American Pro Wrestling

Feb 15/03: Saturday Squash

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Announce crew, Joe Aiello (PbP), Linley Tolbert (Color), and Rulon Gardner (guest).

Boss Strickland beat Moses Luke with a Samoan drop at 4:32.
via e-mail Rulon Gardner is asked;
How do you feel about your move from WCW to GPW?
Gardner says he was disapointed he didn't make an immediate splash in WCW, but that in the long run GPW might be better to aid his career. He will get more TV time and more competitive matches. Also with GPW's style he can look forward to wrestling a more traditional style against guys like Cael Sanderson, Union Jack, Gabriel Argos, and Boss Strickland. He says that two years from now he will be back in the "major leagues" and to look for him to be the world champ within 5 years.
Sin Nombre pinned Mentello after a somersault splash at 9:58.
This was a terrific match with wonderful chain wrestling sequences as well as some high flying moves. With the seconds ticking away on the clock to the 10 minute TV time limit the fans were surprised when Sin Nombre (the villian managed to pull out a last second win).
Post-Match: Mentello was a bit upset at losing the match, but Sin Nombre (the villian) helped him to his feet and shook his hand. Both men raised thier hands in the middle of the ring, soaking in the applause as two youngsters who have trained together in Butte. But then as they left the ring Sin Nombre attacked Mentello from behind knocking him to the floor below. He then nailed a corckscrew plancha before leaving Mentello a downed man.
via e-mail Rulon Gardner is asked;
As a world class amateur wrestler who do you think is the most underated fundamental wrestler in GPW?
After a few seconds of thought Gardner surprises the hosts by saying Manny Silva. He says that although Silva prefers a stiff forearm shot and to brawl over a hammerlock, he is none the less a very dangerous opponent with a great knowledge of mat wrestling. If pushed Silva will show those skills here in the GPW. Gardner says he would love a shot at Silva.

Sam Holiday & The Patriot beat Puta Masculina & Stoen Cold Chalupa when Holiday pinned Chalup after the Holiday leg drop at 3:43.
Live audience question;
A fan asks what Rulon Gardner's opinion of Boss Strickland is.
Garnder gets to a slow burn real quickly when asked about Strickland. He says Strickland over exaggerates both his talents and his accomplishments. He says Strickland is a loser, always has been, always will be. Gardner says Strickland will never be a has-been, because he will never be a "have". Then Gardner says that there is only one thing that Strickland does well, and that is to cheat.
Main Event:
Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez beat Shane Stevens & John Schoffner when Evergreen pinned Schoffner after the "Asp Bite" a top rope neckbreaker at 5:24.
Which was set up by Chavez nailing Schoffner with a chair while Evergreen distracted the ref.