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American Pro Wrestling

March 24, 2007

The show opens with a review of the end of last week's show. Brock Lesnar breaking up the title match between Adam Riggs and Kurt Angle, followed by Lesnar and Riggs' shocking allegiance, and turning on the rest of the Overlords.
Opening Bout:
Sean Waltman defeated Mentallo by pinfall after a spinning heel kick at 5:33
-easy victory for Waltman, who has been quiet as of late in the MAPW.
Chris Champion comes to the ring. He apologizes to the crowd for not making it last week, but for some reason that was unclear at the time he was forceably removed from an airplane he was attempting to board. Now Champion says it all makes sense, he was set up by Adam Riggs and possibly Brock Lesnar.
Well tonight, the shoe seems to be on the other foot. Champion says he is here, but there is no sign of Adam Riggs, Brock Lesnar, or April Hunter. But he's sure they are listening so the orders he has received from the executive committee are simple; show up next week for their matches as set by MAPW or be suspended indefinetly.
Bout #2
MAPW Television Title Match
Billy Kidman defeated Jerry Orth by pinfall after a shooting star press at 8:07
[Kidman retains the MAPW TV title]
The match started with Kidman offering to shake hands with Orth, but being waved away instead by the former Spinebuster. This led to some early tempers flaring that otherwise may not have happened. It was a hard hitting match that was even throughout. But during the last minute Kidman turned it up a notch, quickened the pace and went aerial. It was obvious that Orth could not match this and Kidman pulled out the victory. After the match Orth stopped Kidman from leaving the ring and offered a handshake. Kidman accepted and the men embraced briefly before leaving the ring.
Bout #3
Dustin Rhodes defeated Yoshi Tajiri by pinfall after a roll-up and a handfull of tights at 6:20
-No real compelling reason to have these two rulebreakers face off against each other, but they did, and it wasn't pretty. The end came when Tajiri tried to blow green mist into the face of Rhodes, but he saw it coming and put up his hands to block it, then rolled up Tajiri, and cheated his way to victory with a handfull of tights.
Dan Severn and The Stalk are interviewed about the dissolution of the Overlords. Severn says this isn't done yet, that he will square things with Adam Riggs as soon as the coward shows his face again.
Bout #4
Dan Severn & The Stalk defeated Sam Holiday & Javier Reyes by pinfall when Severn pinned Reyes after a release German suplex at 9:43
-some old scores being settled here, but Reyes could not get his revenge.
[end of first hour]


Rena Mero is interviewed by Pamela Paulshock, and Mero says she has no idea why Brock has formed a team with Riggs, and that she knew nothing about it. She's close to tears, and seems to be heartbroken.
Bout #5
Jazz defeated Rena Mero by submission to a full nelson at 5:56
-Mero was overmatched in this one, and maybe a little distracted by Lesnar's actions last week, abandoning her.
Jazz challenges April Hunter to a match next week for the MAPW Women's Title. Chris Champion comes out and informs Jazz that match has been set.
Bout #6
MAPW Tag Team Title Match
NBT: Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak defeated Asp Evergreen & Eddie Chavez (/w Joanie Laurer) by pinfall when Jindrak pinned Evergreen after a double underhook DDT at 8:03
[Natural Born Thrillers retain the MAPW Tag Team Titles]
-NBT controlled more of this match then the ex-champions but the real story is that Chavez walked out on Evergreen leaving him alone and at the mercy of the tag champs. Eddie had been arguing with Joanie who seemed to be pressing him to enter the ring and break up punishment being dealt to Asp. Eddie was refusing and trying to ignore Joanie, but finally his temper got the better of him. The two argued and as a result Chavez wasn't in the corner when Asp finally had a chance to tag. Eddie grew so frustrated with Joanie that he left the ringside area. His partner was double teamed and pinned less then 30 seconds later.
Main Event
Winner to Receive a Shot at Whatever Title They Want Next Week
Four Way Match
Trent Arion defeated Petey Williams, Kurt Angle, and Blaze Bayley by pinfall when Arion pinned Williams after hitting him with a twisting neckbreaker from the top rope at 11:55
-the biggest underdog in this match was Arion, both green and not sure of his future after what happened with the Overlords last week, but he stepped up and scored the biggest victory in his young career. After being the receiver of double teams for most of the early goings, he finally got his chance to win the match when tempers flared between Angle and Bayley. With those two fighting it out, Arion managed to finish off Williams.
Kurt Angle and Blaze Bayley manage to patch things up between the two of them. Trent Arion's voice is picked up by the broadcast shouting that he's coming for Adam Riggs, his former mentor next week!