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American Pro Wrestling

March 10, 2007

Continuation From Last Week:
Yes we kept the cameras rolling after Adam Riggs in his role as commisioner declared the Kurt Angle - Brock Lesnar #1 contender match to be a TV time limit draw. Angle tried to attack Riggs, but the Irish Thug was too fresh and pulverized Angle. He then called for the bell saying the match would restart and be shown the following week on TV. Brock Lesnar just smiled, greatful for the gift.
#1 Contenders Match - Re-started
Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar by pinfall after an Angle Slam at 4:04
-Brock thought he had the match won, and might have wasted a bit too much time. Angle got a shoulder up a couple of times, then made a short comeback before nailing the Angle slam and picking up a surprise win.
Hall of Fame Awards Presentation
Chris Champion, James Beard, Baron von Raschke, Sam Holiday and Jim Brunzell are all on hand in the ring to hand plaques and appreciation to Buddy Lane and Ron Strong for their service to River City Wrestling and induct them into the Hall of Fame.
River City Wrestling was the original name of the company, and remains the name of the parent company although the operating name has changed from River City Wrestling to Great Plains Wrestling to Mid-American Pro Wrestling to Northern Premiere Wrestling and back again to Mid-American Pro Wrestling.
Bout #2
Triangle Match
Jerry Orth defeated Tajiri and Vampiro by pinfall when Orth pinned Vampiro at 8:45
-Tajiri and Vampiro showed a real strong dislike for each other, and this kept the more businesslike and calm Orth in charge of the key moments in the match. Tajiri lost his temper and blew the green mist into the face of Vampiro, but in doing so exposed his back to Orth who took him out with an atomic drop sending him over the top rope. Orth then nailed a spinebuster on the blinded Vampiro to take the win.
Bout #3
Sean O'Haire defeated Eddie Chavez by pinfall after outside interference at 6:47
-O'Haire had control of most of the match but Chavez gave it a game effort and looked like he would not be defeated easily. But then O'Haires Natural Born Thriller partner Mark Jindrak came down to the ring and tripped up Chavez at the right time to turn the tide of the match and O'Haire came up with the win.
Mark Jindrak refuses to apologize for his actions, and Sean O'Haire doesn't know what to make of the situation. Javier Reyes comes out to complain, he says he saw the interference and Jindrak should be disqualified. Jindrak tells Reyes to mind his own business. Eddie Chavez comes out to calm down Reyes, and pull him out of harms way. The NBT say they have now beat the champions in one-on-one encounters and want another title shot next week. The announcers openly wonder where Asp Evergreen is, and how come it was up to Reyes to come out to stick up for Chavez instead of his own tag champ partner.
Bout #4
Jazz & Sarah Stock defeated April Hunter & Dana Hamm by pinfall when Jazz pinned Hunter after a Jazz Stinger at 9:23
-the match was pretty much to sell the story that Jazz is a strong contender for April Hunter's title, and that there is still some friction between Hunter and Hamm. Dana had time to try and enter to break up the pin but elected to stay in the corner and prop her foot up on the bottom rope.
[end of first hour]


Bout #5
MAPW TV Title Match
Billy Kidman defeated Nigel McGuiness by pinfall after a shooting star press at 12:00
[Billy Kidman retains the MAPW TV Title]
-McGuiness gave it one more try to wrestle the belt away from Kidman, but the champ stood strong once again. This match spent as much time outside the ring as in which favored the challenger. But inside the ring Kidman gained back control time and again, but missed a couple of high risk moves that almost lost him his belt.
Dan Severn comes to the ring with his protege The Stalk. He says its obvious that there is a division in the ranks of the Overlords, and its being started by Adam Riggs, their so called leader. Severn says he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, especially not Adam Riggs. But just to prove a point to Riggs he's going to do something next that Riggs could not do. Severn calls out former MAPW Heavyweight champion Petey Williams, claiming he's going to beat him first time out and with no help from another wrestler; two things Riggs failed to do.
Bout #6
Dan Severn defeated Petey Williams by submission to the STF at 7:05
-Williams had his moments early but then Severn took over the match and took Williams to school. He locked in the STF and Williams tapped out immediately. The announcers said Severn did what he promised to do, but speculate that if Williams had been champion like he was when he met Riggs, then he wouldn't have tapped out so easy. Williams looks like a broken man as he leaves the ring.
Chris Champion calls out MAPW Heavyweight champion Adam Riggs to the ring, and calls out new #1 contender Kurt Angle. Champion says they will meet in the main event next week for the MAPW title. He tries to fan the fires burning inside both men and suceeds very quickly. Angle says that Riggs tried his best to sabotage his chance at the title, but failed, and now all the running has stopped. Riggs gives Angle a golf clap and says big deal, you beat Brock Lesbian. Riggs warns Angle that he is a whole different kettle of fish, and by the time he's done with Angle he'll be back to wrestling at the YMCA with a wedgie and one of those fag helmets on. Angle calls Riggs a real class act, but Riggs just tells him to "blow me".
Main Event
Robert "Blaze" Bayley defeated Brandon Myers by disqualification for outside interference at 5:11
-Myers attacked his old nemesis before the opening bell and controlled the first couple minutes. Bayley though wouldn't go down without a fight, and as soon as he took over the match Dan Severn and the Stalk hit the ring and attacked Bayley causing the DQ.
At first it seemed that Myers was a bit upset at Severn for entering the match and causing the DQ. Severn pinned back Bayley's arms and told Myers to kick him. After a bit of hesitation Myers wound up and superkicked Bayley in the face.
The Overlords Myers, Severn, Stalk, were joined by Rigg's protege Trent Arion and Dana Hamm in the beat down of Bayley.
Sam Holiday and Kurt Angle hit the ring, but were badly outnumbered and ended up grabbing Bayley out of the ring and retreating.
Then Severn grabbed the mic and called out Adam Riggs to show he was either still with the Overlords or not.
Riggs made his way down to the ring wearing his title belt, and being accompanied by April Hunter wearing her title belt around her waist. He pauses before taking the mic to plant a nice long kiss on Hunter. Then he pauses before taking the mic again and calls over Dana Hamm. He surprises her with a nice long kiss as well, a kiss that she doesn't want. Myers looks ready to protest but then thinks better of it. Riggs then calls over Myers who looks hesitant. Riggs takes the mic and says don't worry I wasn't going to kiss you like some faggot.
The fans boo as Riggs offers his hand shakes with Myers, then does the same with Severn, Stalk, and his own protege Arion.
Riggs tells the jeering fans to shut up, let go of their ***** for a second and clap for the greatest force in pro wrestling the Overlords.  Riggs says he loves making everyone think there is some glimmer of hope that the great Adam Riggs..the God of pro wrestling...will fall down from the heavens and land in hell, but it ain't going to happen. The Overlords are united and will take anything, anyone, and any belt they want. Riggs says next week he is going to destroy Kurt Angle.