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American Pro Wrestling

September 16, 2006

Back To School Smash
Special 3 Hour episode of Rage
Mid-American Pro Wrestling Premieres on the TBA Network

Introduction of our announce crew.


Play by play is Joe Aiello, long time MAPW regular.

Color Commentary is being provided by former MAPW wrestler Linley Tolbert who also is a long time MAPW broadcaster.

Doing interviews will be none other then former wrestler, champion, manager, and executive of PWA/WWA/NWA, Chris Champion.

Other interviews to be done by Pamela Paulshock.




The announce crew line it up for us tonight. MAPW champion Brock Lesnar is in the house with his girlfriend and valet Rena Mero. He has come off a successful feud with Bill Goldberg who he took the strap from. However, he has now drawn the ire of MAPW legend and current MAPW commissioner Sam Holiday.

"The Phenomenal One" Adam Riggs is in the house, only one week left in his suspension for his action in injuring long time rival Robert "Blaze" Bayley.

The Women's title is on the line as Dawn Marie defends against Christy Hemme in a bra and panties match.

Linley Tolbert tells us that unfortunately the tag team champions, Eddie Chavez & Asp Evergreen are also on hand tonight.

Finally there will be several premires tonight as a new chapter in MAPW is born as Rage goes network on TBA. One of those premieres will be a new tag partner for Dustin Rhodes.


The announcers send us to the ring for our first match


Opening Bout

One fall...for the Mid-American Pro Wrestling Television Title....


Yoshihiro Tajiri (champion) v Petey Williams

Williams has a flurry of offense early with a reverse russian legsweep and a release German suplex. He then takes the champ down with a hurancanranna from the top rope. Tajiri takes a powder outside the ring. The champ then stalls trying to slow down the match before catching Williams with a chop to the throat. He gets the challenger hung up in the tree of whoa and delivers soem punishment, and then later uses the octopus hold until forced to break by referee Buddy Lane.

Williams turns things around and after a flying tope outside and a pair of flying headscissors inside the ring he has the champ set up for the Canadian Destroyer which would mean a title change. However, Tajiri manages to reach out and grab the shirt of the referee which makes Williams stop. He has to settle for an earringer instead and clotheslines the champ outside the ring. A baseball slide and then a roll back into the ring and he is again ready to finish the champ off. But Tajiri spews that green mist right into the face of Petey and causes the automtic disqualification.


Petey Williams defeated Yoshi Tajiri by disqualification for a foreign object at 6:49

[Tajiri retains the MAPW Television Title]




<<<cue "Phenomenal" by LL Cool J >>>


The fans are on their feet, emptying their beers and sodas to get ready to throw the emptys, as Adam Riggs comes to the ring.

"Shut the **** **** you bunch of ***** *****. The first thing you need to understand is that Riggs is now alone. He doesn't need some big ***** bimbo, or some ****** slant **** oriental manager to get the job done."

The fans boo and the debris begins to fall.

"Is that the best you got you bunch of queens."


<<<cue "Ain't Going Down till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks >>>

The fans turn and burst into applause as MAPW commissioner Sam Holiday, former champion, comes to the ringside area. He is quickly followed by security.


Riggs] Yeah look at you , little ***** ****. You need all those ********* ***** to hold your hand after they been holding your **** in the back.


Holiday] Just shut up Riggs. Shut the heck up. You know, we just got this contract on TBA Network and of course you just have to try and screw it up for the rest of us. You are a racist and a homophobic who has no place on the television sets of America.


Riggs] First off *****, I am Irish so I don't give a *** **** about America, I hope the terrorists get more of you ******* pigs. And if you mean to say I hate fudgepackers then yeah...I'm homophobic...as long as that doesn't mean that I'm scared of them.


Holiday] You'r the worst kind of racist, an ignorant one. But we all know this, even you know it, that's not why I came out here. I'm sick and tired of hearing your junk every week. It was a nice rest while you were on suspension even if it was at the expense of my close friend Bayley. But now apparently you are back and able to wrestle next week. I'm assuming here that you will be aiming for the MAPW Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. *small pop from crowd* I have no love for Lesnar, but I'm sure he would rip a hole in your chest where your heart should be. But you know what, as good as that match would be, I don't want to see it, and I don't want it on the network, and I don't want you anywhere near the main event.


Riggs] I don't care what you want ****. You get what ever I shove down your throat, and you'll like it.


Holiday] ENOUGH. You've wasted enough of our time Riggs. I'll tell you what I'm going to come out of retirement next week and I'm going to whip your ***. OOps sorry bout that folks. I'm going to kick your behind Riggs.


Riggs] yeah, yeah, whatever. Fine. Look when I beat your *** next week, oops sorry *** *Riggs feigns blushing and covers his crotch*, then I will be back and will do whatever I please. If that means coming out here for an interview and telling you **** Americans the way the rest of the world hates your guts then that is what I will do. If it means coming out here and taking that piece of tin from that roided up champion Brock Lesbian, and then pulling that **** girlfriend of his by the hair back to my cave, then thats exactly what I will do.


Joe Aiello] It's a good thing that this show is taped, those comments by Riggs will need some serious editing. He's such a thug.

Linley Tolbert] Ha, Joe, Riggs tells it like it is. Something you Americans can't handle. Next week he's going to kick Holiday's butt.

Joe Aiello] First off, I'm Canadian not American you South African racist, and secondly, well, I hope your wrong.


Bout #2



Sean Waltman  v  Brandon Bricks


Bricks is a blue collar guy from South Philly, the son of a bricklayer. This is his second year as a pro wrestler, spending the first on the Atlantic Coast. He comes in at 5'11 and 225 pounds. His specialty is the underdog role and his ability to take a beating and not give up.

Waltman came to the ring looking like a fallen rockstar. The fans jeered him heavily as he shook off their attempts at high-fives. He paused to take issue with a fan who had brought a sign proclaiming "Waltman got punked by Peter Brady".

Bricks took the opportunity and distraction to his advantage and attacked Waltman as soon as the bell sounded. His offense lasted for less than a minute before Waltman began to dish it out. After a couple of minutes and some near falls the wrestler formerly known as X-Pac and Syxx grew frustrated. He went for a frog splash from the top but Bricks moved out of the way and put Waltman in a Texas Cloverleaf. Waltman had no choice but to tap.


Brandon Bricks defeated Sean Waltman by submission with the Texas Clover Leaf at 5:27



Bricks celebrated his victory outside the ring while Waltman threw a temper tantrum inside.



Chris Champion comes to the ring to interview Waltman. He points out to Sean that they go way back, to the PWA days. He then tells Waltman that maybe its time to hang it up, or does he really need a paycheque that badly? Waltman tells Champion to go screw himself. He says that was a fluke. He knew nothing about this kid right out of wrestling school but its obvious that the kid had been studying hours of film of his illustrious career. Waltman says the kid had the frog splash well scouted and got lucky. Waltman says it won't happen again. Champion changes the subject to Joanie Laurer...but before he can get the question out Waltman covers the mic with his hand and shakes his head at Champion. He fixes him with a stare that says "don't go there".



We see the MAPW Tag Team Champions Ash Evergreen & Eddie Chavez sitting on the curb outside the arena. They have their tag team belts around their waist. Ash is wearing a shirt that says "Vote For Eddie"


Eddie] What are you going to do today Ash?

Ash] Whatever I feel like doing, gooshhh




Ash] Gosh!




Ash] So you got my back and everything now right?

Eddie] What?


Ash] Well I have all your equipment in my locker, so you should come get it or something..I can't fit my numchucks in there anymore.

Eddie] What?


Eddie] Hey Ash, do you think chicks will vote for me?

Ash] Heck yes. Chicks love a guy with skillz.

Eddie] What are my skills?

Ash] Your a good dancer. And your the only guy who has a cool bike and a Mom with a mustache.

Eddie] Thanks


The tag champs sit up, scoop up their title belts and head into the arena.



<<< cue "Ride of the Valkryes" by Wagner >>>

The fans jeer as Dan Severn comes to the ring leading his latest protege known simply as "The Stalk"


Bout #3


Mikey Batts  v  The Stalk (/w Dan Severn)


The Stalk (short for beanstalk) is a strange looking man, born in Brussels Belgium and trained in mixed martial arts and wrestling by Severn. He is 6'9 and thin at around 260 pounds. He has been competing in Europe for about 8 years before coming over to North America with Severn's guidance. In his little more then a month of competition in MAPW he is still undefeated.

This is a squash match, as Batts is no match for the big shooter who punishes the smaller man. He ends the match by hoisting Batts up as if for a powerbomb but instead sends him backward face first into the mat.


The Stalk defeated Mikey Batts by pinfall after the falling stalk at 4:46


Video featuring "Over" by Mercy Drive

Highlights are shown of the Brock Lesnar v Bill Goldberg feud which culminated in Brock winning the MAPW title.


[end of first hour]



MAPW Commissioner Sam Holiday

<<< cue "Every Night's Another Story" by Early November >>>
MAPW Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is accompanied to the ring by his valet Rena Mero.
Brock cuts a promo to a mix of cheers and jeers from the crowd. He says he proved to Goldberg who was the king of pain. And now Goldberg is gone. And who waits in the wings for a title shot? No one. No one is left. The fans begin to chant D-D-P but Brock just ignores them. Lesnar then discusses Adam Riggs and Sam Holiday, calling them the Grumpy Old Men of MAPW. Lesnar laughs and says maybe the winner of that match could get a date with an old bag like Sherri Martel. Sable says thats a good idea, it would give Kimberly Page a night off from DDP so she could concentrate on the rest of the locker room.
Brock says that Holiday's real motive for a comeback is pretty transparent..and he points to his title belt. "He wants this, but he ain't getting near it. No one is getting near it."
Bout #4
Mystery Partner
Dustin Rhodes & Chris Kanyon   v   Mentallo & Bryce Ridgon
Rhodes is formerly known as Goldust in WWE/WWF and Diamond Rhodes here in MAPW. He comes out wearing leather chaps and no shirt. He brings out his mystery partner Chris Kanyon who is also wearing leather chaps.
Mentallo and Ridgon are an electric pair of local talents who after a rough start begin to carry the match. They dominate Rhodes first and then again Kanyon. the veterans take the opportunity to regroup outside the ring. Back inside Rhodes stops Ridgon in his tracks with a kiss on the lips before unleashing a monster clothesline. He tags out to Kanyon who hotshots Bryce's throat off the top rope and picks up the pin.
Rhodes & Kanyon defeated Mentallo & Ridgon by pinfall when Kanyon pinned Ridgon after a hotshot at 9:09
Chris Champion interviews the victors. Rhodes and Kanyon claim they are on "the same page". When Champion asks if either man has a sore back, Kanyon throws a fit and has to be held back by Rhodes. Champion decides to leave before getting hurt.
Bout #5
MAPW Women's Title Match...Bra and Panties Match
Dawn Marie (champion)  v  Christy Hemme
The fans are solidly behind the big bad bootay babe Dawn Marie against the spoiled brat like Hemme. The champ is wearing latex pants while the challenger is wearing a schoolgirls outfit. The fans give the girls a mixed reaction.
Let's see..slaps..kicks...hair-pulling...Hemme goes for a Lou thesz press but DM catches her and turns it into a powerbomb. She rips off Hemme's top to reveal a brassiere. Seh whips the challenger to the ropes and then nails her with a flying butt bump. She follows up by pulling off her skirt to reveal her plaid panties.
Dawn Marie defeated Christy Hemme in a bra and panties match at 5:17
[Dawn Marie retains the MAPW Women's Title]
Pamela Paulshock comes to the ring to interview Dawn Marie. They have just begun the interview when suddenly April Hunter comes sliding into the ring.
She calls the match that just happened a travesty to Women's wrestling. Nothing but a degradation of women. Dawn Marie says it was sexy, and that there is a reason why Hunter usually wrestles against men..because she looks like one. Hunter tries to attack DM but the champ is expecting it and ducks under the punch, delivers a kick to the gut and a stunner.
Another woman suddenly appears and clotheslines DM from behind. She then locks her into a full nelson and shakes her like a rag doll before doing a sit-down in the hold. April Hunter recovers and grabs the mic.
Hunter] That's it, barbie doll time, dress up time, is OVER. You don't have to be anareoxic or have implants put into your butt to be sexy. This division is ready for a makeover and its here. The Widowermaker April Hunter is back and this time I have backup, my friend Dana Hamm.


The MAPW Tag Champs Asp Evergreen and Eddie Chavez are getting ready in their dressing room. Asp dons a red and blue cape and mask. Chavez turns around and screams in shock.


Chavez] What gives?

Asp] Sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants..just for fun.

Chavez] I don't believe in stretchy pants.

Asp] Tonight my young friend with God's blessing we will taste the glory, one more time.

Chavez] I don't believe in God..I belive in science.

Asp] That is why we make such a tremendous team. I am a disciple of Brother John and you my friend are a disciple of Lou Thesz.

Chavez] Lou who?

Asp] Okay, Chris Benoit then.

Chavez] Yes. Summon your Snake powers.

Asp] Snake powers come to me. Good. Now with my snake powers and with your belief in science we will win.

Chavez] We will win, even if you are fat.

Asp] I am not fat. Let's go.


Promo Video;

"Rock of all Ages" by Badfinger

Featuring the divas of MAPW; Rena Mero, Christy Hemme, Dawn Marie, Pamela Paulshock, & Kimberly Page.



Retro Match Presentation;

from River City Wrestling's 5th Anniversary Show

December 13, 1984

Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg Manitoba


RCW Television Title

Butch Reed (champion) v Ben Bassarab

Referee: Buddy Lane

Bassarab did not like the jeers he was receiving from the crowd and twice left the ring to argue with them instead of locking up. Finally Reed went out to get him but Bassarab ducked back into the ring and then caught Reed with a boot as he entered. The Canadian went to work with kicks, punches, a double axhandle chop, and a bulldog from the 2nd turnbuckle, but failed to get the pinfall. He then tried to match Reed with punches and power which was a mistake as Reed began to fire back. Bassarab tried to leave the ring but Reed grabbed him by the trunks and hauled him back inside. The champ went to work with a pair of elbowsmashes and a bodyslam. He only got a 1 count on the pin. He worked a reverse chin lock, and then a front chancery. Bassarab though bounced him off the ropes and took him down with a drop toe hold. He then applied a front chancery of his own until Reed lifted him in the air and broke the hold with an atomic drop. The two then collided as Bassarab bounced off the ropes. The Canadian rolled to the floor while the champ recovered inside the ring. Reed left the ring after getting up to take the fight to Bassarab. They exchanged punches and kicks around the ring before Bassarab ducked a clothesline attempt and then nailed Reed with a back heel kick.
Bassarab rolled back inside to break the count and then outside nailed Reed with a snap suplex. He rolled him back inside and went to the top rope. The challenger nailed a splash from the top rope, made the pin and only got a 2 count.
The challenger continued the assault with a legdrop from the second rope, and a DDT but still only gets a 2 count. Bassarab sets Reed up in the corner, climbs to the top turnbuckle, puts Reed in a front facelock and then jumps off, snapping Reed to the ground. It’s a vicious move and the crowd jeers as Bassarab gets 1, 2, foot on the bottom rope to make the break! The challenger is incensed and complains about a slow count. Bassarab whips Reed to the ropes and tries to nail his crossbody block finisher. However, the champ catches Bassarab and then slams him down to the mat. Lane counts 1 but Reed isn’t interested in the pin at this point as he abandons it to straddle the challenger and begin to pepper him with punches to the head. Lane quickly puts an end to that but Reed has the advantage now. Reed nails a couple punches to the stomach of Bassarab before nailing a gutbuster. He then causually steps on the stomach of the challenger while pushing down on the top rope and trying to distract the ref by having a casual conversation with him. But Lane will not be distracted and Reed is forced to break the hold. Reed tosses Bassarab into the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope and begins to pepper him with punches to the noggin as the fans count to 10. Reed then gives Bassarab a belly-to-belly, but hotshotting his head off the turnbuckle. The champ tries to end the match by setting Bassarab up for a superplex, only to have the challenger give him an undetected lowblow and then push him off the top to the mat below. Bassarab can’t take advantage however right away as he is too winded.
The two finally hook up again in the middle of the ring exchanging punches, toe to toe, which Reed wins easily. Bassarab again leaves the ring and Reed chases him. The Canadian tries to roll back inside but Reed grabs him from behind and nails him with a belly to back suplex. Back inside Reed works him over with another gutbuster and a series of stomps. The champ then makes Bassarab scream in agony by applying the stump puller, but the challenger refuses to quit. Reed goes for a piledriver but Bassarab manages to backdrop Reed. Bassarab buys time to recover more by applying an inside toehold until Reed reaches the ropes. Bassarab nails Reed with a knee sending him between the ropes, bouncing off the apron to the floor below. As Reed stands up Bassarab climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies through the air and nails Reed with a cross body block, nailing him to the ground. Even Bassarab takes a couple of seconds to recover from that one and has to re-enter the ring to break the count. He then leaves the ring again to retrieve Reed. He whips him to the ropes and goes for a dropkick but hits nothing but air when Reed hangs onto the ropes. The champ thrashes out at Bassarab with a running clothesline but Bassarab moves out of the way. He catches Reed on the way back with a drop toe hold. He slingshots the champ face first into the turnbuckle and then as the champ is falling he comes off the opposite ropes with a head of steam and nails Reed in the head with a flying kneesmash right to the head. He covers and gets 1, 2, 3 !!!

Ben Bassarab defeated Butch Reed by pinfall after a flying kneesmash at 18:02
[Ben Bassarab won the RCW Television Title]
[approximately 12 minutes shown on Rage]


[end of 2nd hour]


April Hunter...the Widowermaker

<< cue "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana >>
The crowd is on their feet as Diamond Dallas Page makes his way to the ring accompanied by his lovely wife Kimberly Page.
He addresses the champ Brock Lesnar, telling him that Goldberg was a good friend of his. He admits that Brock may have won the battle but to stop talking trash about Goldberg and get back to the business of being a champion.
DDP says he has a surprise. Tonight's main event has just been finalized by commissioner Sam Holiday, and it will be Brock Lesnar in a non-title match against DDP. Page tells Brock he can bring the pain, but promises the champ he won't feel the pain when he knocks him out from nowhere with the Diamond Cutter. Feel the Bang!!
The announcers tell us that match will indeed be the main event tonight. But next week there will also be a special main event, a over the top rope battle royal. It has been a September tradition since 1980, and this year will be no exception. The winner of that over the top battle royal will become the #1 contender for Brock Lesnar's title.
<<< cue "So Far" by Faust >>>
Sean O'Haire comes down to the ring in a Black trenchcoat. He says he is now back in MAPW and has his sites set on winning gold. However he says he has not come alone.
<<< cue the Bagpipes >>>
The fans are on their feet and the loudest ovation thus far tonight has been reserved for Rowdy Roddy Piper!!
Piper gets on the mic and tells the fans how great it is to be back. He says he probably won't be here for long, but just long enough to have O'Haire or someone else take the title off that overgrown chipmunk Brock Lesnar. Roddy then puffs out his cheeks and walks around really slowly in an imitation of Brock. "Anybody got a nut" he asks, "oh yeah, now Sean O'Haire has a nut and his name is Rowdy Roddy Piper."
Bout #6
Sean O'Haire (/w Roddy Piper) defeated Darren Dalton by pinfall after the Seanton bomb at 5:30
-squash match
Next up is the match for the MAPW Tag Team Titles. Coming to the ring first, to the jeers of the crowd are Billy Kidman & "Sick" Scott Vick.
The MAPW Tag Team champions Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez then come to the top of the ramp along with the ring crew pushing out a large circus cannon. Asp has on the cape and mask from earlier, and Eddie has a large firecracker with "Acme" written on the side.
Asp] Tuesday nights at 9:00pm eastern time, TBA Network has a wonderful show on called "Houdini". You should all check it out. As our little tribute to Houdini we will begin this match by shooting me out of this cannon and into the ring. Ready Eddie?
Eddie] What?
Asp] Are you ready to shoot me out of this cannon?
Eddie] No.
Asp] Gosh! Why not?
Eddie] I need to have what other magicians have, a beautiful assistant.
Asp] Say no more my friend, you are the master of hooking up with beautiful chicks.
Houdini co-star and former co-star of V.I.P. Natalie Raitano comes out to the ramp wearing a black leotard over black stockings.
Natalie] I'm ready boys to shoot you off.
Asp] Gosh!
Eddie] What?
Natalie] the cannon.
Asp] Of course I shot them, they were trying to eat my cousins, what would you have done?
Natalie] What?
Eddie] What?
Asp climbs into the cannon (head first). The lights dim. Inside the ring Billy Kidman and Scott Vick stand clear, leaning up against the ropes. The arena is filled with a strobe light effect and the drums build up the moment. Finally Eddie lights the fuse, and after a few seconds BANG!
And (thanks to the wonderful effects of tape delay) Asp and Eddie appear on the ring apron and clothesline their unsuspecting opponents.
Bout #7
MAPW Tag Team Title Match
Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez (champions)
Billy Kidman & Scott Vick
For all their crazy antics the champs have really improved the last 2 years in MAPW and can bring it with the best of them. However, their success is in no small part due to their ability to double team, make quick tags, and cheat despite being the fan favourites because the refs don't suspect them.
The match goes back and forth but each time the champs manage to cut a corner to keep alive. After Asp makes a phantom tag to get himself into the match when Eddie was in trouble its all Billy can take. He gets into the face of rookie referee Tony Zerucha. However while Billy is complaining to the ref the champs unleash their version of the Doomsday device doubleteam with Asp dropping the elbow off the top rope while Eddie holds Vick across his knee. Zerucha turns to make the count as Asp covers Vick...but Kidman loses it and dropkicks the ref in the back. With the ref knocked out though the tag champs are able to double team Kidman and send him high over the top rope after a double body drop.
[Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez defeated Billy Kidman & Scott Vick by disqualification for abuse of official at 9:53]
[Evergreen & Chavez retain the MAPW Tag Team Titles]
Main Event
Non-Title Match
Brock Lesnar (MAPW Champion) (/w Rena Mero)
Diamond Dallas Page (/w Kimberly)
DDP goes right at the champ with some rights and lefts. He soon runs out of moves though and has to go for his Diamond Cutter way too early. Lesnar sees it coming and clotheslines the challenger. A series of suplexes punishes the old man's back. He then works a bearhug before hammering away at the back with a surfboard, punches, and headbutts to the small of the back. Things don't turn aound until the match spills outside and DDP manages to send the champ head first into the ring steps.
Rena Mero comes over to interfere drawing the ire of Kim Page and the two ladies get into a catfight that is seperated by referee James Beard. Back inside Lesnar catches DDP with a kick to the gut and then a standing dropkick. He gets a 2 count after a release German suplex. He looks ready to end the match with an F5 but April Hunter and Dana Hamm appear at ringside and attack Rena Mero and Kim Page. This distracts Brock who goes out of the ring to defend his woman from Hunter. The amazon though kicks him in the groin and takes him down with flying headscissors. In the meantime Hamm slips into the ring and delivers a dropkick to DDP's wrist as he is using it to push himself off the mat. The challenger crumples to the mat.
Order has been restored and Beard begins to count Lesnar and DDP down. The challenger manages to make it to his feet, still nursing a sore or broken wrist, at the count of 8. The champ is also up and rolls into the ring. With one arm held close to his chest DDP tries for a quick Diamond Cutter on the champ but Brock anticipates and sends the challenger face first into the buckle. He catches him on the rebound with a clothelsine to the back of the head and gets a 2 count. The champ goes for the F5 but DDP manages to avoid it, raking the eyes of the champ and floating over his shoulder to behind him. He kicks the back of the leg of the champ, and then as Brock tries to regain his footing, Dallas comes around the front and nails a Diamond Cutter for the win.
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Brock Lesnar by pinfall after a Diamond Cutter at 7:29
That's it for a special 3 hour edition of Mid-American Pro Wrestling.
See ya next week for the big over the top Battle Royale and for the huge Sam Holiday v Adam Riggs match.

Rena & DDP...former friends