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Boss Strickland

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Boss Strickland

6'3 256 lbs.

Age 26, 4 years pro

St. Cloud, Minnesota


Finisher: Frog Splash

Signature moves: crossface chickenwing, rolling reverse cradle, fisherman suplex, double underhook suplex, abdominal stretch, sharpshooter, half boston crab.

Status: Main Eventer under contract until Dec 31/2004

Notes May 2003:
Boss failed to achieve great heights as an amatuer wrestling thanks to injuries to his back and knee. He is hoping that his pro career will take off better then his amateur. Boss has been in a feud with fellow (and more accomplished) amateur stars Rulon Gardner & Cael Sanderson. Strickland came up short in this feud despite several vicious sneak attacks. He has set up an allegiance with Mr. Wrestling.