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American Pro Wrestling

March 31, 2007

Chris Champion comes to the ring. He says he has some very exciting news, but also some bad news.
First the exciting news is that Mid-American Pro Wrestling will be undergoing some changes. First off we have for the first time we have picked up a National TV contract to broadcast Rage weekly, Saturdays from 9-11 EST, on the new TBA Network. As part of this agreement and to reflect the growth of the company, this wrestling enterprise which started in January 1980 as River City Wrestling, out of Salisbury Elementary School in Winnipeg Manitoba, is going to be renamed American Pro Wrestling. It's not meant as a slap in the face against middle america but just to appear as not a regional fed when advertised for the new TV contract.
That's the good news. The unfortunate news is that because of that deal the current syndication deal has fallen through. Tonight will be the last night of Mid-American Pro Wrestling. We will go dark for the longest period ever, as the next event will be the first APW broadcast on TBA, on June 2nd.
Now on to more current events, and tonight's final broadcast. Adam Riggs will be defending his title against Kurt Angle one more time, and there will be no interference from Brock Lesnar.
<<< cue "Phenomenal" by LL Cool J >>>
The fans are on their feet jeering as Adam Riggs, April Hunter, and Brock Lesnar make their way to the ring. Chris Champion immediately bails out of the ring and goes to stand beside the announce table.
Riggs] Yeah, yeah...shut up you bunch of ******. Go ***** your Moms you bunch of redneck inbred hicks. Hopefully this change will mean that we will be able to compete in some higher class cities like New York, LA, Las Vegas, or Miami. It would be nice to see a fans smile with a full set of teeth again.
Hey Champion...you want me to step into the ring and defend against Angle? Screw you Champion...why don't I defend this title against you Ha-Ha...you were once a wrestler who thought he was better then he really was, so why don't you step into the ring with me. Are you scared ***** *******.
Champion] You want me to step in the ring with you? I've been retired for almost a decade now. I'm the most dangerous man to ever step in the squared circle, but I can't carry a whole match anymore. I tell you what ***** for brains, let's make it a tag team match. You and your girlfriend there...no not April...Brock Lesbian...against me and Kurt Angle! What do you have to say to that goof?
Riggs] You're on...you just signed your death certificate little man.
Opening Bout:
Sylvestor Terkay defeated Bryce Ridgon by pinfall after a reverse chokeslam facebuster at 3:39
-squash match, marks the premiere of Terkay in MAPW
Bout #2
Nigel McGuiness defeated Petey Williams by pinfall after the Tower of London at 9:01
-very entertaining match, both men can really wrestle. The end came only after Nigel was twice able to avoid the Candian Destroyer, and then nail his own finisher.
Bout #3
MAPW Women's Title Match
April Hunter and Jazz battled to a double countout at 6:09
[April Hunter retains the MAPW Women's Title]
-Hunter never really seemed to want this match to come to a conclusion, and appeared to be working at either a double countout or getting herself disqualified. Finally Jazz couldn't control herself any longer and allowed her title shot to disappear by getting into a prolonged brawl that saw both ladies counted out.
Former MAPW Tag Team Champions Asp Evergreen and Eddie Chavez come to the ring along with Joanie Laurer. Asp confronts Eddie about why he left him last week, and now they are no longer champs having lost to the Natural Born Thrillers. Eddie says he was fed up with Joanie's interference and telling him to go in and save Asp. Eddie says she was asking him to cheat and he got mad.
Asp goes on about their friendship, and we see a few seconds of their many comical clips together. Eddie looks like he is almost ready to cry. He apologizes to Asp, says he is sorry and only wants the chance to make ammends and to get the tag titles back. He admits to being jealous that Asp and Joanie have hooked-up, and that she hadn't appreciated his skills. Eddie says he's over that now and is ready for the Six man mixed tag match next.
Bout #4
Joanie Laurer, Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez defeated Dana Hamm, Sean O'Haire, and Mark Jindrak by pinfall when Laurer pinned Hamm after a double underhook piledriver at 10:35
-The new tag champs NBT didn't seem to be on their game today, and Laurer was a house on fire compared to Hamm.
After a short celebration, Eddie takes the mic and warns the NBT that they are coming to get their titles back.
But suddenly Asp just hangs his head and looks ashamed. Taking the mic he turns to Eddie and says "your my best friend in the world, and I'm sorry to spring this on you like this, but I'm leaving MAPW for a while". Eddie is speachless and waits for an explanation.
Asp drops the bombshell that he and Joanie are getting married! Asp says he wants Eddie to be his best man, and the ceremony will be hold on June 2nd right here on Rage, and then he intends to retire from pro wrestling. This will be the first time in the 27 year history of the company where we have a wrestling marriage. Eddie accepts and shakes hands with Asp, and hugs Joanie.
[end of first hour]


Bout #5
MAPW Television Title
Trent Arion defeated Billy Kidman by pinfall after the second rope crucifix slam at 8:54
[Trent Arion wins the MAPW TV Title]
-Arion was very strong in this match, controlling most of it and the tall and thin native of New York city deserved the victory and the title.
Bout #6
Robert Blaze Bayley defeated Dan Severn by pinfall after an inside cradle at 12:06
-these men have fought many times over the past 10 years and it didn't take long for the anger to explode. Severn had Blaze where he wanted him but Bayley shook off some of Severn's attacks, and fired back running on pure adreneline. He gave Severn a hotshot off the top rope, a flying crossbody block, and then an inside cradle to pick up the win.
Main Event
Kurt Angle & Chris Champion  v  Adam Riggs & Brock Lesnar (/w April Hunter)
Angle started the match off against Lesnar, as Riggs refused to step into the ring unless he could get Champion. Angle went to work on Lesnar immediately grabbing an advantage and then tagging out to Champion. The smaller man went to work on Lesnar with some Savate kicks, a scissors kick, forearm uppercuts, and then a rolling thunder. He went for the pin but Lesnar pressed him off easily. Lesnar then shot on Champion and took him down. He worked a front facelock, and then a front layout suplex before tagging in to Riggs.
The Irish thug stalked Champion and seemed to enjoy every second of it. Champion though caught him by surprise with a leg whip and managed to roll over and tag in Angle. Kurt and Riggs went toe to toe, with the Irish thug coming out on top. The action spilled outside where Riggs got Lesnar to help him with a double team.
This brought Rena Mero out, and she went right after Brock jumping on his back. April Hunter dragged her off. When Champion came over Hunter surprised him with a forearm uppercut followed by a Frankensteiner. Champion lay on the mats not moving.
It was now 2-on-1 inside the ring with Lesnar and Riggs putting the hurt on Angle. Riggs had him set up for the Phenomenal Performace, but Angle rolled out of the ring and Riggs crashed onto the mat. Lesnar went after Angle with a clothesline outside the ring, then went for the F5 but Angle fought his way out, driving Angle into the ringpost. He got distracted though as April Hunter was hurting Rena Mero with the hangman. Riggs recovered and nailed Angle with a plancha!!
Back inside it was elementary now for Riggs. Champion finally showed signs of life but Hunter took him out from behind by clipping his knee. Riggs hit the Phenomenal performance and the pin, 1, 2, 3 !!
Adam Riggs & Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle & Chris Champion by pinfall when Riggs pinned Angle after the Phenomenal Performance at 9:03
As Adam Riggs, Brock Lesnar, and April Hunter celebrated inside the ring, Kurt Angle checked on the injured Chris Champion and Rena Mero outside the ring.
As we...
<<< cue "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who >>>
The announce team go nuts. That music can mean only one thing..one man.
Joe Aiello suggests that its an April Fool's day joke being played a day early.
Linley Tolbert asks if anyone knows if he's even out of jail yet.
Kurt Angle stars in amazement as the music has a profound impact on Chris Champion who just sits straight up when it starts.
Inside the ring Riggs and Lesnar are slack jawed.
Can it be? Is Jack Larkin back?