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American Pro Wrestling

January 13, 2007

Opening Bout:
Dustin Rhodes defeated Scott Vick by pinfall after a flying bulldog at 4:58
-fairly easy job by Rhodes of dismantling Vick.
Chris Champion comes to the ring with more executive orders and he calls out new commissioner (based on his win at Armageddon) Petey Williams, who is now the holder of both the MAPW Heavyweight Title as well as the TV title.
Champion says that Williams can not hold both titles, and goes through the formality of asking Petey which belt he wishes to retain. Williams doesn't understand the decision, and the fans boo, but when pushed he finally agrees to give up the TV title for the betterment of MAPW and to hopefully give some other young buck a chance to shine.
Champion though says there is one caveat. The executive feel that before a tournament should be held for the TV title, Tajiri deserves a rematch as all champions do. So later tonight Petey Williams will put the TV title on the line against Yoshi Tajiri. If Tajiri fails to win the belt back then a TV title tournament will be held two weeks from tonight on January 27th to fill the vacant spot.
As for the Heavyweight title, now that Petey has managed to get by the huge challenge of Mike Tyson, there is no clear #1 contender. So tonight's main event will be a 3-way dance with Robert "Blaze" Bayley, Brock Lesnar, and Adam Riggs facing off, the winner of the fall to get his title shot next week!
Bout #2
#1 Contenders - 3 Way Women's Match
Rena Mero defeated Joanie Laurer and Dana Hamm by pinfall when she pinned Hamm after a Merobomb at 6:06
-really bad match with Laurer and Mero only half decent workers and Hamm still a starter. Basically 5 minutes of one on one's while the third participant lay prone, recovering just in time to break up a pin. MAPW Women's champion April Hunter came out for a look-see and this ended up to the detriment of fellow Overlord member Dana Hamm who got distracted and allowed Mero to attack her from behind. Laurer in the meantime had words with Hunter and the two were in a pushing match while Mero bombed Hamm and picked up the win.
April Hunter was all grins as she was leaving so Pamela Paulshock hunted her down on the ramp for a quick interview. She asked Hunter what she was so happy about and the champ laughed saying that of all 3 of those chicks Mero is the one she would most want to defend the title, so its funny how things worked out so well. Dana Hamm came staggering up the ramp and heard the last comment and seemed none too pleased.


We go into what appears to be a beer commercial, as three half-drunk Americans wander into a British pub. They mosey up the bar and after throwing a couple of insults about the Brits ask for Budweisers. A bloke at the bar turns and says a real man drinks Guiness. The Americans laugh and one says that the pansy British were kicked out of the United States centuries ago and hve been going downhill ever since. Another pipes up saying, yeah its full of crumpet eating limpwrists, and roti eating cabdrivers. The bloke replies the Brits lost the war because it's hard to fight one handed having to plug their noses because of the smell of the pig Americans. One of the Yanks tries to get at the bloke, but a buddy holds him back saying you must have hit a nerve with the pantywaist...the bloke quickly smashes their heads together, then while putting them in a double headlock kicks his legs up catching the 3rd companion in headscissors and twists him over. He then lays in punches knocking all 3 out.
The bloke then gets up on the bar and does a handstand. "Allo wrestling fans, my name is Nigel McGuiness and I'm coming back to the colonies and will take back your wretched lands for the glory of Queen and country."
Bout #3
Trent Arion defeated Mentallo after a second rope crucifix slam at 3:23
-short work, and a big impression by Adam Riggs' chosen apprentice.
Arion continues to beat on Mentallo giving him a crucifix powerbomb, and then stomping away. Finally Sam Holiday comes into the ring, sending Arion fleeing. Holiday then helps Mentallo out of the ring, and after its vacated Arion re-enters the ring.
Adam Riggs comes to the ring and pretends to have an impartial interview with Trent Arion but really serving him up grapefruits to hit out of the park. Arion rails against the wrestling industry and society as a whole about losing its moral compass, how competition has given way to collaboration and compromise. Arion says there is no room for compromise within the Overlords, its do or die everyday. He then gives props to his mentor, calling Riggs the God of pro wrestling.
Sean O'Haire comes to the ring. He says as much as he has enjoyed running with the legends of MAPW like Sam Holiday, Blaze Bayley, and DDP, he has always felt like the extra part in the part bag. He says its time for him to focus on something tangible again. O'Haire says he got a phone call the other day from an old friend interested in coming to MAPW, and after some long talks they have decided to reform an old tag team, The Natural Born Thrillers.
Bout #4
#1 Contenders Match for the Tag Titles
Dan Severn & The Stalk defeated The Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak) by pinfall when Dan Severn pinned O'Haire after a German suplex, and after Stalk hit O'Haire with the ringbell at 12:39
-very hard fought and even match. Jindrak seemed to have some ring rust, and played Ricky Morton for a good stretch. O'Haire controlled some of the match showing how much he has learend in the past couple months. However, in the end the Overlords managed to cheat and used a referee bump to allow the use of the ringbell and pick up the win.
[end of first hour]


Bout #5
Kurt Angle defeated Brandon Myers by disqualification for using a foreign object at 12:45
-huge match-up between the newest superstar, former WWF champion Kurt Angle and former NWA champion Brandon Myers of the Overlords. It was a slobberknocker right from the opening bell with a tremendous pace, in and out of the ring, punctuated by suplexes, piledrivers, an Angle slam, trading figure-four leglocks, and both men busted open hardway by the 10th minute. They had the fans on their feet as they fought up the ramp. Sophmore referee Tony Zerucha did an admirable job of keeping it under control but still allowing both men to give the fans the kind of show they wanted. Zerucha convinced the participants to take it back inside the ring but Myers, the worse for wear, decided he had enough fighting on an even playing field, and took a chain from under the ring and brought it back into the ring with him. He wrapped it around his fist and nailed Angle causing the DQ.
The Overlords come to the ring en masse;Adam Riggs, Dan Severn, The Stalk, Trent Arion, Brandon Myers (barely able to stand in the corner, head still bleeding), April Hunter, and Dana Hamm.
Riggs is unchareristically quiet and somber, and allows the others to dissect how they lost in War Games. They all rail against how the odds were stacked against them with Team Blaze having a surprise member they couldn't prepare for and having the right to the oddman advantages. Finally Riggs takes the mic and says its time for the whining to stop, and the winning to begin again. Riggs says we have no one to blame but ourselves, as we gave up, he then stares daggers right at Brandon Myers who we can't be sure registers anything at this point through his haze. With that Riggs drops the mic and leaves the ring followed by the rest of the 'lords.
Bout #6
MAPW Television title match
Petey Williams defeated Yoshi Tajiri by submission to the sharpshooter at 9:04
[Petey Williams retains the MAPW Television title]
-Tajiri controlled the first 5-6 minutes of this match but couldn't put Williams away. Slowly Williams made his comeback but couldn't hit the Canadian destroyer. He was setting up Tajiri for the sharpshooter but the former champ managed to spray green mist in the Canadian's eyes. The champ though fought through the pain and surprise and put Tajiri in the sharpshooter anyway. Referee Buddy Lane didn't see the spewing of the mist but saw the evidence but decided to let the match continue because of Williams' putting the sharpshooter on. Tajiri lasted about a minute in the hold before finally tapping out.
Team Blaze comes to the ring without Sean O'Haire.
Blaze Bayley, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sam Holiday along with Kimberly Page. They don't gloat a lot about the victory, well Bayley does a bit because that's his nature, but Holiday is as modest and unassuming as a Heartland farmer. When DDP's turn finally comes up he takes the mic very tentatively. After a bit of a pause, and seemingly unable to speak, Kim puts a hand on his shoulder and he begins to tear up. Bayley and Holiday look a little confused.
Finally DDP fights through the tears and says its been a wonderful ride, his many years off and on in Mid-America, fighting the good fight against the likes of Adam Riggs, Manny Silva, Stan Baker, and the Spinebusters. But all good things must come to an end, and this is the end of the road. The bumps and bruises have added up, and he can't ignore his obligations to his health and to his family any longer. Armageddon was his last battle, and it feels good to go out a winner.
Sam Holiday and Blaze Bayley shake his hand, embrace, and then lead the fans in a nice ovation for Diamond Dallas Page and his lovely wife Kim as they walk up the ramp to the back for the last time.


Main Event
3 Way - #1 Contenders Match
Adam Riggs defeated Blaze Bayley and Brock Lesnar (/w Rena Mero) by pinfall when Riggs pinned Lesnar after a top rope kneedrop at 15:12
-Bayley tried to form an allegiance with Lesnar but this just seemed to anger the big bull who took an everyman for himself approach to the match. Riggs for his part tried to his best to disappear into the woodwork everytime Bayley and Lesnar would hook-up. This strategy seemed to keep him a bit fresher then his opponents. He stood perched on the ring apron as the two fought outside the ring. Bayley finally threw Lesnar headfirst into the ringsteps, and then Riggs flew off the ring apron taking Bayley down with a clothesline. The Irish thug then dragged Bayley onto the announce table and devastated him with a piledriver.
Lesnar and Riggs fought outside the ring with Riggs finally able to take control by pushing Rena Mero into Lesnar and then hitting him with a clothesline, and then rolled Lesnar back inside the ring. He then climbed to the top and hit a kneedrop to get the win.