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American Pro Wrestling

January 27, 2007

9 Man MAPW Television Title Tournament
MAPW Heavyweight champion, and the man who vacated the TV title after taking it off Tajiri, Petey Williams comes to the ring as commissioner and announces that an extra man, a 9th man has been added to the tournament as a result of his victory over Billy Kidman last week. That man Vampiro will be added to the Kidman v Tajiri match and match that quarter-final bout a 3-way.
Quarter-Final #1
Billy Kidman defeated Yoshi Tajiri and Vampiro by pinfall when he pinned Tajiri after hitting the shooting star press at 10:42
-excellent match to start the show, and putting Kidman into the ring with the likes of Tajiri and Vampiro helped reinforce his recent turn of face.
Quarter-Final #2
Nigel McGuinness defeated Scott Vick by pinfall after a Tower of London at 3:03
-short match for the premiere of McGuinness after two weeks of promos. He hit his version of the Ace Cutter to pick up the win.
Quarter-Final #3
Trent Arion defeated Mentallo after a superplex at 4:09
-Arion had little problem against Mentallo
Quarter-Final #4
Jerry Orth defeated Sean Waltman by pinfall after hitting a spinebuster slam at 7:46
-Orth shook off a little ring rust to make a late match comeback and fittingly finish it with a spinebuster.


Semi-Final #1
Billy Kidman defeated Nigel McGuinness by disqualification for using a foreign object at 9:39
-these two put on the best match so far tonight, back and forth. But McGuinness lost his temper and got caught using his Union Jack decorated iron to nail Kidman getting him disqualified. He continued to beat up on Kidman after the match putting his spot in the finals into question.
Semi-Final #2
Trent Arion defeated Jerry Orth by pinfall after a second-rope crucifix slam at 6:34
-Arion looked awesome, the 6'5 235lb athlete combining both impact and aerial moves into one great offense.
Billy Kidman needed time to rest and it was provided by an impromptu appearance by the MAPW Tag Team champions Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez. They said they were thinking of leaving wrestling temporarily to take a shot at American Idol fame. Then Joanie Laurer came out unannounced and the tag champs lost their words and their nerve. She teased them a bit, and told them that the fans needed them to stay..that she needed them to stay. Asp asked her which one of them she needed to stay. She just smiled and avoided the question. Eddie said "I'm feeling uncomfortable" and turned his back. Asp then asked Joanie if she wanted to go to a movie sometime. She said sure, and Asp told her to pick him up at Seven o'clock tomorrow night at Eddie's Mom's house.


Final for the vacant MAPW Television title
Billy Kidman defeated Trent Arion by pinfall after an inside cradle at 12:13
[Billy Kidman wins the vacant MAPW Television Title]
-as could be expected, after an initial brave flurry by Kidman, Arion took control over most of this match in a David versus Goliath type atmosphere. Kidman's head began to bleed from where he had taken the shot from McGuinness' iron earlier in the night. Arion ripped the bandage off and then rubbed Kidman's head across the top rope until it bled. But Arion grew frustrated and started to make mistakes and waste time arguing with James Beard. Finally he missed a somersault splash off the top buckle, and Kidman rolled him up for the win.