Asp Evergreen.
Jason Pharo beat Puta Masculina by submission to the cobra clutch at 8:32
Question for Asp Evergreen, submitted via e-mail;
Why do you continually stick your nose into business that doesn't concern you, instead of just spending your time in Butte getting better as a wrestler, cause you suck.
Asp is taken aback by "the question" and grabs Joe Aiello by the collar. He demands to know who sent in the question. Asp says its obviously not a question but just some pre-puberty wanker acting like he knows something. Finally Asp forces his way so he can see the computer screen, and the question is signed Dr. John Manfried!!
Boss Strickland beat Don Spartan by pinfall at 5:38 after the frogsplash.

Question for Asp Evegreen via e-mail;
Asp, how would I go about breaking into the business as a manager?
Your friend Brandon.
Asp laughs (a little too loudly actually) before answering. He says this is obviously some pimple infested pencil neck geek. Kid, if your not big enough of a man to step into the ring then don't become a manager just to hang around with the real athletes. It's pathetic. Go join the chess club, or mensa or something.
Next up we have an announcement from V.P. Dale Kuentz. He says that he has had it confirmed that it appears the story of Shane Madison and Will Damon is true. It appears that before the Alive PPV, the ICP and Derek St. Holmes locked Damon and Madiso into an empty dressing room where they stayed until after the PPV when custodial staff noticed the door had been kept closed with a crowbar. Kuentz says the match between the two teams will happen next and that he has fined ICP the $2,000 they say they paid Madison and Damon for the title shot, and will hand the money over to the pair as compensation.
Madison and Damon are no strangers to breaking the rules, but they are strangers to the absolute mayhem that the two clowns can unleash. Add to that the interference of Derk St. Holmes and they are easy pickings for ICP.
Insane Clown Posse beat Shane Madison & Will Damon by pinfall after outside interference by Derek St. Holmes at 7:44.

Live Audience question for Asp Evergreen;
Some kid who looks to be around 12 years old has the mic. He is about to ask his question when he is blindsided by Inbred Jed, one of the other workers at Butte. Jed coldcocks the kid and then takes the mic. After the initial shock has worn off Asp enjoys a good laugh at the kid's expense.
Jed asks Asp Evergreen if he can join his new group with him Eddie Chavez, and the mystery wrestler. Asp says he'll have to think about it. He tells Jed that although he is a young, raw recruit, he thinks Jed has a lot of potential but he's just not sure yet about joining the group. Asp tells Jed he'll get back to him on that question.
Main Event:
Mystery Partner Match
Tenacious Z & Shane Stevens
Asp Evergreen & Steve Chamberlain
When Chamberlain comes down to the ring and is introduced no one can figure out why he was the mystery partner. Then it became clear as he showed off his prosthetic leg. He only has one leg like Z (his though is lost just above where the knee once was) and he wears a prosthetic whereas Z goes on one leg. Chamberlain is also a good size bigger than Z (about 40-50 pounds heavier).
The match itself was one big clusterfrig with Evergreen actually controlling and directing most of the match. In the end Eddie Chavez came out to distract the ref, Evergreen took out Stevens, and then Inbred Jed hit the ring and nailed Z with a side suplex. Then Chamberlain put Z in a half-Boston crab until he gave it up.
[Asp Evergreen & Steve Chamberlain beat Tenacious Z & Shane Stevens by submission when Z sumbitted to the half-boston crab by Chamberlain at 10:54]