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Bryan Caruthers

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Bryan Caruthers "Plan B"

one half of the "Spinebusters"

6'2" 250 lbs.

Age 30, 12 yrs pro

St. Paul, MN


Finisher: Spinebuster Slam

Signature moves: DDT, vertical suplex, kneedrop, piledriver, sleeperhold, inside cradle, backbreaker, headlock takedown, Boston crab, high cross body, back suplex, flying fistdrop, short clothesline, side suplex, single leg takedown, gutwrench suplex, pumphandle slam, single arm DDT..

Status: upper mid-carder under contract until March 31/2004

Notes for May 2003;
GPW is very happy to bring in the Spinebusters as they were very succesful draws in Mid-America and NPW. They are a classic tag team who really know how to control their opponents. Tag Team Gold can't be too far away.