American Pro Wrestling

Apr 02/03: Wednesday Rage

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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Holiday Park Arena

Attendence: 1,132

Opening in-ring segment:

The show opens with 2000 PWI Rookie of the Year (as he reminds us of first thing) Raymond Bingham in the ring. Bingham says that he did not have a sophmore jinx in 2001, nor a Junior jinx in 2002, it was more of a hijinx, or rather a hijacking of his career by the powers that be in WWA and now NWA. He complains about being buried by the PWA, sent to Mid-America, having to work for months in non-sanctioned indy's and now having to act as a virtual serf to Larkin in GPW. He says he's not taking it any more and he is going straight to the top. He calls out Sam Holiday. When Holiday doesn't appear he becomes even more enraged about how he gets no respect. He tells Holiday that the wants a match at Lock & Load and if he doesn't get it he will find Holiday and cripple him.

"Tough Enough" Scott  v  Johnny Rivale
The first match of the night saw head of security Ron Simmons accompany Scott to the ring for his match with Rivale, a man that Simmons beat easily last week. Scott tries his best but Rivale is like a young Roddy Piper and manages to control the match with simple eye gouges and thumbs to the throat. Scott rallies but goes for a springboard backelbow and slips on the ropes wrecking himself and his chances in the match. Rivale used the "Cool Driver" (tiger driver) for the win.
Rivale wins by pinfall at 6:48
As a disapointed Simmons and Scott make their way up the ramp, "Vicious" Manny Silva comes out from the back using a crutch to hold himself up. He has a mic, but before he can make his way down to the ring he is cut off by security staff. The fans begin to taunt Silva with chants of "poodle, poodle, poodle". Silva says that Simmons couldn't get the job done last week so his mafia security guards beat him with nightsticks and blackjacks. Well, he may have won the round but he hasn't won the war. Silva says he is under contract to wrestle the winner of the Chrome v Vendetta match at Lock & Load, but after that is done he will be coming for Simmons.

Gabriel Argos   v  Den Scarrman
This was yet another match in the long feud with Argos/Union Jack/Vic Gate on one side and Scarrman and Den Graves on the other side. Argos is far superior in wrestling skill but Scarrman cheats to gain advantages and gets some timely interference from Den Graves. Unable to watch it anymore Vic Gate comes roaring from the back and attacks Graves at ringside. This is enough of a distraction to have Argos able to scoop up Scarrman and deliver a Samoan drop. He followed this up with the surfboard until Scarrman hollered Uncle.
Gabriel Argos wins by submission at 10:55
The 2-on-2 fight continues at ringside (Union Jack is not in the building tonight), until Gregor Kitnitsov joins the fray. He brandishes a steel chain and immediately goes to work on Argos with an axhandle from behind. Within a few seconds he has Argos busted open using the chain.

Jack Larkin is looking for GPW champion Manny Silva and soon enough finds him hobbling through the halls on his crutch. Larkin spins him around by the shoulder and calls him a s.o.b for attacking him last week. He tells Silva that if he wasn't a cripple he would kick his ass right now. Silva just laughs and tosses aside his crutch. Larkin backs away but Silva is right on him, with no visible limp.
Silva grabs Larkin by the throat and slams him into the wall, several times in succession. He then chokeslams him onto the floor. He tells Larkin not to start something he can't finish.

Six-Man Tag Match
Insane Clown Posse & Derek St. Holmes
Shane Madison, Will Damon, & Tenacious Z
This match never really gets into a rhythm. ICP and St. Holmes fail to listen to referee Melissa Coate's instructions at all, and eventually she has to DQ them for double teaming Damon.
Madison, Damon, and Z win by disqualification at 8:08
From the back comes Teo and Puppet, the Hardcore Midgets and newcomers to GPW. They have mini-steel trash cans and use them to whack Damon across the head, busting him open. They are quickly joined in the ring by Steve Chamberlain, Eddie Chavez, and Asp Evergreen. They throw Madison, Damon, and Z out of the ring.
Asp Evergreen and Derek St. Holmes have mics. They shake hands and announce the formation of a new stable in GPW with the 8 men currently in the ring. Evergreen tells Larkin that he gave him a great idea last week when he kicked him out of the the Butte school, and said he wasn't playing with a full deck. Well, he has gone out and got his Full Deck. We have Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Jokers. No longer will we be pushed around, they warn everyone. Where one goes, the whole deck goes, all hands on deck.

Rulon Gardner  v  Boss Strickland - Lead Pipe on a Pole Match
Gardner made his return to action from a minor neck injury. Tired of sneak attacks by Strickland he challenged him to a match where the weapon was at least in a neutral position. Strickland seemed less then confident but had no choice but to accept.
Gardner controlled most of the match but never hurt Strickland enough to climb the pole and take down the pipe. At one point he was almost to the top when Strickland caught him with a lowblow and then took him all the way down to the mat with a belly-to-back. Both men were slow to get to their feet but when they did Strickland was up first. He kicked at Gardner and then realized that the amateur star was non-responsive. With a big smirk on his face Strickland began to climb the pole to retrieve the pipe. But suddenly Garnder popped up from playing posum and ran Strickland head first into the pole. He then climbed up the pole and retrieved the pipe. He was ready to nail Strickland in the head with it but never got the chance as Mr. Wrestling appeared with his own lead pipe and coldcocked Gardner in the back of the head. Cael Sanderson had to come out wielding a chair to make the save.
Rulon Gardner wins by disqualification at 11:08

Non-Title Match
"Vicious" Manny Silva  v  Dr. John Manfried
President Jack Larkin called out the champion Manny Silva who came to the ring amid the chants of "poodle, poodle". Larkin told Silva that he should suspend him, or sue him, or have him arrested for his attack earlier in the night. But that's not the way he nor GPW operates. Things are solved in the ring, man on man. Silva laughs and asks Larkin if he intends on fighting him tonight. Larkin shakes his head no, and then says he has a better idea, and from the back comes the psychotic Dr. John Manfried.
Manfried and Silva began to exchange punches right away, with Silva getting the upper hand. But Larkin had feigned leaving the ring and returned to rabbit punch Silva. Head referee Buddy Lane hit the ring and pulled Larkin out as Manfried went to work on Silva. Lane stayed in the ring and tried his best to maintain order in what turned into a wild and crazy brawl. Much of this match had to be edited out and digitally altered as too much blood was shed. The two spent more time out of the ring then inside. Manfried dug through his cargo pants to come up with barbwire, thumbtacks, brass knux, and a roll of coins. In the end though it was Silva ducking a clothesline outside the ring then coming back and picking up Manfried and running him back first into the ringpost. Silva then delivered a spinebuster on the floor and Lane counted the 1, 2, 3.
Manny Silva wins by pinfall at 16:19 (approximatley 9:00 televised)

#1 Contenders Match
Vendetta  v  Chrome
The two men were coaxed into shaking hands at the start of the match. However, neither is exactly a scientific wrestler so this match turned into a brawl with a lot of power moves thrown in for flavoring.
Vendetta controlled much of the early going but couldn't put Chrome away. He managed to kick out after Venetta nailed a pair of piledrivers, and even maanged to work his way out of the Haitian deathlock finisher.
Chrome turned the tables and held the advantage for most of the last half of the match. But Vendetta too would not die, and kicked out after the Chrome Driver (a top rope backdrop driver). Time ran out on this one after 20 minutes.
20-Minute Time Limit Draw
President Larkin came out to the ring after the match and said that since there was no time for a rematch before Lock & Load, he would make the Main Event a Triple Threat Match with Manny Silva, Chrome, and Vendetta all competing for the Heavyweight title.