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Feb 5/03: Wednesday Rage

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February 5th, 2003


Brookings, South Dakota


Frost Arena, South Dakota State University


Attendence: 2,955


Opening segment:

A tape is played of a statement made by President Jack Larkin. Here are the hi-lights.

A lot has happened in the world of wrestling since last Rage one week ago. In that time the working rules of the NWA and WWA have changed drastically. The end fall out is a great chance for GPW to add to it's talent pool. These additions while not causing GPW to have to release any talent for the time being, none the less, require a departure from planned matches and bookings in the near future, and the long term future. Things will be a bit chaotic over the next little while in GPW. This week you will see the arrival of the man Larkin was talking to on the phone last week the infamous "Vicious" Manny Silva. Rumors of Silva's wrong doings are greatly exaggerated. He has never actually decapitated or killed another opponent in the ring. But as was done by the Seven Tigers Fighting Organization in Asia where Silva has been competing, the GPW has made it clear to Silva that the decapitator move that made him infamous is illegal, and the use of that move would not be tolerated here in GPW. Furthermore, to make certain that Mr. Silva follows through on his commitments to GPW, a performance bond of $25,000 has been demanded by GPW, and has been delivered by Mr. Silva's lawyer. Also appearing tonight will be some former stars of Mid-America that have recently been signed by Mr. Larkin, "Total Destruction" Steve Riley, and Menele.

Finally, it is true that Sam Holiday, Stan Baker, The Patriot, and Raymond Bingham have been re-signed by Mr. Larkin to appear in GPW. However, due to time constraints they will not appear until next week's Rage. They will not have a shot at entering into the Eight Ball scramble at Alive, as the integrity of the qualifying match-ups will remain intact, despite all the late signings of talent to GPW.

Enjoy the show.


[commercial break]


Our opening match of the night will see the winner advance to the Eight ball scramble at Alive for the GPW Heavyweight Championship.


"The Green Dragon" Jason Pharo (6'3 270 lbs., West Creek, NJ)


Dr. John Manfried (6'2 275 lbs., Ft. Worth TX)


Two men with a good deal of size squared off in this match, but except that both are very attack orientated they couldnt be any more unlike. Pharo comes from a martial arts background and prefers submission moves. Manfried has no amateur sports background. He was reputed to have been a medical doctor and uses his knowledge of the anatomy as a weapon in the ring. Manfried also has a screw loose and is a tenacious brawler.


Pharo gave it a good effort keeping the big man off guard with some armbars and surprise pinning combinations. But Manfried survived everything thrown at him. Referee Jimmy Appleseed was bumped out of the ring, and when given the chance Manfried went into one of the many pockets he has on the cargo pants he wears to the ring. From his pocket he pulled out a roll of coins and nailed Pharo with a punch. The New Jersey native went down in a heap. Referee Appleseed crawled into the ring and questioned Manfried about the coins, who just pointed to the heavens to explain their appearance. Manfried made the mistake of trying to pick up all the coins and by the time he went over to pin Pharo, he got surprised with a rollup. Manfried kicked out at 2, and immediately delivered a kick to the groin on Pharo which Appleseed was shielded from due to poor positioning. Manfried then delivered a Russian legsweep and followed it up by calling for and delivering the Big Leg Drop. He tossed Pharo into the corner and deliverd a series of chops before nailing Pharo with a double underhook piledriver. He went for the pin, but pulled Pharo up at the two count. With Pharo lying face down Manfried drove a knee into his spine and applied the Manfried claw to his armpit. Pharo screeched in pain and immediately tapped out with his other arm.


[Dr. John Manfried defeated Jason Pharo by submission with the Manfried Claw at 9:48]




Interviewer Deane Moore is with the Great Canadians (Vincent Regliatti / Eric Scott)


Moore] Gentlemen, as fate would have it, after your comments last week about driving Stan Baker from Mid-America, he has been signed to a free agent deal to come to the GPW. Comments? Concerns?

Regliatti] And why would we be concerned? Just because he is a 300 lb psychopath with our names on the top of his hit list?

Scott] Moore, I hope your not having too much fun with this. I would hate to have to beat that smirk off your face. I dont care if Baker, or anyone else comes back to the GPW. We are tag team specialists, and quite frankly we're not concerned with the singles division, and I dont see any reason for Stan Baker to concern himself with us.


At that moment Sugarbear Baker walks by the hallway.


Scott] Hey Baker!


SbB turns around and just stares at the Great Canadians.


Scott] Have you heard the news? Stan Baker is coming back to GPW. I cant help but notice that you two share the same last name. Are you two brothers?


The Great Canadians have a good laugh at the expense of SbB.


Regs] Look buddy if I was you I would consider changing your name. My good buddy Stan ain't going to like you sharing the same last name. He might have to rip that 'fro right off your head.


Baker just screws up his face and turns and walks away, fuming.


Scott] See Moore, does it look like we're afraid?


[commercial break]

Public Address Announcer] Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome back "Total Destruction" Steve Riley !!!


<<< cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen >>>


The fans boo and jeer Riley as he strolls to the ring. He is escorted to the ring by 4 local strippers, a lawyer, an accountant, and two trainers. He enters the ring alone though and waves his entourage to the backstage area.


Already in the ring was Armand Rougeau Jr., and the winner of this match will get a spot in the Eight Ball Scramble at Alive. The announce team are pretty certain that Riley will emerge the victor in this match.


Steve Riley (6'5 280 lbs., Denver, Colorado)


Armand Rougeau Jr. (6'1 214 lbs., Montreal, Quebec)


Squash. Rougeau can't get his high powered aerial attack off the ground. Riley is just too big and strong. Two spinebuster slams, and a powerbomb is all it took.


[Steve Riley defeated Armand Rougeau Jr. by pinfall after a powerbomb at 3:03]



Riley grabs a mic and calls out Larkin. He talks about how in Mid-America he had to play second fiddle to that glam boy Chris Jericho, and the aging whore Kimberly. He was sick of wrestling puny guys like Rougeau and Steve Corino, and wanted some real competition. He also wanted to be reimbursed by Larkin for the time he missed while he was rehabbing his knee, and Larkin was off somewhere investing in Bermuda.

Despite his words President Larkin does not make an appearance.


<<< cue "Dirty Deeds" by AC/DC >>>


From the crowd, behind Riley, Vendetta appears and slips into the ring. The tall, dark man from Haiti is wearing black sweatpants and an orange Amnesty International Shirt. His hair is done up as usual in dreadlocks with green, orange, and white beads.

He catches Riley by surprise from behind with a bulldog. He then delivers a piledriver for good measure much to the pleasure of the crowd. He pulls out a small vial and dips two fingers into the vial. Then he traces a "V" on Riley's forehead in blood from the vial before leaving back into the crowd.


[commercial break]

<<< cue "Burning Heart" by Survivor >>>


The crowd erupted when "comb-over" Al Collins ran down to the ring flipping his hair to one side, and right behind him was his tag partner of the last 2 years "Gung-Ho" Joe Blum in full commando gear.


Shane Madison & Will Damon ( 440 lbs. combined)


Al Collins & Joe Blum (500 lbs. Combined)


The love fest didnt have long to live though as Madison and Damon left the ring and attacked Collins and Blum outside. Madison used Blum's shirt to choke him while Damon lowered the guard rail over the throat of Collins.

Referee Buddy Lane couldnt disqualify the tandem because the match hadn't started yet, and they refused to let go. Finally Lane went into the ring and started to count to 10, declaring that if he reached 10 it would be a no contest.

Madison and Damon happy with their handiwork took the match into the ring. They dominated both men for the first 5 minutes of the match. However Blum got a comeback rolling using a series of forearm shots with his back on the ropes. He then managed a tag to Collins who gave both opponents a sucession of bodyslams. Collins gave Damon a double-stomp, and then executed a painful looking stump puller. Next up was an airplane spin into a slam, and this caused Madison to enter the ring. But Blum cut Madison off and sent him out of the ring. Collins delivered a well measured elbowdrop to the chest of Damon from the second turnbuckle and picked up the win.


[Al Collins & Joe Blum defeated Shane Madison & Will Damon by pinfall when Collins pinned Damon after a 2nd rope elbowdrop at 10:08]


During the preceding match, the announcers told us that at Alive there would be 4 teams entered into a mini-tournament for the vacant GPW Tag Team Titles. Those 4 teams are to be the two we were just watching, as well as the two we saw compete last week, The Great Canadians, and the Young Guns. A random draw will be held at Alive to determine the semi-final pairings.


[commercial break]

Next up we have the second match in Bracket B, in the round robin tournament to determine who will meet at Alive for the Heritage Title.

Vic Gate enters this match with a win already under his belt after defeating Kitnitsov last week. If he can beat Mr. Wrestling then he wins the bracket.


Mr. Wrestling (6'1  232 lbs. Atlanta, GA)


Vic Gate (6'1  235 lbs., St. Louis, MO)


This was a classic mat wrestling match-up, except that Mr. Wrestling is really fond of taking shortcuts, such as poke to the eye, choking on sleeperholds, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage, and holding the tights. Finally Gate became so upset that he resorted to going toe to toe with Mr. Wrestling. After exchanging a few punches Gate blocked a right cross, floated under the arm, and then took Mr. Wrestling down with a textbook armbar. He would have got the submission but they were too close to the ropes and Mr. Wrestling managed to hold on.

The masked grappler rolled out of the ring and then grabbed Gate by the foot and drgged him out. The two started to brawl around ringside when suddenly Gregor Kitnitsov ran down from the locker rooms and made this a 3-way brawl. Mr. Wrestling and Kitnitsov seemed to work in concerted effort to keep Gate from getting back into the ring. They were counted out.


[Vic Gate and Mr. Wrestling battled to a double countout at 14:35]


[commercial break]



Deane Moore is followed by a cameraman. They are approaching Cael Sanderson and newcomer to GPW Rulon Gardner. These two are world class amateur wrestlers both recently turned pro. They are shaking hands as Moore approaches for the interview.

But before he can get to them they are blindsided by Boss Strickland who is sporting a tire iron. Strickland lays into both athletes several times, leaving them lying in a heap.

Strickland grabs Moore by the throat and says next time you want to interview a world class Greco-roman wrestler you come see me first. He waits for Moore to nod his understanding before walking away.


Our next match is another which will see the winner get a spot in the Eight Ball Scramble at Alive.


<<< cue "Flee" by Kindred >>>

The madman of Mid-America, the nightmare that Brujah created, Menele is thoroughly bood by the crowd as he makes a return to the NWA.


Menele (6'0  255 lbs. Parts unknown)


Sugarbear Baker (6'3  330 lbs. The Bronx)


Baker looks exceptionally nervous and it manifests itself in spending extra time patting down his 'fro. But it doesnt stop him from grabbing the mic and giving a holla out to his fans.


Baker] Hey yo, South Dakota, say hi-lo to the jell-o. I'm the bro with the 'fro, and you just gots to know....


Whatever he was going to say next was lost as Menele attacked him from behind dropping him to his knees with a kick to the back of the knee. He then slapped on the cobra clutch and we were inches away from having a real quick ending to this match.

Menele managed to get the big man over with a belly-to-back suplex, as well as hit a devastating DDT. But Baker kept battling back. He nailed Menele with a series of headbutts to counter another suplex attempt and then locked on a big bearhug. Menele fought his way out but was soon on the receiving end of a flying hip attack. Menele was reeling and in big trouble. But Baker made the mistake of going to the top turnbuckle and took too much time. Menele caught him with a punch to the gut, then climbed up top where he took Baker down with a superplex that shook even the people in the cheap seats. This one was over.


[Menele defeated Sugarbear Baker by pinfall after a superplex at 7:43]



Asp Evergreen leads a cameraman down the hallway telling him to hurry. He was going to talk to Larkin again about all the bullshit conditioning drills that Ken Jurgan was making the Butte students do every day. Evergreen isn't watching where he is going, watching the camera man instead, and as he barges into the office he walks smack into the chest of Dr. John Manfried. The camera scans Larkin who is sitting in his chair behind a desk looking as white as a ghost. Manfried pushes Evergreen out of the way, and is about to leave when he hears the youngster call him mental. He turns around with a wicked smile on his face and then sticks his hand into Asp's mouth surprising him with a mandible claw. He turns it into a chokeslam taking Evergreen down hard on a catering table on the other side of the office. Asp lays there, food all around, and Manfried seems puzzled that the table didn't break. The camera pans to Larkin who seems to be regaining some color in his face. Suddenly referee and overall hard body babe Melissa Coates pops up from behind Larkin's desk. President Larkin looks at her and says "I need better security". The camera pans to Manfried as he looks under the table and examines it when suddenly there is a rush of movement and Manfried is nailed in the back with the camera. The camera hits the ground and all we see are feet, and we hear several shots being laced in. Asps voice rings out, "Chavez lets get the hell out of here", and apparently the two take off.


[commercial break]

Next up we have the much anticipated premiere of "Vicious" Manny Silva. The veteran jaws with the fans on the way to the ring and then tries to intimidate referee Jurgen Hermann. Much to his surprise though he is attacked from behind by his opponent Moses Luke who apparently had seen enough.


Manny Silva (6'2  259 lbs., Oahu, Hawaii )


Moses Luke (6'2  310 lbs., Seattle, Washington)


Silva is reminiscent in size, strength, and style to such brawlers as Manny Fernandez and Ivan Koloff. He is rugged, dirty, and strong. Luke is a much younger, big but green brawler, who patterns himself after Rhino.

After an initial flourish Luke gets winded and as soon as he slows down his attack Silva is able to turn the tables, apparently having played a bit of rope-a-dope. Silva chops Luke right across the throat and after that the youngster seems more concerned with how he will get his next breath then he is defending himself against Silva.

Because of the size of his opponent Silva has to modify his attack slightly, going more towards kneedrops, elbows, and submissions, and not DVDs, Gorilla Press Slams, etc.

None the less Silva uses a neck snap to set up the camel clutch and gets the submission.


[Manny Silva defeats Moses Luke by submission with the camel clutch at 6:57]


Taped Segment:

In front of a stately looking townhouse in Chicago, Derek St. Holmes, ESQ has a message for GPWs fans. He is returning to GPW, but will not be coming back alone. In his last stint with the WWA he managed The Spinebusters to an NPW Tag Team title. Now he will be doing the same with his new tag team. He promises it won't be pretty.


[commercial break]


Our Main Event match for the evening is the second match in Bracket A of the Heritage championship round robin. It features two very scientific mat wrestlers with international pedigrees, Gabriel Argos and Union Jack. Argos has his back to the wall in this match because he already lost to Den Graves. He needs a win to stay alive.


Gabriel Argos ( 6'2  252 lbs. Cyprus)


Union Jack ( 5'10  234 lbs. Liverpool)


The two began the match with a handshake.

Argos started off using his size and height for a leverage advantage in lock ups with UJ. The Brit then took Argos off his feet to the mat to take away the advantage. The two then traded roll-up moves, and attempted key-locks, before UJ managed to put Argos in an arm scissors. Argos got to the ropes and both men got to their feet.

Argos rocked Jack with a forearm smash that changed the tone of the match in a hurry, to more adversarial.

Den Graves, the 3rd member of the bracket, came down to do special commentary at this point in the match.

Argos pressed his advantage with a legsweep facelsam, snap suplex, and then a surfboard. UJ managed to rock his way out of the submission, roll up Argos, and then roll through and put on the Texas Cloverleaf. Argos quickly scrambled to the ropes and got the break.

UJ didnt even let him get to his feet before he slapped on an armbreaker and dragged Argos to the middle of the ring. He took Argos to the mat and worked the armbar. Finally Jack managed to get a break by rolling out of the move, and after a kick to the gut he delivered the Doctor Bomb on UJ and got a 2 count.

The match continued to go back and forth until Union Jack went for a flying crucifix but Argos stood his ground and countered with a Samoan drop. Two snap suplexes were followed up by his atomic drop finisher sending UJ to the buckle, and then rolling him up into a pinning combination on the rebound.


[Gabriel Argos pinned Union Jack after the Atomic Drop at 9:23]



The two men had a bit of a stare down with Den Graves following the match, inviting him into the ring. Ultimately Graves just did a little taunting and left the invitation unanswered.



A camera is in the office of President Jack Larkin. We see that Silva has Larkin by the collar and is threatening to pound on him.

Silva] You better start feeding me some real competition Larkin and not these wet behind the ears pipsqueaks.

Larkin] I thought I was doing you a favor.

Silva] Next time I want a favor from you Larkin Ill beat it out of you, like I did your girlfriend over there.


The camera pans to Melissa Coates sprawled out on the floor of the office, not moving.


Larkin] Let me go.

Silva] Or what Larkin?


At that moment Chrome comes busting into the office and grabs Silva, throwing him against the wall. He presses Silva against the wall, holding him there while he looks around the room.


Chrome] You're the big tough bully huh? Calls himself Vicious. You dont look so tough to me.

Silva] Wait until Alive, when I get my hands on you, the only thing left Alive will be your misfortunate legacy as my second in-ring kill.

Chrome] Big brillo pad on your head, so much back hair you could braid it. You dont look Vicious to me Manuel, you look like a yappy Poodle. And at Alive I'm going to have you fixed. As for you Larkin, it would be too easy to say I told you so, so I'm not going to say that. But this is the last time I help you out Larkin unless you start to smarten up.


With that Chrome smashes Silva one more time into the wall and then leaves the office, retreating from Silva.


Larkin] Wait, Chrome, don't leave me here with him. Come back, oh dear God.