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This is the quick view of our roster. For more information and pictures see the roster/bios page.

Main Eventers
Faces Heels
Chrome Boss Strickland
Ron Simmons Manny Silva
Sam Holiday Steve Riley
Al Collins Allan Funk
Damien Demento Armand Rougeau Jr.
Gabriel Argos Den Graves
Greg Pawluk Den Scarrman
Hombre Muerto Recorre Dr. John Manfried
Jason Pharo Eric Scott
Joe Blum Gregor Kitnitsov
Johnny Devine Linley Tolbert
Lash LeRoux Lord Valmont
Rulon Gardner Menele
Stan Baker Mr. Wrestling
Sugarbear Baker Raymond Bingham
The Patriot Shaggy 2 Dope
Union Jack Vincent Regliatti
Vic Gate Violent J
Curtain Jerkers
Dave Mysterio Derek St. Holmes
Don Spartan Inbred Jed
Mentello Puta Masculina
Peregryne Sin Nombre
Tenacious Z Stoen Cold Chalupa
Tony Gold Will Damon
Butte Wrestling Students
Cael Sanderson Asp Evergreen
Chris Parys Eddie Chavez
John Schoffner Johnny Rivale
Kenny Omega Scott Snot
Moses Luke Scott (TE3)
Ryan Roxbury Shane Madison
Shane Stevens Steve Chamberlain
Jack Larkin President / C.E.O.
Dale Kuentz Vice-President Operations
Trevor Suffield Vice-President Media
Buddy Lane Referee
Jimmy Appleseed Referee
Jurgen Hermann Referee
Melissa Coates Referee
Joe Aiello Play by Play
Deane Moore Interviews
Ken Jurgan Trainer
Jack Gate Road Agent
Sammy Yip Manager / Road Agent
Selita Segal Road Agent
Sherry Valmont Valet
current count: active wrestlers (63)  
current count: staff (14)